Blankenship Family Ancestry

Genealogy Family Trees: Akin, Blankenship, Colclough, Durham, Hudgens, Nunnaly, Parker,
Puckett, Reed, Regon, Sherman, Tapscott, Trent, Womack
Locations: Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of William Harvey & Susan Hudgens Blankenship

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Land Patents Tide Water Virginia

Akin Family Tree

Akin Name Meaning: Scottish, northern Irish, and English: variant spelling of Aiken personal name Aitken, a pet form of Adam

Gen 9 James Akin Sarah
Birth 1631
Death 21 Apr 1712 - 1 Feb 1713 (W) Henrico Co. VA 2 Feb 1713/4 - 7 Aug 1714 (W) Henrico Co. VA


Blankenship Family Tree

Blankenship Name Meaning: Northern English: variant of the English surname Blenkinsop, a habitational name from a place called Blenkinsopp in Northumberland.

Migration path for Ralph Blankenship Sr Haplogroup R-FT48099 Mutation Tracker Path

Description of Haplogroup Mutation Tracker

Gen 9 Ralph Blankenship Sr1 Martha
Birth ca 1662 England
Death by 5 Apr 1714 Roxdale, Henrico Co. VA 7 Aug 1727 (W) Henrico Co. VA


Gen 8 Ralph Blankenship Jr Elizabeth
Birth ca 1700 Henrico Co. VA
Death after 20 Dec 1754 (W) Oct 1758 Roxdale Chesterfield Co. VA
Parents Ralph Blankenship Martha    


Gen 7 Ralph Blankenship III Edith Nunnally
Birth 1732 Chesterfield Co. VA 1740
Death 20 Oct 1758 (W) - 14 Apr 1759 (I) Chesterfield Co. VA MAY 1793
Parents Ralph Blankenship Elizabeth Walter Nunally Priscilla Womack

Children of Ralph1 and Edith Nunally

Children of Edith and her second husband Gregory Grant2


Gen 6 Gad/Gid/Gideon Blankenship Sarah Nunnalley
Birth ca 1755 Chesterfield Co. VA
Death by Jul 1802 Buckingham Co. VA after 1820
Parents Ralph Blankenship Edith Nunalley John Nunnalley Elinor


Chesterfield Co. VA

Buckingham Co. VA
Gen 5 John N. Blankenship Elizabeth Tapscott
Birth ca 1784 Chesterfield Co. VA 1775 to 1784
Death by 10 Nov 1834 Robertson Co. TN
Parents Gad Blankenship Sarah Nunnally George Tapscott
Misc. Farmer


Davidson Robertson Cheatham Montgomery
Gen 4 Rev. William Harvey Blankenship Elizabeth Susan Hudgens
Birth 19 Jun 1823 NashvilleTN 23 Apr 1823 TN
Death 14 Jun 1879 typhoid Crainville, Williamson Co. IL 10 Nov 1875 Williamson Co. IL
Burial Gentry Cem Williamson Co. IL Gentry Cem Williamson Co. IL
Parents John N Blankenship
Elizabeth Tapscott William Louis Hudgens Annie Durham
Misc. Minister, carpenter Free Will Baptist
Marriage 19 Aug 1842  

Rev William H married wife Sarah E. Martin ( b. 1834-7) 17 Dec 1876 . His obituary is listed 19 Jun 1879.

Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of William Harvey & Susan Hudgens Blankenship



Tennessee -Cheatham


Colclough Family Tree

Colclough Name Meaning: English: habitational name from Cowclough in the parish of Whitworth, Lancashire, recorded in the 13th century as Colleclogh, probably named with the Old English byname Cola (see Cole 2) + Old English cloh ‘ravine’.

Gen 17 John Colclough
Birth ca 1350 Stafford, England    
Death ca 1420 Stafford, England    


Gen 16 John Colclough  
Birth 1380      
Parents John Colclough      


Gen 15 Thomas Colclough
Birth ca 1400      
Parents John Colclough      


Gen 14 Richard Colclough Blanche Davenport
Birth 1437 Staffordshire, England 1456  
Death 1525      
Parents Thomas Colclough   William Davenport of Davenport, Cheshire  


Gen 13 John Colclough Agnes Lockwood
Birth ca 1460      
Death 1555      
Parents Richard Colclough Blanche Davenport    


Gen 12 Thomas Colclough
Parents John Colclough Agnes Lockwood    


Gen 11 Bartholomew Colclough Elizabeth Madeley
Birth 1535 Delph House, Creadle, Staffordshire, England ca 1550  
Parents Thomas Colclough   Thomas Madeley of Denston b. 1525 Elizabeth Fitton daughter of John Fitton
Gen 10 George Colclough Elizabeth Keeling
Birth ca 1576   before 3 Jan 1588 Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stafford, England
Death ca 1639      
Parents Bartholomew Colclough Elizabeth Madeley Thomas Keeling Thomasine Sidway


Gen 9 John Colclough Mary ?Partridge
Birth 1618      
Death 13 Jan 1701/02 Stafford Co. VA    
Parents George Colclough Elizabeth Keeling    


Gen 8 Benjamin Colclough Rachel ?Bolling
Birth by 1668   ca 1678  
Death Bef 12 Feb 1721  St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co. VA 25 Dec 1748  
Parents John Colclough Hannah Chapman    


Durham Family Tree

Dunham Name Meaning: English:: habitational name from the city of Durham recorded as Dunholm in 1056 and Duram in 1297 named from Old English dūn 'hill' (see Down ) + late Old English holm (from Old Norse holmr 'island'). variant of Derham .

Gen 8 Samuel Durham Mary Regon/Riggins
Birth ca 1682   28 Aug 1683 Nanjemoy, Charles Co. MD
Death 23 Nov 1734 St Paul's Parish, Stafford Co. VA 1729  
Parents ?Thomas Durham   James Regon Joan
Married 14 Dec 1705      


Gen 7 William Durham Margaret Colclough
Birth 1715 Stafford Co. VA   St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co. VA
Death 1 Aug 1793 (P) Warren Co. NC ca 1780 Warren Co. NC
Parents     Benjamin Colclough Rachel


Gen 6 Samuel Durham Sally Reed
Birth ?1760 ? 1765 NC 1770-1780 NC
Death after 1850 Robertson TN after 1850 Robertson TN
Parents William Durham Margaret Colclough    
Marriage 24 Dec 1796 Warren NC Bondsman Joseph Johnson witness S Green


Hudgens Family Tree

Hudgens Name Meaning English: variant of Hutchens.whch is a patronymic from the medieval personal name Huchin, a pet form of Hugh (see Hutcheon).

Gen 8 Robert Hudgens Martha Parker
Birth ca 1705   ca 1705  
Death by 1778 Cumberland Co.VA Robert Parker Margaret

Robert Hudgens Amelia land plats
  • James Hudgens
  • Moses b. 1738, Caroline County Virginia; d. 1811, Wayne County KY.
  • Holloway b. 1751, Cumberland County Virginia; d. 1821
  • Ambroise b. 1743
  • John 🧬 b. 1752, Cumberland County Virginia; d. 08 Oct 1781, Green County KY.
  • Delilah
  • Rebekah
  • Hannah
  • Children of Marha by William Hendrick


    Gen 7 James Hudgens Sr Phoebe
    Birth 1743 Cumberland Co.VA ca 1750  
    Death 20 Dec 1814 Robertson Co.TN    
    Parents Robert Hudgens Martha Parker    

    by Phoebe

    by Susanna Miles


    Gen 6 James Hudgens Jr Elizabeth Gibson
    Birth ca 1770 Cumberland Co. VA 1772 VA
    Death by 22 Nov 1858 Cheatham Co. TN    
    Parents James Hudgens


    Gen 5 William Louis/Lewis Hudgens Anna Durham
    Birth 30 Jan 1797 Cumberland Co. VA 8 Oct 1803 NC
    Death 1865 Williamson Co. IL 29 Apr 1887 Williamson Co. IL
    Burial Maplewood Cem Williamson Co. IL Harmony Free Will Baptist Church Cem Williamson Co. IL
    Parents James Hudgens
    Elizabeth Gibson Samuel Durham Sally Reed

    Keeling Family Tree

    Dunham Name Meaning: English (chiefly Norfolk): habitational name from any of several places called Dunham, of which one is in Norfolk. Most are named from Old English dun ‘hill’ + ham ‘homestead’.


    Gen 13 Ralph Keeting
    Birth ca 1490      
    Death by 1547 Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England    


    Gen 12 John Keeling Elizabeth Estap
    Birth ca 1532 Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England    
    Death 5 Apr 1578 (buried) Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England    
    Parents Ralph Keeting      

    Newcastle-under-Lyme - a market town


    Gen 11 Thomas "of Newcastle-under-Lyme" Keeling Thomasine Sidway
    Birth ca 1550 Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England ca 1560 Stonylow, Staffordshire, England
    Death before 12 Dec 1617 Newcastle-Under-Lyme    
    Parents John Keeling Elizabeth Estap Robert Sidway Anne
    Married 1 Sep 1579 Madeley, Stafford, England    

    Madeley churchn


    Nunnally Nunnalee many spellings Family Tree

    Nunnally Name Meaning: Irish: probably a variant of Munnelly which is a shortened Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Maonghaile (see Manley).

    Gen 9 Richard Nunnally Sarah Akin
    Death 29 Mar 1722 - 3 Jul 1727 (W) Henrico Co. VA
    Parents Daniel or Richard Nunnally   James Akin Sarah


    Line 1:

    Gen 8 Walter Nunnally Sr Priscilla Womack
    Death after May 1784 Manchester, Chesterfield Co. VA
    Parents Richard Nunnally Sarah Atkin William Womack Susanna Trent


    Line 2:

    Gen 8 John Nunnally Martha ?Curtis
    Death 19 Oct 1765 - 6 Jun 1766 Chesterfield Co. VA
    Parents Richard Nunnally Sarah Atkin ?John Curtis ?Mary

    Children of John and Martha Curtis1

    Children of John and Martha Gates2


    Gen 7 John Nunnally Elinor
    Death 1805 Buckingham Co. VA    
    Parents John Nunnally Martha Curtis


    Parker Family Tree

    Parker Name Meaning: English: occupational name for a gamekeeper employed in a medieval park, from an agent derivative of Middle English parc ‘park’ (see Park 1). This surname is also found in Ireland.

    Gen 11 unk Parker  


    Gen 10 Thomas Parker Elinor
    Death by 10 Mar 1687      
    Parents unk Parker      


    Gen 9 Robert Parker Margaret
    Death by 1731      
    Parents Thomas Parker Elinor


    Puckett Family Tree

    Puckett Name Meaning: English (Dorset): of uncertain origin; perhaps a variant of Pocket(t), from a diminutive of Anglo-Norman French poque ‘small pouch’, hence a metonymic occupational name for a maker of purses and pouches or a nickname. Alternatively it could be from a diminutive of Middle English pouk(e) ‘evil spirit’, ‘puck’, ‘goblin’.

    Gen 11 John Puckett Anne
    Birth ca 1619 or 1620 ? City of Oxford or ? Dorchester England ca 1628
    Death by 1 Aug 1677 Henrico Co. VA 29 May 1679 Henrico Co. VA


    Reed Family Tree

    Reed, Read, Reade, Reid
    Reed Name Meaning English: variant spelling of Read which is a nickname for a person with red hair or a ruddy complexion, from Middle English re(a)d ‘red’.

    Gen 8 William Reed/Reid ?Sussanah
    Birth ca 1710      
    Death ?ca 1765      
    Gen 7 Thomas Reed/Reid  
    Birth ca 1741 Warren County NC    
    Parents William Reed/Reid      


    Regon Family Tree

    Regon Name Meaning: Irish: reduced form of O’Regon, an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Ríagáin ‘descendant of Riagán’, a personal name of uncertain origin, perhaps akin to ríodhgach ‘impulsive’, ‘furious’.

    Gen 9 James Regon Joan
    Death by 10 Dec 1696      


    Sherman Family Tree

    Sherman Name Meaning: English: occupational name for a sheepshearer or someone who used shears to trim the surface of finished cloth and remove excess nap, from Middle English shereman ‘shearer’.

    Gen 11 Henry Sherman Cicely ?Knowles
    Birth ca 1630      
    Death 2 Sep 1695 - 1 Oct 1695 (W) Henrico Co. VA 29 Jan - 1 Feb 1702/3 (W) Henrico Co. VA

    by Cecily's first husband Isaac Hutchins


    Tapscott Family Tree

    Tapscott Name Meaning: English (Devon): habitational name probably from Tascott in North Petherwin, Devon. There are no early spellings of this place name, but could perhaps be ‘Tapp’s cottage(s)’, from the Middle English surname Tapp.

    Information from the Book The First Tapscotts of Virginia by Robert E Tapscott

    Migration path for Henry Tapscott Haplogroup R-S18890 Mutation Tracker Path

    Description of Haplogroup Mutation Tracker

    Gen 8 Henry Tapscott Ann Edney
    Birth 2t Aug 1685 England probably Somerset or Devon ca 1688-95
    Death 12 Apr 1727 Northumberland VA 1772 or later
    Parents     James Edney d.1698 ? Chowder
    Marriage 1710-1711      

    Area of George Tapscott and decensants from book " Henry the Immigrant The First Tapscotts of Virginiaby Robert E. Tapscott "


    Gen 7 James Tapscott a Conway
    Birth ca 1722 Northumberland Co. VA
    Death ca Dec 1769 to Jan 1770 Northumberland Co. VA by 1769
    Parents Henry Tapscott Ann Edney George Conway d. 1764 - 1767. Ann


    Gen 6 George Tapscott Sr ?Sarah Hill
    Birth ca 1749-1756 Northumberland Co. VA    
    Death 1789-95 Buckingham Co. VA 1795-1810  
    Parents James Tapscott Conway    

    George Tapscott's land plats


    Trent Family Tree

    Trent Name Meaning: English: topographic name for someone living on the banks of any of the several rivers so called. The river name is of British origin; it May be composed of the unattested elements tri ‘through’, ‘across’ + sant- ‘travel’, ‘journey’; alternatively it May mean ‘traveler’ or ‘trespasser’, a reference to frequent flooding. There is a village in Dorset of this name, on the river Trent or Piddle, and the surname May therefore also be a habitational name derived from this. Scottish: probably of the same origin as 1, though in some cases it May be from a reduced form of Tranent, a place in East Lothian.

    Gen 10 Henry Trent1 Elizabeth Sherman
    Birth ca 1642   Henrico VA
    Death 8 Jan 1700 - 1 Apr 1701 (W) Varina Parish Henrico Co. VA 18 Jan 1731 - 2 Oct 1732 (W) Henrico Parish Church Cem. Varina, Henrico, VA
    Parents Henry Sherman Cicely
    Married 23 May 1672 Henrico VA    


    Womack Family Tree

    Womack Name Meaning: English: unexplained. The surname is well established in England (Yorkshire and Norfolk) as well as North America, and there is a Womack Water in Norfolk, but the name remains unexplained. It May possibly be connected with Dutch Walmack, from Middle Dutch walmac(k)e ‘twig’, ‘faggot’, applied as a nickname for a thin person.

    Gen 11 William Womack Sr  
    Death by 1685 Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co. VA by 1785 Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co. VA


    Gen 10 Richard Womack1 Mary Puckett
    Birth ca 1655 Henrico Co. VA ca 1656
    Death by 9 Aug 1684 ca 1692
    Parents ? William Womack ?Mary Jane Allen (widow) John Puckett Ann Jeffreys


    Gen 9 William Womack1 Susanna Trent
    Birth ca 1679 Henrico Co. VA after 1686 Henrico Co. VA
    Death 14 May 1718 - 1 Sep 1718 (W) Henrico Co. VA after 1731 Henrico Co. VA
    Parents Richard Womack Mary Puckett Henry Trent Elizabeth Sherman