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Tonkinese Kittens Celebrating Holidays & in Costumes


Bird Photography:

Martino's Wild Bird Photo Gallery includes over 400 Wild Bird Species and 4000 bird photographs. They are mostly birds of rhe US, but it includes some from Antarctica to Alaska ncluding Central and South America

General Photography:

  • Special Photos: Eclipses, Neon Lights, Night Photography, Sunsets, Fireworks, Hot Air Balloons
  • Travel Photography: Antarctica, Australia, Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, Canada (Maritime), China, Finland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Thailand and many more
  • Animal Photography: Animals from the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru and Kenya


Linda William's Martino's Geneaology Ancestry Dedicated to my mother Leora McMinn Williams (a teacher) & my father Maurice Williams (WWII 82nd Airborne 320th Battalion) Linda's Family Tree Overview
Linda Williams tree

Click on the tree image to the left to link to an interactive flexible tree. The controls on the left side of the interactiv tree allow you to vary (up to 10) the number of generations that are displayed as well as the scale. On the upper left tabs control the display 3 types: tree (which is the default), fan, or text. The fan display shows the line of descent on the left as you move the curser over various people. With the tree or fan display you can click on a person for more details. Full details are on the many pages linked above. This is just meant to be an overview.


My Military and Regious Ancestors on both sides od my family

Linda's father
Maurice Williams Willliams Family Home

Lorenzo Williams Mary Ellen Hunt Mrytle Brown Brown - Christina Chase Brown - Delecty Torrey
Purple Medium Blue Darker Blue/Green Darker Blue Darker Blue
MI, NY, Ontario Canada MI, Ontario & Nova Scotia Canada MI, NY, CT, MA, Germany MI, CT, MA, RI MI, NY, PA, CT, MA, RI
Williams, Claus Hunt, Kinney Brown, Kramer, Nichols, Page, Richardson, Smith, Utley Chase, Bennett, Boreman, Devol, Dillingham, Earle, Gidley, Mosher, Sherman,Tallman, Tucker, Wing Torrey, Barr, Batt, Bridges, Greenslit, Hooker, McKnight, Richardson, Throope, Vaughan, Wilson, Wise

Linda's mother
Leora McMinn
McMinn Family Home

John Bascum McMinn Georgeanne Blankenship Mary Rice Sirrilda Escalana Etherton Thomas and Marcy Rice of Henrico VA
Yellow Gold Mediun Pink Red  
MI, IL, NC, AL, NY, Netherlands IL, TN, NC, VA IL, TN, NC, VA IL, TN, NC, SC, MD, NJ, VA VA, NC, AL, KY, TN

McMinn, Byars, Harrelson, Kool, Kuykendall, Westvaal

Blankenship, Akin, Colclough, Durham, Hudgens, Nunnaly, Parker, Puckett, Sherman, Tapscott, Trent, Womack

Rice, Bandy, Cardwell, Estes, Hix, Hutchings, Perrin, Porter  

Etherton, Bishop, Boyce, Conner, Gladman, Gosnel , Hills, Hull, Lawrence, Stockstill, Zimmerman

Thomas & Marcy , David , Edward , John , Joseph , Mary , Matthew , Susannah , Thomas , William

Carmen Martino's Ancestry Video of the Carmine Martino Family 1940s

YouTube - lower quality or click on this link Martino Family Video for a higher quality version. Since its a very large file which can take more than 30 minutes to download, it will will play with start/stops as it plays faster than the download rate. If you pause playing it, wait until it completly downloads, then start play again, it will play smoothly. Its a simple .mp4 file so you can save the downloaded copy to play any time directly from your computer. Or email me & I will snail mail you a flash drive with the .mp4 file.

Carmen's father
Ernest Martino

Baranello , Cerio , Martino , Pietracatella , di Stefano , Valerio , Varanese

Monacilioni and Ferrazzano (near Campobasso, Molise, Italy)

Carmen's mother
Jean Ross

Mete , Raso (Conflenti) , Raso (Sambiase) , Rocco , Strangy, Talarico ,

Conflenti and Sambiase (near Lamezia Terme, Calabria, Italy)


Grand Blanc High School Class OF 1965