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Genealogy Family Trees: Bishop , Boyce , Conner , Delamus , Etherton , Gladman ,
Glover, Gosnell , Hills , Hull , Hutchinson, Stockstill , Zimmerman
Locations: Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of Samuel Tasker & Rebecca Hull Etherton

Etherton Tree

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Bishop Family Tree

Bishop Name Meaning: English: from Middle English biscop, Old English bisc(e)op ‘bishop’, which comes via Latin from Greek episkopos ‘overseer’. The Greek word was adopted early in the Christian era as a title for an overseer of a local community of Christians, and has yielded cognates in every European language.The word came to be applied as a surname for a variety of reasons, among them service in the household of a bishop, supposed resemblance in bearing or appearance to a bishop, and selection as the ‘boy bishop’ on St. Nicholas’s Day.

Are these the ancestors of Henry Bishop?

  1. Capt John Bishop m. Elizabeth
  2. John Bishop m. Sarah Lawrence
  3. John Bishop m. Sarah Harmon
Gen 8 Henry Bishop Mary Glover
Death 1782 1782
Parents     ??William Glover ??Mary Norwood


Land Records

Gen 7 Robert Bishop Elizabeth 
Birth ca 1740 Granville County ca 1740
Death 1778 - 1781 killed by Indians Spartanburg SC 6 Apr 1819(W)
Parents Henry Bishop Mary ? William Lewis ? Sarah Martin

Land NC and SC

200 A both sides of Packolet River 1 mile above Scull Shoal joing a hill and said river: Patent 26 Sep 1766 (Mecklenburgh) File No 1472 (744); Gr # 315 Bk 18 pg (309 (17, 337) chain bearers Alexr. Killpatrick & James

Mackbee sold 100 A to John Shin 29 Jul 1768 (Mecklenburgh), 1 Aug 1768  (Craven) sold 100 A & plantation house to William Sisson (Edward Bishop witness and Elizabeth listed). This land is actually in Union Co. SC. It was part of land in the disputed area between North and South Carolina so it appears first in Mecklenburgh NC, then Tryon NC, then Craven SC and finally Union Co. SC.

Plat For 200 Acres In Craven County. Date: 4/4/1768

Land Grant For 200 Acres In Craven County. Date: 7/12/1771

Buffalo Creek; Craven County; Fair Forest Creek

300 A on the Lawson's Fork of the Packolet. This is land James Jordon bought in 1773 from Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson was issued 300 acres of land on 04 May 1769 in Mecklenburg County, located "On both sides of Lawson fork the waters of Pocklet". This was recorded in Land Patent Book 20 page 466 as Mecklenburg County Grant # 272. The original request for this land was entered on 05 Jan 1768. It took 1 year and 4 months to issue the grant.

At some undefined point sold to Robert Bishop. It was legally transferred in 1786 to the heirs of Robert Bishop. In 1821 George Deavors, Manly Ford, Elizabeth Bishop, and Joseph Lawrence  transferred legal status to Issac. Later this becomes Adam Greenling.'s place in the 1890s


Boyce Family Tree

Boyce Name Meaning: Scottish, northern Irish, and English: topographic name for someone who lived by a wood, from Old French bois ‘wood’. English: patronymic from the Middle English nickname boy ‘lad’, ‘servant’, or possibly from an Old English personal name Boia, of uncertain origin.

Gen 9 William Boyce Mary Delamus
Death after 9 Jan 1666 -  
Parents     Anthony Delamus b. ca 1612 d. 1664 Jane Butterfirld d. by 1673

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Conner Family Tree

Conner Name Meaning: Irish: variant spelling of Connor, now common in Scotland. English: occupational name for an inspector of weights and measures, Middle English connere, cunnere ‘inspector’, an agent derivative of cun(nen) ‘to examine’.

Lots of detailed information such as census, taxes wills and land details are found in this working docunemt called Conner Working Docunment

Gen 8 James Conner Sr Margaret
Death 6 Oct - 2 Nov 1725 Spotsylvania, VA (Culpeper today) 1745 - 4 Mar 1751 Culpeper Co., VA
Parents ?Timothy Conner ?Anne    


Gen 7 James Conner Jr Elizabeth Zimmerman
Birth NOV 1725 Caroline, VA 1726 Culpeper, VA
Death     1766 Culpeper, VA
Parents James Conner Margaret Butler Johann Christopher "Hans" Zimmerman Anna Elizabetha Albrecht


Gen 6 Maximilian Conner Phoebe Bishop
Birth 14 Oct 1762 Culpeper Co. VA 1770
Death 27 Nov 1834 Greene/Cocke Co. TN after 1841
Parents Robert Bishop Elizabeth
Misc. Farmer
Marriage 14 Nov 1788 Bowling Green, Spartanburg Co. SC


Maximilian Conner Revolutionary War Pension Application

When Maximilian applied for a pension in his old age, he gave a long account of his experience in the war.  Hugh Allen of Cocke County, TN typed up this from that pension application.

He related that he was born in Culpepper County, Virginia, October 14, 1762. His first experience as a soldier were none too happy. He tells that he was drafted and entered in the service of the  militia of South Carolina in the District of Ninety-Six in the year 1779 under the command of Col.  Williamson, marched to Augusta, from thence on to Savannah, but some distance below Augusta  we were met by the British and Tories, forced to retreat, recross the river at Augusta, they came in  pursuit until they came to (name of town illegible) ... they took in possession. At this time he was only 16 or 17 years old.

After this inglorious episode, Maximilian left the service, his three month enlistment having apparently expired before he saw other action.  “For this service I received a discharge. he recounts,  but  not considering it of any value, I took no care of it. “

But time marched on, and to quote,
“In the year 1780, immediately after the taking of  Charlestown, I entered the service again as a volunteer under Captain Parsons and continued in the service until the end of the war after the taking of Cornwallis in 1781.  Under Captain Parsons I was engaged sometimes against the Tories, and at other times against the Tories and British.  I was with Captain Parsons at the battle of Black Stocks under the-command of General Sumpter. I was also at the siege of Augusta, attached to Col. Shelby's regiment, .and in a scrimmage at Briar Creek with the Tories.

I was also at Eutaw Springs on the day of the battle, (September 8, 1781) but not in time to join Greens' army in the engagement. Capt. Parson, three others and myself being sent to Greene's army to procure ammunition.

The object, as I understand of Parson's volunteers, was to oppose the British, who were making  their way up the Canada West, and to defeat the Tories in their aid to the British and their depredations ... In this service we were daily engaged, but not with much success, as the Tories, aided by the British, were the strongest party, and took possession of the Canada West.

Captain Parsons' company, however, kept the Tories down in his surrounding neighborhood, and  Whenever the American army came in our reach we joined it, as was the cases when we had the battle at Black Stocks.

General Sumpter ... designed retaking Ninety-Six, and we were ordered to join him, but before we did join his army he made a retreat, but we followed on by a near cut and joined his army before Tarlton, came up at Black Stocks Ford where he had the battle and we killed, to. the best of my recollection, ninety-two British. After the battle Sumpter crossed the river (Tiger) and there we separated and returned to the defense of the settlements. In this engagement General Sumpter was wounded and Col. Hampton was the only principal officer I knew.

We later joined Col. Pickens and made an attempt to retake Ninety-Six, but did not succeed. Maximilian goes on to state that he ended up the war at Savannah, under the command of General Wayne at the evacuation of the place in the spring of 1782. “

He marched home and was discharged in June or July. He recalls that he received a state certificate for his service which I sold for a discount of two for one. He doesn't know the amount, but this was apparently the only pay he ever received for his services. Maximilian Conner received his pension, $100.00 per year from 1831 until his death, November 27, 1834. Thereafter his wife received a pension of $49.30 per year.  Thus Maximilian had been out of the army for forty-nine years before he started getting a pension.

Grant deeds for Maximilian Conner from the state of South Carolina


Delamus Family Tree

Gen 10 Anthony Delamus Jane Butterfirld
Birth 1612 Portugal
Death 1664   by 1673


Etherton Family Tree

Etherton Name Meaning: English: variant of Atherton which is English: habitational name from a place near Manchester named Atherton, from the Old English personal name Æ{dh}elhere + Old English tun ‘settlement’.

Migration path for Samuel Etherton Haplogroup R-FT84741 Mutation Tracker Path

Description of Haplogroup Mutation Tracker

Samual Etherton ancestry via DNA

Several Samuel Ehterton direct male descendants have taken a Y-DNA tests with 2 upgrading to a Big Y which helps us reach back in time the best.. Y-DNA is based on the fact that few mutations occur between a father and son on their y-chromosome which a male only inherits from his father. So all direct male defendants of Samuel Ehterton will have an identical Y-DNA results or fairly close. Close matches on a Y-DNA test indicate 2 men have a common male ancestor through a direct male connection. The results do not point us to a specific connection but they rule in or out they are related and give some idea how remote the connection is. In this case we do not know the specific ancestors of Samuel are but they do give us some important insights.

What have we learned from these Y-Dna test especially the Big Y test.

So even though we do not know Samuals parents or close relatives such as couisn we are lucky that some of his closest DNA connection have traced their lines back quite far. Its clear the orginal name was Atherton which was mispelled in more than one way at some point. We also know that at some point Samuel Ehterton's ancestors lived in Lancashire England for many generations. How many gernerations back to be born in Lancashire England is unclear. Samuel's father? grandfather? further back? But least we know it was an extensive family with many branches who have descnedants who have taken a y-dna ttest. So what next? We hope for more men who show up with y-dna tests to fill in the tree.

Gen 6 Samuel Etherton Sr.
Birth 1748 Jamaica? VA?
Death 1832 Jackson Co. IL
Misc. Farmer






Gen 5 Samuel Etherton Jr. Charlotte Conner
Birth 13 May 1790 Cocke Co. TN 14 Mar 1789 Spartanburg SC
Death 19 Apr 1846 Jackson Co. IL 4 Dec 1863 Jackson Co. IL
Burial family farm family farm
Parents Samuel Etherton Sr. Maximilian Conner Phoebe Bishop
Misc. Farmer
Marriage 13 Nov 1809 Cocke Co. TN



Gen 4 Samuel Tasker Etherton 3rd Rebecca Hull
Birth 26 Sep 1811 Cocke Co. TN 9 May 1809 TN
Death 7 Apr 1854 Perry Co. IL 24 Sep 1877 Perry Co. IL
Burial 9 Mile Baptist Cem Du Quoin Perry Co. IL 9 Mile Baptist Cem Du Quoin Perry Co. IL
Parents Samuel Etherton Jr. Charlotte Conner Richard Hull Nancy Ann Stockstill
Misc. Farmer Baptist Baptist
Marriage 1829 Jackson Co. IL
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of Samuel Tasker & Rebecca Hull Etherton

Etherton family

Etherton Siblings and Spouces

L to R Melissa Etherton McCollum & Jesse McCollum Nancy Ellen Short Etherton & Maximillian Etherton

etherton family

Etherton Siblings and Spouces

Nancy Ellen Short Etherton, Maximillian Etherton, Sirrilda Etherton Rice



Gladman Family Tree

Gladman Name Meaning: English: variant of Glad which is English and Scandinavian: nickname for a cheerful person, from Middle English, Scandinavian glad ‘merry’, ‘jolly’.

The Gladmans from Maryland appear to come from 2 brothers who are sons of Michael and Rachel Gladman who left a will naming his children. His son Michaels' descendants have a better paper trail then his son John. So for son Michael;s family is evaluated first. Michael Jr had a son Thomas and a grandson Thomas with a good land and paper trail. So the Thomases in Ohio who came from Maryland were placed under Thomas. Many census were used. Much of the tree under John is circumstantial based on detailing his brother Michael first. The linked file has the details used to sort he tree out. Gladman Working Document.

Gen 9 ?Thomas Gladman  ?


Gen 8 Michael Gladman Sr Rachel
Birth 1702      
Death 19 Sep 1789      
Parents ?Thomas Gladman      


Michael Gladman's Patent for "Harkel Pool".
Border between Carroll and Baltimore Counties



Baltimore Co. Maryland

  1. Michael Gladman Sr.
Gen 7 John Gladman ?Nancy ?Ann
Birth 2 Aug 1732 St. Paul's    
Parents Michael Gladman Rachel    


Glover Family Tree

Glover Name Meaning: English: occupational name for a maker or seller of gloves, Middle English glovere, an agent noun from Old English glof ‘glove’.

Gen 10 William Glover Mary Ann Burton
Birth 1653 Farham,Rappahannock,VA 1654 Varinia Parish, Henrico, VA
Death Dec 1713 Henrico VA 1692 Henrico
Parents     John Burton  
Married 22 Oct 1684 Rappahannock,VA    

by 2nd wife Catherine Atwood m. 1705


Gen 9 William Glover Mary Norwood
Birth 1678 Surrey VA 1685 Luenburg VA
Death 30 Jul 1754 Bertie/Northampton by 30 Dec 1763 Northampton, NC
Parents William Glover   William Norwood d. 7 Mar 1703 Surry VA Lydia ?Jordan


Gosnell Family Tree

Gosnell Name Meaning: Irish: from an Irish adaptation (Góiséir) of English Hosier, the name of a family in Munster in the late 16th century.

Gen 9 William Gosnell Sr Sarah Hills
Death 11 May - 29 Jul 1709 Arundel Co. MD
Parents ?Peter Gosnell ?Mary Sherly William Hulls Elizabeth
Misc. Farmer

The 3 Gosnell brothrs: Morris, Peter, and William Jr