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Genealogy Family Trees: Bandy, Cardwell, Estes, Hix, Hutchings, Perrin, Porter, Rice
Locations: Illinois, Kentucky,NC, Tennessee, Virginia
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of James & Alice Hix Rice

Rice Treelankenship

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This does not show all the small moves within New England but shows the major west and north ward migration from MA, CT, RI. and PA to VT, NY, and MI. Not every home in a small area is shown.

There are several generations in New England and eastern NY. But then they were searching for better land and a lot of migration occurred. They moved from over crowded New England as well as the thin top soil in PA with heavy forests to eastern NY, Vermont and to further west to the Niagara area of NY with fewer hills, Eventually they went directly west to MI where the land was very flat and stayed several generations.

unk parents unk parents unk parents unk parents Richard Bandy & Elizabeth Cardwell unk parents unk parents John Rice Sr. & Lettisa unk parents unk parents James Conner & Elizabeth Zimmerman Robert Bishop & Elizabeth unk parents unk parents Thomas Stockstill & Sarah Hannah Gosnell ?John Gladman
James Rice & Alice Hix unk parents Richard C Bandy & Jane Cummins John Rice & Mary Rice Samuel Etherton Sr & unk wife Maximilian Conner & Phoebe Bishop Benjamin Hull &Sarah Hutchison Elisha Stockstill & Rachel Gladman
Hiram Rice & Anne Hutchings Perrin Bandy & Polly Rice Samuel Etherton Jr & Charlotte Conner Richard Hull & Nancy Ann Stockstill
Jeremiah Abel Rice & Massah Bandy Samuel Tasker Etherton & Rebecca Hull
Jonathon Marion Rice & Sirrilda Escalana Etherton


Zelah Rice Farmer The Rice Family Tree is dedicated to three incredible genealogists. In the 1930's, two genealogists Zelah Rice Farmer (left) and William E. Andrews (right) researched the Rice family and is the foundation of the work we see here today. They wrote letters and distributed their results to family members so their work has been passed down. Its difficult to imagine the hard work involved before the days of copiers etc.
May Jeffers

The third person the tree is dedicated to May Jeffers. May combined the type of work the early researchers had done by contacting descendants throughout the tree with the modern computer methods. This combination of methods has led to a broad success of her work. May and I are are third cousins. She contacted me and along with her husband Gene, welcomed me into their home. May chaffered me around to met other cousins and visit graves. We lost May to a horrible traffic accident in 2006 and she is sorely missed.


Bandy Name Meaning: English: unexplained. Probably a variant of Swiss German Bandi, or German Bender or Bänder (see Bander). Hungarian (Bándy): variant of Bandi.

Gen 8 ?Bandy  


Gen7 Richard Bandy Sr. Elizabeth Cardwell
Birth 8 Jul 1722  
Death 21 Jul 1795 Botecourt Co. VA 1794  
Parents Thomas Cardwell Martha Perrin

Richard & Thoms Bandy bought 250 acres in Botecourt 18 Jul 1787
Children of Richard and Elizabeth Cardwell
m. by 23 May 1794 Lucy Justice



Richard Bandy Land Records

Gen 6 Richard Bandy Jr. Jane ?Cummins ?Epperson
Birth ca 1750 Cumberland Co. VA
Death Nov 1815 Wilson Co. TN
Parents Richard Bandy Elizabeth Cardwell
Misc. Farmer



Jane ??

Gen 5 Perrin Bandy Polly Rice1
Birth VA
Death 11 Oct 1838 Williamson Co. IL by 1809 Wilson Co. TN
Parents Richard Bandy Jane John Rice5 ? Rice

m. Polly Rice1

m. 25 Dec 1809 Lettisha Rice2 Wilson Co TN (sister to Polly)




Caldwell Name Meaning: Varient oof Caldwell a English, Scottish, and northern Irish: habitational name from any of several places in England and Scotland, variously spelled, that are named with Old English cald ‘cold’ + well(a) ‘spring’, ‘stream

Gen 13 Thomas Cardwell Joan Hudson
Birth 1530 Kirkham, Fylde Borough, Lancashire, England 1535 Kirkham
Death after 1580 Kirkham 1585 Kirkham
Burial St.Michael Parish Church Kirkham St.Michael Parish Church Kirkham
Parents William James Cardwell Anne Wilkinson    
Married 3 Feb 1553 St.Michael Parish Church St.Michael Parish Church

St.Michael Church Kirkam
Gen 12 Cuthbert Cardwell Mary Margaret Carter
Birth 2 Nov 1562 Kirkham, Fylde Borough, Lancashire, England ca 1568  
Death 1590 Kirkham 1602  
Burial St.Michael Parish Church Kirkham St.Michael Parish Church Kirkham
Parents Thomas Cardwell Joan Hudson ?Richard Carter ?Mary
Married 9 Aug 1586 St.Michael Parish Church Kirkham
Gen 11 William Cardwell Mary Wilshire
Birth 1590 Kirkham, Fylde Borough, Lancashire, England 1592 Kirkham, Fylde Borough, Lancashire, England
Death 1660 Thornhill, Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England 1662 Thornhill
Burial St Michael and All Angels Church Thornhill St Michael and All Angels Churchyard Thornhill
Parents Culpert Cardwell Mary Margaret Carter
Married 1610 Kirkham

St Michael and All Angels Church Thornhill


Gen 10 Thomas Cardwell Sr. Mary Elizabeth Collier Collyer
Birth 1614 Kirkham, Fylde Borough, Lancashire, England Shropshire, England
Death 12 May 1687 Middlesex Co. VA ca 1698
Burial Christ Church Cem Christchurch, Middlesex Co Christ Church Cem Christchurch, Middlesex Co
Parents William Cardwell Mary Wilshire
Married 12 Apr 1660 Middlesex Co. VA


Gen 9 Thomas Cardwell Jr. Ann
Birth 1660
Death after 1717 Henrico Co. VA
Parents ?Thomas Cardwell ?Mary

Cardwell, Perrin, Porter lands


Gen 8 Thomas Cardwell III Martha Perrin
Birth ca 1686
Death after 2 Dec 1772 Henrico Co. VA 1751 Henrico Co. VA
Parents Thomas Cardwell Ann Thomas Perrin Anne Porter



Estes Name Meaning: variant of Eastes, still pronounced today as two syllables, as it was in medieval times.

Migration path forAbraham Estes's son Moses Haplogroup R-ZS3700 Mutation Tracker Path

Description of Haplogroup Mutation Tracker


The Estes geneolical information comes from professional genealogist Roberta Estes

Gen 13 Nicholas Ewstas Anny/Amy
Birth 1495 Deal, Kent, Eng 1 May 1571 Northborne, Kent, Eng
Death 1533 Deal, Kent, Eng 17 May 1630 Northborne, Kent, Eng
Gen 12 Sylvester Eastye Jone
Birth ca 1522 Kent, Eng    
Death 7 Jun 1579 Ringwould, Kent, Eng 16 Jun 1561 Deal, Kent, Eng
Burial   St. Nicholas Church Ringwould   St. Leonard’s Church Deal
Parents Nicholas Eastes Anne  

St. Leonard’s Church Deal


Gen 11 Robert Estes Eastye Anne Woodward
Birth ca 1555 Ringwould, Kent, Eng 1 May 1571 Northborne, Kent, Eng
Death 1616 Ringwould, Kent, Eng 17 May 1630 Ringwould, Kent, Eng
Burial       St. Nicholas of Ringwould
Parents Sylvester Eastye Jone  
Marriage 2 Dec 1591 St. Nicholas Church Sholden

St. Nicholas Church Sholden


Gen 10 Sylvester Estes Eastye Ellin Martin
Birth 26 Sep 1596 St. Nicholas Ringwould, Kent, Eng 25 Aug 1605 Ringwould, Kent, Eng
Death 16 Jan 1691 Fordwich, Canterbury, Kent, Eng 5 Apr 1649 - 6 Dec 1649 (W) Waldershare, Kent, Eng
Parents Robert Estes Ann Woodward Thomas Martin b. 16 Apr 1577 Ringwould son of William Martin d. 13 Apr 1614 Kent & Margaret Clarke Wiman d. 14 Nov 1644 Ringwould
Marriage 24 Nov 1625 Ringwould, Kent, Eng

St. Nicholas Church Ringwould


Gen 9 Abraham Estes Barbara (not Brock)
Birth 1647 Nonington, Kent, England ca 1670
Death 21 Nov 1720/1 King and Queen County, VA ca 1721
Parents Sylvester Estes Ellin Martin  

Sandwich England


Gen 8 Richard Estes Mary Yancy
Birth 1699 King and Queen County, VA 1705 VA
Death 13 Feb 1743 Hanover County, VA 1764 Louisa County, VA
Parents Abraham Estes Barbara Brock ?Charles Yancy ?Mary Bartlett
  1. Richard Estes b. 10 Jul 1728 d. 23 Aug 1799 • Caswell NC m. Sarah Bennett
    1. Elizabeth Estes
    2. Anna Estes
    3. Frances Estes
    4. Mary Estes
    5. Sarah Estes
    6. Nancy Estes
    7. Martha Taylor
    8. Richard Bennett Estes
    9. Micajah Estes
    10. Bartlett Estes 1769 – 1841
  2. Mary (Estes) Gentry (1731 - 1812)
    1. Bartlett Gentry
    2. David Gentry
    3. Ione (Gentry) Cain
    4. Richard William Gentry Sr
    5. Winifred (Gentry) Martin
  3. Charles Estes Birth 31 Jul 1735 Hanover Co VA d. 13 Mar 1847 Louisa VA m. Mary Thaxton
    1. Charles Estes Jr 1756–1830
    2. Zilpha Estes 1758
    3. Paschal Estes 1760–1847
    4. Obadiah Estes 1763–1847
    5. Elizabeth Estes 1765
    6. Molly Estes 1766
    7. Joshua Joseph Estes 1767–1847
    8. Reuben Estes 1773
    9. Richard Estes Deceased • LTZS-XQD
  4. Lettisha Estes b. 1737-1740 d. 1797 m. John Rice
    1. Francis Rice
    2. William Rice
    3. Thomas Rice
    4. Mary Rice
    5. John Rice Jr
    6. Nathaniel Rice
    7. Anna Rice
  5. Sylvester Estes (1740)
  6. Thomas Estes (1740)
  7. Reuben Estes b. 1741 Louisa County VA d. 1811 Burke Co NC m. Philadelphia Ruth “Delphia” Atkins
    1. Laban Estes, born Apr. 30, 1761~married Elizabeth Webb
    2. Rhoda Estes, born 1763~married Reuben Fletcher
    3. Letta Estes, born abt. 1772~married Thomas White
    4. Lot Estes, born Oct. 14, 1777~married Lora Gilbert
    5. Laura Estes, born abt. 1775~married John Loving
    6. Lance Estes, born May 1781 in Burke Co., NC~married Elizabeth Coffey
    7. Larkin Estes, born Apr. 1784 in Burke Co., NC~married Clarice Gilbert
    8. Langston Estes, born Mar. 1789~married Mary Polly Moore
    9. .Leonard Estes, born Mar1770~married Francis Brown



Hix Name Meaning: English: variant of Hicks which is a widespread surname in England, and is common in the southwest and southern Wales. German: from a pet form of a Germanic personal name formed with hild ‘strife’, ‘battle’ as the first element.

Gen 6 ?William Hix (Hicks)
Misc. Farmer
  1. Judith (Juda) (Jerusha) Hix b. ca 1734 m. Jesse Rice Sr b. ca 1730 Hanover VA d. ca 1810-1811 (brother of Alice's husband James Rice)
    1. Jesse Rice Sr b. ca 1730 Hanover VA d. ca 1810-1811 m. Judith (Juda) Hix (Hicks) (sister of Alice Hix who married James below)
      1. David Rice Sr b. ca 1751-1756 d. ca 1836 Hanover VA m. Elizabeth listed 1837-38 taxes (in 1837 land listed as estate) He is prbably the eldest so is born by 1756 or earlier.
        1. David Rice Jr b 4 OCT1812 d. 5 MAR1900 lisited in tax starting 1835 when he and his father are listed Sr and Jr m. Hardenia Mills
          1. Queen Victoria Rice b. 14 Apr 1852 Hanover VA d. 21 Dec 1921 Hanover VA m. 1 Feb 1872 Hanover, VA John Henry Wickham
          2. Lavina "Lavinia" Rice b. 1853 Hanover VA
          3. Nora Rice b. 1854 d. 25 Jul 1856 Beaverdam Hanover County VA
      2. Jesse Rice Jr b. ca 1757 d. 13 Mar 1840 - 11 Nov 1842 Southern District, Campbell VA m. Nancy b. 1781-1784 Rev War Pension Will He purchases land in Campbell Co VA from Sabra Morris (his aunt) 3 Nov 1813
        1. Salinda Rice b. 1805-1810 gives power of attoney as the only heir of Jesse Rice 1 Oct 1844, 18 Nov 1846 along wirh Richard Gross sells land to James R Mason. 1850 A Richard Gross has a wife Malinda Gross age 30 in Bedford Co. Salinda maybe? but age wrong and sons Robert 3 and Richard 1 -they would be heirs of Silinda - if it is her she had
          1. William Anthony Rice b. 1828 (on 14 Dec 1849 is now 21 in a land record related Anthony Mason purchase of his mother's land) 1850 living with Anthony Mason. Anthony Mason's grandmother is Marcelda Hix Ready who is the sister of Judith Hix Rice William's great grandmother.
      3. Sarah Rice b. 21 Feb 1760 Hanover Co VA d. after 17 Apr 1830 Albemarle, VA m. Thompson Walton b. 4 Jan 1758 Hanover VA d. 3 Sep 1827 Albermarle Co VA
        1. David Rice Walton b. 10 Oct 1776 Albemarle Co VA m. 10 Dec 1797 Rebecca Fraley
        2. Sarah Walton b. 15 Aug 1778 Albemarle Co VA
        3. Lurane Walton b. 8 Sep 1780 Albemarle Co VA
        4. Elizabeth Walton b. 5 Dec 1782 Albemarle Co VA
        5. Judith Walton b. 17 Jul 1785 Albemarle Co VA d. ABT. 1787
        6. John Olley Walton b. 25 Mar 1787 Albemarle Co VA d. 1788
        7. Jesse Rice Walton Sr. b. 9 Jul 1790 Albemarle Co VA d. 7 Jun 1875 Albemarle County, VA
        8. Henly Emely Walton b. 14 Feb 1791 Albemarle Co VA d. 18 Jul 1823
      4. Zephaniah Rice b. 1765-1766 d. ca 1845 Hanover VA (1846 land in son's name) He was in the Militia 18 Jul 1807 The 1820 census age differs from 1830 and 1840 m. Juriah
        1. Juriah Marie Rice b. 10 Jan 1812  Beaverdam, Hanover, VA d. qfter 1860 m. William L Stanly b. 1806
          1. Rebecca Stanley 1836– Birth 1836
          2. Rhoda Juria Stanley 1837–1874 Birth 1837 Death 1874 m. William Addison Stanly
          3. Zephaniah Powatan Stanley 1839–1906 Birth 1839 Death 1906
          4. Elizabeth (Betsey) Stanley 1843– Birth 1843
        2. Judith Rice b. ca 1803 m. Nathaniel Holloway 1780 Hanover, VA d. 1872 Manchester, Dallas, AK
          1. Susan G Holloway
          2. Jacob Andrew Jackson Holloway
          3. Lucian H Holloway b. 1834 d. 1904
          4. Robert Holloway 1836–1859 Birth 1836 Death 1859
          5. Lucinde Holloway 1841–1928 Birth 1841 Death 1928
          6. Sarah Holloway
        3. Jesse Rice b. ca 1810 d.1870-1880 m. Elizabeth Smith b. ca 1813
          1. Amanda T Rice b. ca 1841 d. afyer 1900 single
          2. Zephania James Rice b. 115 Sep 1839 Hanover Co VA d. 28 Jan 1915 Beaverdam, Hanover VA m. Mary Jane Stanley
          3. John Francis Rice b. Feb 1842/4 d. after 1900 m. 14 Feb 1870 Hanover, VA m. Elonora T. Deals
          4. William David Rice b. 28 Apr 1845 d. 10 Mar 1924 bur. Rice and Tate Family Cemetery Hanover County, VA m. Minta Frances Harris
          5. Edith Jessie b 13 Jun 1855 d. 25 May 1945 bur. Rice and Tate Family Cemetery Hanover County, VA m. 1882 Robert F. Lowry
      5. Massy/Marcy Rice b. 1770-1775 Hanover VA. d. after 1830 Hanover VA m. ?Robert Alvis d. by 1830 Robert, Massy and Jeremiah Alvis all appear in personal property and census 1820-1840
        1. another male
        2. Jeremiah Alvis b. 1810 m. 10 Feb 1834 Louisa, VA Mary Jane Austin
          1. James Marshall Alvis b. 2 Oct 1835/6 Hanover Co VA d. 5 Jan 1891 Audrain Co MO
          2. Mary Ellen Alvis b. 8 Jul 1842 d. 25 May 1921 m. 10 Feb 1834 Louisa Co VA Joseph Hidred Lane
          3. Margaret B Alvis b. 8 Aug 1849 Hanover Co VA
      6. Zelly Rice They are both single 8 Oct 1827 and probably in 1830 one lives with David and one Massey
      7. Becky Rice
      Becky Rice
  2. Alice Hix b. 8 Apr 1742 m. James Rice Sr.
    1. Nancy / Anna Rice b. 1757 VA d. 1836 Macoupin Co. IL m. 7 Oct 1783 Caswell Co. NC Jacob Miles Sr.
      1. James Miles b. 22 Jul 1784 Caswell Co. NC d. 18 Apr 1848 Milesville Caswell Co. NC m. 3 Feb 1807 Elizabeth Burnett Gunn b. 27 Aug 1786 Caswell Co. NC d. 11 Mar 1873 Caswell Co.NC
      2. Martha/Patsey Miles b. 15 May 1786, Caswell Co. NC; d. 24 Oct 1820, Robertson Co. TN m. Rev. Thomas IV Gunn
      3. Alexander Miles b. 8 Feb 1788, Caswell Co. NC; d. 21 May 1856, Brighton Twp. Macoupin Co. IL.m. 1813 Mary Irwin b. 28 Jun 1797 Green Co. GA, d. 20 Nov 1874 Brighton, Macoupin Co. IL
      4. Jacob Miles b. 6 Mar 1790, Caswell Co. NC; d. 1859. m. 11 Jul 1811 Logan, Ky Amelia Rice1, 4 Oct 1850 in Montgomery TN Martha A Rice2, Widow Smith3
      5. Abner Miles b. 1792 Caswell Co. NC; d. 16 Oct 1856, Caswell Co. NC Buried Graves Cem. Yanceyville Caswell Co. NC m. 24 Nov 1819 Caswell Co. NC Deliliah Graves
      6. Nancy Miles b. c 1795 Caswell Co. NC d. after 1850 m. Robertson Strattion
      7. Thomas C. Miles b. 1795, Caswell Co. NC d. 1848, Piasa, Il m. Sabra Rice1, 27 Jun 1837 in Macoupin Co., IL Ruth S Peters2
      8. Katherine Miles b. 1802 Caswell Co. NC d. 1866 Moweaqua IL m. David Smith
      9. ?Hiram Miles b. 1794, Caswell Co. NC
    2. Jonathan Rice b. 8 Apr 1760 in Halifax, VA d. 24 Dec 1824 Logan Co. KY m. Rebecca Hix
      1. Nancy Rice b. Bef. 1787, NC; d. 1849, Logan Co. KY m. John Bailey
      2. Joshua Morris Rice d. Aft. 1825 m. 16 Jul 1821 Nancy Bailey
      3. Elizabeth Rice d. 25 Feb 1836, Logan Co. KY
      4. Jonathan Rice Jr b. 1801 Logan Co. d. 1860 McMasters Cem Polk Co. MO m. Elizabeth Porter Chastain
      5. Lydia Rice b. 1800; d. 1817
    3. Abner b. 1763-1773 d. probably before death of father. He is listed in Caswell road work 1794 & 2 tax lists 96 97, & in Logan 1800 tax list
    4. James Rice Jr. b. 1766-1775 VA/NC d. 6 Jun 1825 Logan Co. KY m. 20 Dec 1802 Leucrecia Mason
      1. Amelia Rice b. Jun 1797 d. 1836. m. Jacob Miles III
      2. John James Rice
      3. Lucy N Rice b. 4 Jul 1809
      4. Jonathan N Rice b. 22 May 1811 d. Unknown, Dandridge, TN
      5. Frances Asbury Rice b. 4 Sep 1812; d. 10 Jan 1862, Keysburg
      6. Martha A Rice b. 17 Apr 1819, KY m. Jacob Miles III
      7. Hiram "Hunter" Rice b. 21 May 1822; d. 01 Feb 1906, IL Was a Dr in Coulterville Randolph IL
      8. Joshua M Rice
      9. Patsey Rice
      10. Nancy Rice d. 19 Jul 1849 (Will) Co. KY
      11. William Franklin Rice
    5. Francis Rice b. 1771-6 VA/NC d. Aug 1837 Macoupin Co. IL m. Mary Gooch
      1. Cecelia Rice m. 11 Feb 1835 Logan Co. KY Hiram Bailey b. 1801 d. 07 Apr 1879
      2. Susan Rice m. Robert Donaldson Andrews
      3. Sarah Rice b. Hiram Rice Jr
      4. James Rice
      5. William Rice m. Mrs. Talbott-Willard
      6. Silias Rice m. Frances Gooch
      7. Lydia Rice
      8. Francis Rice
      9. Hiram Jackson Rice b. 1815; d. 1888
      10. John Francis Rice
      11. Edward Young Rice b. 8 Feb 1820 Logan County KY d. 16 Apr 1883 Hillsboro IL m. 29 Nov 1849 Susan R Allen
    6. Hiram Rice Sr. b. 30 Dec 1778 Caswell Co. NC d. Nov 1844 Robertson Co. TN m. 3 Nov 1800 Anne Hutchings (see below)
    7. Sabra Rice b. 1780 d. 6 Feb 1830 Logan Co. KY m. 21 Dec 1802 Gabriel Bailey
      1. John Bailey
      2. Nancy Bailey m.16 Jul 1821 Logan Co. KY Joshua Morris Rice1, 1822 John Jarrod2
      3. Frances Bailey b. 26 Sep 1803, Logan Co. KY; d. 15 Feb 1873 m. Benjamin Parsonsb b. 5 Oct 1796 d. 14 May 1858 Logan Co. KY
      4. Gabriel Harmon Bailey b. 10 May 1811 Logan Co. KY d. 22 Jan 1890 Bailey Graveyard Russelville Logan Co. KY m. Mary G Gunn1, Mary G Townsend2
      5. Hiram Bailey b. 07 May 1804; d. 19 Mar 1867 m. Cecelia Rice
      6. Martha Bailey m. 1 Oct 1823 in Logan Co., KY m. Rev. Edmund W Gunn b. 23 Jan 1801 d. 1866
      7. Peter James Bailey b. 1812, Logan Co. KY; d. 1836, Alamo, Texas.
      8. George Washington Bailey m. Sarah Bell
      9. William Green Bailey
      10. Sabra E Bailey m. May 1844, Logan Co., KY m. T.G. Kimbrogh
    8. Martha Patsy Rice b. 1784 Logan Co. KY m. 1800 George Bailey
      1. Pressley Bailey
      2. Katherine Bailey
      3. Cassandra Bailey
      4. Francis Bailey
      5. Martha Ann Bailey
      6. George Bailey
      7. William L Bailey
      8. Ann M Bailey
      9. Mary Elizabeth Bailey
      10. Maria Bailey
    9. Joshua Morris Rice b. 1787 Logan Co. KY d. 1854 Rice Perry Co. Chapman Cem IL m. 1 Oct 1806 Caswell Co. NC Susanna B Gunn
      1. James Monroe Rice b. 1808 d. 9 Jan 1839 Perry County IL
      2. Sabra Gwendolyn Rice b. 19 Nov 1814 Robertson TN d. 27 Nov 1874 Washington, IL m. 27 Jan 1830 Alexander Hutchings1, m. 1 Jan 1833 Perry Co. IL Eli Jerimiah Hutchings2
      3. Jerusha Rice b. 1815 TN
      4. Susan Rice b. 1820 TN d. 1840 Perry County IL
      5. Martha Jane Rice b. 1822 TN
      6. Williams S Rice b. 1823 d. 1880
      7. Joshua Morris Rice b. 1826 TN d. 1872 Hopkins County KY
      8. Nancy Jones Rice b. 1827 d. 1854 Washington County VA
  3. John Hix b. ca 1740 d. 24 Sep 1804 Campbell Co. VA m. Sibella/Lydia ?Rice Birth 1742 Death 1810
    1. Rebecca Hix b. 1761 VA d. after 1850 Logan County, KY m. 14 Jan 1789 Campbell County, Jonathon Rice
      1. Nancy Rice b. Bef. 1787, NC; d. 1849, Logan Co. KY m. John Bailey
      2. Joshua Morris Rice d. Aft. 1825 m. 16 Jul 1821 Nancy Bailey
      3. Elizabeth Rice d. 25 Feb 1836, Logan Co. KY
      4. Jonathan Rice Jr b. 1801 Logan Co. d. 1860 McMasters Cem Polk Co. MO m. Elizabeth Porter Chastain
      5. Lydia Rice b. 1800; d. 1817
    2. John Jr Hix 1762 Virginia d.1813 Bedford Co, TN m. 22 Aug 1808 Campbell Co Mildred (Milly) Key Lucas
      1. (Betsey) E Hix (Hicks)
      2. John S Hix (Hicks) 1810–1849 Birth 1810 Death 1849
      3. William P 20 May 1811 Bedford, Tennessee, United States Death 16 Jun 1893 Bedford, TN Manerva Bearden
      4. Joshua Morris Hix (Hicks) 1812–1885 Birth Nov 4 1812 Death Nov 27 1885
      5. Sarah Jane Hix (Hicks) 1813–1869 Birth 1813 Bedford County, Tennessee, United States of America Death 1869 Cherokee, TX m. Nicholas Hill Newton
    3. Sarah Hix m. 5 Sep 1796 Campbell County, Nathaniel Hubbard (Sabra's will says they went to TN)
      1. Melvina Hubbard 1807–1878 Birth 1807 Death 1878
      2. Milly Hubbard 1810–1858 Birth 1810 Death 1858
      3. Richard Nathaiel Hubbard 1828–1870 Birth 1828 Death 1870
    4. Sibeller Hix m. 7 Jul 1802 Campbell, VA James Stanley
      1. James Stanley
      2. Margaet Stanley
      3. Elizabeth Stanley m. Janes Gorden
      4. John H Stanley
      5. Rebbeca Stanley
    5. Martha Hix 1768 Death 1840 m. 23 May 1792 Campbell, VA Thomas Hazlewood (1771–1855) TN
      1. Thomas B Hazlewood(1793–1843)
      2. John S Hazlewood(1795–1859)
      3. Sabra Hazlewood(1796–1870)
      4. William Hazlewood(1797–)
      5. Martha (Patsey) Hazlewood(1799–1876)
      6. Elizabeth H Hazlewood(1799–1870)
      7. Fleming C Hazlewood(1800–1834)
      8. Joshua Hazlewood(1801–1874)
      9. Thomas William Hazlewood(1807–1888)
    6. Elizabeth Hix m. 09 Feb 1807 Campbell, Virginia Moses Echols (Eckols) ? James Stanley
    7. Sabra Hix m. 23 Nov 1801 Campbell, Virginia John Farris Major 1765–1816 Birth 1765 Death 1816
      1. John Hicks Farris(1806–1867)
      2. Alice (Dolly) Farris(1809–1880)
    8. William C Hix b. 1774 Virginia, USA Death 1839 Flat Creek, Bedford, TN m. Alcey Dews d. 1802 m. 28 Nov 1803 Halifax, VA Sarah Collins
      by Alcey Dews
      1. DeMarquis Dews Hix (Hicks) b. 3 Jan 1802 Halifax County, VA d. 19 Sep 1872 Bedford County, TN
      by Sarah Collins
      1. Nancy Hix (Hicks) *1805–1880)
      2. Alcey Hix (Hicks)(1809–1851)
      3. Judith Hix (Hicks)(1813–1840)
      4. Sarah Sybil 'Sibby' HIX(1813–1887)
      5. Mary Ann Hix (Hicks)(1815–)
      6. Rebecca Rice Hix (Hicks)(1816–1905)
      7. John Collins Hix (Hicks)(1818–1877)
      8. Joshua R Hix (Hicks)(1820–1852)
      9. William P Hix (Hicks) 20 May 1811 Bedford, Tennessee, United States Death 16 Jun 1893 Bedford, TN Manerva Bearden
  4. Sabra Hix (Hicks) d. 3 Aug 1822-3 Mar 1823 Charlotte VA m. Joshua Morris will 7-159 165 206 8-98
  5. William Hix b. 1745 d. after Apr 1834 Goochland Co. VA m. Ann b. ca 1747 d. 1820-1830. When he sells land Ann is listed as his wife.
    Sabra lists William as her brother in her will. He was her only sibling living at that time. In 1824 William Hix sells land in Charlotte (part of a 514 acre tract of Sabra's to be divided among her heirs) while he is resident in Goochland. The land is resold in 1834 where that owner states he belives it is 1/9 of the 514 Acre plot. That means the William Hix of Goochland in the Charlotte deed is Sabra's brother and not her nephew John's son William. William her nephew would have shared 1/9 of John's portion with the rest of John's other children. Only William her brother would get a full 1/9th portion.
    There is another William Hix in Goochland in the late 1780/90s who married Elizabeth Harris. The moved to KY where that William died long before Sabra's will and the 1824 deed. The William Hix with wife Ann living in Goochland in 1824 of the right age served in the Revolutionary War. His Pension Application says he joined in 1781 for 18 months. Got a pension in 1833 and 1834 in Goochland. He applied in both 1919 and 1920. He lists wife Ann in 1820 pension application with her age.
    Based on Personal Tax records William and Ann had at least 2 sons John and Abner. An unrelated Mashack Hix lived in Goochland at the same time. He too had a son John Hix. A John Hix who married Kitty has a son Abner. Abner's parents are named in his last 2 marriages. A lot of trees assign John with son Abner to Masheck. I think they belong to William as the name Abner is not real common and its likely John names his son Abner after his brother.
    1. John Hix b. by 1775 d. after 1840 personal tax records 1791 he is listed as liv with William and must be at least 16. m. 29 May 1807 "Kitty" Christina Cheatham Chittum
      1. Abner Hicks b. 1812 d. 18 Jul 1892 m. 28 Dec 1842 Keziah Elizabeth Carter m. 19 Mar 1874 Sarah E Salmon m. 22 Feb 1878 Alice Williams Bourne
    2. Nancy Hix b. 1778 d. after 1850 TN m. 15 Dec 1800 Goochland VA William Singleton d. 14 Jul 1841 Henderson Co TN Father William Hix signed permission
      1. Sterling Singleton
      2. William Singleton
      3. Thomas Singleton
    3. Abner Hix b. 1786 d. Sep 1856 m. 22 Sep 1814 Jane Matthews m. 19 Mar 1817 Jane Holland Wm Singleton signed the marriage bond
      1. William Granville Hicks b. 1836 d. 7 Nov 18777 Nov 1877 Bula Goochland County, VA served Confederate army m. Mary Catherine Thurston
      2. Thomas Hicks
      3. John Hicks
      4. Martha E Hicks
    4. Alcey Hix m. 25 May 1815 James Matthews Father William Hix signed permission
    5. ? William Hix b. by 1795 A William Hix Jr shows up in personal tax records but some times Jr just mean younger. Of course it could he could be son of William.
  6. Marcelda Hix b. ca 1750 m. Nathan Ready
    1. Mascilda Ready b. 1770 VA d. 1842 Green County, KY m. 20 Oct 1796 Campbell Co VA Littleberry Cox b. 1774 Bedford Co VA d. Oct 10 1850 Green County, KY
      1. Sarah Cox (1797–1874)
      2. Jacob Cox (1798–1858)
      3. Joshua Cox(1800–1850)
      4. Caleb Cox(1802–1885)
      5. Charles Thomas Cox(1803–1913)
      6. Sally Cox(1804–1850)
      7. John Cox(1806–1880)
      8. Judith Cox(1807–1850)
      9. William Cox(1812–1855)
      10. Charles Cox(1813–1880)
      11. Nathaniel H Cox(1820–1880)
    2. Jane/Jennie Ready m. 22 Nov 1796 Campbell Co VA William Mason
      1. Nathaniel Mason m. 31 Oct 1821 Campbell Co VA May Ann Clark
      2. Morris M. Mason b. 1807 Campbell Co VA d. 23 Nov 1886
      3. James Rice Mason b. 1818 Campbell Co VA d. 1851 Campbell Co VA m. 18 Jan 1833 Campbell, VA Harriet Elizabeth Mccraw
      4. Sabra M Mason b. 1820
      5. William R Mason b. 1829
      6. Frances Mason
    3. Sabra Ready m. 26 Aug 1805 Robert Daniel Nash 1784 VA d. 1847 VA served in militia 1812 War
      1. Elizabeth M Nash 1803 VA Death 1859 MO m. Samuel Mitchell
      2. William Abner Ready 1806 Death 1845 m. 2 Aug 1820 Campbell, VA Rebecca Scott
      3. William Presley Nash 1810–1865 Birth 1810 Virginia Death 1865 GA m. 18 Jun 1832 Campbell, Virginia Eliza Ann Walker
      4. Rebecca Nash 1812–1850 Birth ABT 1812 Virginia, USA Death 1850 m. 10 Aug 1848 Campbell, VA William Clowdis (Claudes)
      5. Martha Nash
    4. Sally Ready b. 1774
    5. Charles Ready m. 4 Aug 1794 Bedford VA (Sally) Sarah Mason (? sibling to Jane's husband William Mason)
      1. Rhoda Ready (Reddy) 1803–1889 Birth 1803 Virginia, United States of America Death 11 JULY 1889 KY m. 5 Feb 1831 Trigg, Kentucky, USA Thomas Baskins Wadlington Sr
    6. Martha/Patsey Ready m. Josiah Christian
    7. Hiram (Isham) Ready m. Sally
      1. Robert Ready (Reddy) 1809– Birth 1809
      2. Seaton Ready (Reddy) 1812– Birth 1812
      3. William Charles Ready (Reddy) 1815– Birth 1815
  7. Jerusha Hix m. ?Hix she had 3 children
    1. Rebecca Hix
      1. Demarquis Johnson liv Rockbridge Co
    2. ?Dolly Woodall a daughter or grandaughter?
  8. Annfidila Hix b. 1754 m. Charles Webb
    1. John Webb
  9. Barsheba1 Hix b. ca 1756 d. ca 1778 m. Richard Grinstead b. 1750 Herrico VA d. 1840 Warren Co. TN m. Elizabeth Warren 2nd b. 1760 Louisa Co. VA d. Warren Co. KY
    1. Naomi Grinstead b. 1775 VA d. m. 13 Jun 1807 Warren, KY Thomas Meeks
    2. Jasper H Grinstead b. 27 Jan 1779 Henrico Co VA d. 29 Feb 1860 Christian Co KY m. 22 Dec 1802 Louisa, VA Jemima Gooch
  10. Mildred Hix m. Cornelius McHaney
    1. John McHaney m. Elizabeth Mitchell
    2. Cornelius McHanry Jr m. Patience Hurt
    3. Polly McHaney m. ? Hubbard m. ? Tucker
    4. Mary McHaney m. George Gilbert
    5. Celia McHaney m. Hugh George
    6. Frances McHaney m. John Turner



Hutchings Name Meaning: English (chiefly Devon and Somerset): patronymic from the medieval personal name Hutchin, a pet form of Hugh.

Migration path for Hutchings brothers Haplogroup I-FT387821 Mutation Tracker Path

Description of Haplogroup Mutation Tracker


Gen 6 ? Hutchings
Misc. Farmer

Where were the 4 siblings born? Census records give a variety of suggestions. Richard is the only sibling to make it to 1850 and his census says VA. Three children of the siblings lived to the 1880 census and each had a different state. Wesley Washington Hutchings says NC. Mary Ann Hutchings says SC, Richard Hutchings says MO but that is clearly an error



Perrin Name Meaning: English and French: from the Middle English, Old French personal name Perrin, a pet form of French Pierre.

Gen 10 ? Richard Perrin unknown


Gen 9 Thomas Perrin Anne Porter
Birth 1639
Death 1688-9 Henrico Co. VA by 6 Mar 1711 (W) Henrico Co. VA
Parents Robert Porter
Cardwell, Perrin, Porter lands



Porter Name Meaning: English and Scottish: occupational name for the gatekeeper of a walled town or city, or the doorkeeper of a great house, castle, or monastery, from Middle English porter ‘doorkeeper’, ‘gatekeeper’ (Old French portier). The office often came with accommodation, lands, and other privileges for the bearer, and in some cases was hereditary, especially in the case of a royal castle.

Gen 10 Robert Porter Elizabeth
Death by 1 Oct 1651(W) Henrico Co. VA by 1688



Rice Name Meaning: Welsh: variant of Reese which is from one of the most common Welsh personal names, Rhys, Old Welsh Ris ‘ardor’. This was the name of the last ruler of an independent kingdom of Wales, Rhys ap Tewder, who died in 1093 unsuccessfully opposing the Norman advance.

Migration path for Thomas Rice of Hanover Haplogroup R-FGC17119 Mutation Tracker Path

Description of Haplogroup Mutation Tracker

For my family members who descend from James Rice we have now one line which connect to Thomas and Marcy Rice of Hanover VA. For my family members who descend from James' grandson Jerimiah Rice and his first wife Massy Bandy we have in total 3 lines which connect to Thomas and Marcy as Massey has 2 paths.

Gen 9 Thomas Rice Marcy
Birth 1650-60 England
Death by 1711 lost at sea 1722
Marriage 1679 New Kent Co. Va


Virginia Land Patents of the Rices.

Although all the patents were originally in Hanover county, Louis County was broken off and some of the later patents are in Louisa County today.

Al st all Hanover deed records were burned land patents were recorded with the colony as well as the county so the record of them scurvies today.

Line 1

Gen 8 John Rice2 Sr Mary
Birth 18 Sep 1698 New Kent County, VA 8 Jul 1765-13 Nov 1769 Hanover VA
Death after 13 Nov 1769 Hanover VA
Parents Thomas Rice Marcy    
  1. John Rice Jr/Sr3 m. Lettisha Estes Line 1
  2. Thomas Rice (Cabin Branch CB)
Gen 7 John Rice Jr/Sr3 Lettisha "Lettie" Estes
Birth by 1726 1737-1740
Death after 14 Nov 1796 (W) Caswell Co. NC 1797 Caswell Co. NC
Parents ?John Rice Richard Estes Mary Yancy

There are 5 John Rices in Caswell Co NC in the 177s to 1800. This John was Jr in Louisa when his father was alive and living nearby, and Sr in Caswell where he had an adult son.

  1. Francis Rice b. ca 1743 d. 28 Feb 1816 Caswell Co. m. 1761 William James Gooch Sr b. ca 1721 Hanover VA d. 22 Dec 1802 Caswell NC. He married ca 1743 Kesiah Ann Hart daughter of Susannah Rice Hart
    1. David Gooch b. 11 Apr 1763 d. 21 Sep 1831Williamson County, TN m. 19 Dec 1788 Caswell Co, NC Jane "Jenny" Williams (2 Apr 1770 - 19 July 1811)
    2. Nathaniel Gooch b. 10 Oct 1768 Granville, NC d. 30 October 1831 Rutherford, TN m. 30 Nov 1797 Caswell, NC Martha Patsy Tate
    3. Sarah/Sally Gooch b. ca 1770 d. ca 1830 m. William Higgason Rice
    4. John Claiborne Gooch b. ca 1772 d. 9 Apr 1804 Caswell Co NC
    5. Thomas Gooch b. 22 Dec 1773 Caswell, NC
    6. Polly Gooch b. 17 Dec 1776 m. Henry Williams
    7. Cisley Gooch b. ca 1780 d. 1803 m. 31 July 1802 James Birk Jr
  2. William Rice b. ca 1748 d. 1831 Wilson Co. TN m. Nancy Williams (daughter Henry William & Elizabeth) d. after 12 Apr 1785 m. 21 Dec 1793 Caswell Co Ester Chounan. They moved to Lebanon Wilson Co TN ca 1808. In the 1786 census in Caswell Co William has 3 sons and 3 daughters. Nathaniel is born in 1788 so that means William had 3 sons older than Nathaniel..
    1. by Nancy
      1. Henry Rice b. by 1775 d. 16 May 1829-Dec 1829 m. 20 Dec 1798 Caswell Margaret Shelton b.1776-1794 d. by 1815 m. 21 Dec 1815 Nancy K Cawthone
        1. by Margaret Shelton - 1837 her 5 daughters get a legacy from from her brother George Shelton
          1. Polly
          2. Betsy
          3. Sally
          4. Susan
          5. Margaret/Peggy
        2. by Nancy K Cawthone
          1. Sarah 1816 m. John Walker
      2. ?? John Rice b. 1779 d. after 1850 possible sun but not proven
        1. Ester b.1810 d. after 1870 ? daughter or young wife
        2. Cynthia d. 1841 m. 3 Apr 1838 Daniel Allen Boaz b. 24 Jan 1815 d. 6 May 1864 Hickory County, MO
        3. Nancy A b. 1807 d. ca 1850 m. 19 Apr 1843 Daniel Boaz
        4. Rebecca P b. 1830 d. 1859 m. 19 May 1852 Daniel Boaz moved to Hickory County, MO Ester living with him in 1860
      3. Nathaniel Rice b. Feb 1788 d. after 1860 Post Oak, Johnson, MO m. 27 Sep 1816 Wilson TN Polly Ellis m. 22 Jan 1819 Nancy Rice m. Mary A b. 1833
        1. Nancy Rice 1823
        2. Nathaniel Franklin Rice b. 8 Dec 1825 Wilson TN d. 29 Nov 1873 Chilhowee, Johnson County, MO m. Mary Ann Sanders
        3. Henry Rice 1832
    2. by Ester
      1. Susannah Rice
      2. James Rice b. 1791-1800 d. by Nov 1838 m. 28 Nov 1822 Ann Harrison - no will his brother-in-law Andrew Gwyn named Nov 1838 administrator
        1. Thomas Rice b. 1838
      3. Sarah/Sallie Rice ? m. 8 Nov 1830 James Winter
      4. Thomas Rice b. 1796 d. Mar 1850 m. 26 Nov 1817 Davidson TN Mary/Polly Bradshaw
        1. Brunette Pitman Rice b. 23 Sep 1818 d. 8 Jul 1861 m. 5 Dec 1838 Geo W Carver
        2. William Daniel Rice b. 1821
        3. Didama Lodusky Rice b. 1822 d. Feb 1880 Robertson, TX m. 1 Apr 1844 Wilson Co TX Rufus P Rice b. 1822
        4. Jasper Newton Rice b. 11 Dec 1824 Wilson TN d. 9 Oct 1886 Providence, Davidson, TN m. 10 Dec 1844 Keziah Swindell
        5. Valeria Quinley b. 1827 m. 10 Mar 1843 Calven H Quinley
        6. Bedford B b. 1830 m. 29 Jul 1849 Parthena A Sulliven
        7. James R Rice b. 1833
        8. Ellen Rice b. 1835
        9. Martha Rice b. 1838
        10. Marius Washington Rice b. 1849
      5. Ester Rice b. 14 Apr 1802 Caswell Co NC d. 2 Apr 1877 m. 25 August 1821 Wilson Co TN Andrew Gwyn 1800–1868
        1. Hugh Robertson Gwyn
        2. Ransom Rice Gwyn
        3. Eleanor Gwyn
        4. Rebecca Gwyn
        5. AnnisGwyn
        6. Mary Gwyn
        7. Sarah Gwyn
        8. John Gwyn
        9. Susan Gwyn
        10. Josephine Gwyn
      6. Rebecca Rice b. 25 Feb 1803 Caswell NC d. 1855 Wilson TN m. 10 Sep 1822 John Brown Puckett
        1. William Rice Puckett b 6/15/1828
        2. Emily Ann Puckett
        3. Romulus George Puckett Sept. 1829
        4. Nancy Puckett b 2/5/1831 died 2 days old
        5. (Rev) John Baird Puckett b 1/28/1832 d 3/23/1893 m 1/6/1859 Emily Caroline Kellum b 12/22/1837 d 12/25/20 Bur Bethlehem Cem. Whitney, TX
        6. Packson Puckett
        7. Melissa (Malissa) Puckett
  3. Thomas Rice b. ca 1750 d. after 1804 when his father's estate is settled
    1. Is he the Thomas Rice in Gloucester District living near James and John Rice? If so he had 7 or 8 children in 1786
  4. Mary Rice b. ca 1761 m. John Rice5 (David, John, Simeon, Lettisha, Polly, Benjamin, Anna, Susanna)
  5. John Rice Jr4 b. ca 1755 d. 1794 Caswell Co. m. Susannah Leaves something to nephews Wm Rice son Joel and Simeon son of John Rice. Brothers Nathaniel and William are executors Will no children
  6. Nathaniel Rice b. ca 1757 d. 1801 m. 29 Jan 1781 Susannah Butler Will
    1. Archibald Rice ca 1782 - 1849 m. 3rd Sarah Richmond
    2. Nancy Rice 1785 - 1850 m. 1804 Anderson Berks or John Anderson Brooks
    3. Patsy Rice b. 1786 d. 1857 m. Williams Scoggins
    4. Nathaniel Lacy Rice b. 1789 m. Henrietta Rice daughter of Thomas Rice CB
    5. Edmond Butler Rice b. 1791/4 d. 1863
    6. James Rice b. 1798 d. 1860
  7. Anna Rice b.ca 1759 m. 5 Jan 1786 Caswell NC Daniel Williams d.18 Jun 1843 Caswell, NC
    1. Elizabeth Williams b. 30 Oct 1786 d. 22 Apr 1842
    2. Mary Williams b. 10 Dec 1788 KY d. 6 May 1867 Woodford Co., IL
    3. Anna Williams b. 28 Aug 1790 d. 1 May 1836
    4. Rebecca Williams b. 24 Jul 1792
    5. John Rice Williams b. 29 Nov 1795
    6. Nathan R. Williams b. 18 Feb 1798
    7. James R. Williams b. 11 Dec 1800
    8. Henry Williams
  8. ? m. ?Thompson (these children get part of the estate of John Rice saying he was their guardian - not sure if he was their grandfather or just someone who was their guardian)
    1. Anthony Thompson
    2. Mary Thompson


  1. In Louisa Co VA John jointly sells land with wife Lettisha Estes' father Richard Estes. This was a half of a Hanover Land Patent originally solely owned by Richard. Presumably he gifted some of it to John as a marriage gift. Richard lived next to John's father in VA and he lived near John in Caswell Co NC. on Countyline Creek.
  2. John is identified as Jr in Louisa Co deeds. In Caswell where is father is not there and he has an adult son, John is usually called John Sr or his son is called Jr.
  3. John Rice Sr of Caswell Co has been tied to a birth/baptism record that is someone else. The record has a birth date of 1728 for parents John and Mary Rice in Middlesex County. But John is older than that and the Middlesex Rice's are a different family.
  4. In John Sr's will he mentions son-in-law John Rice who is married to his daughter. In John Jr .4's will he mentions his nephew Simeon the blind son of John Rice5. This connects him to John Rice who moved to Wilson County TN with son Simeon.
  5. Son Thomas maybe the Thomas Rice in Gloucester District who lives near John Rice Sr's son-in-law John Rice and that John's brother James. That Thomas Rice has no land in 1777, land 1780-1783 (he bought and sold 150 acres). In 1783 no land then in 84 and 86 252 acres. The are no tax records from 86 until 96 and Thomas is not there in 96. John Rice's son Thomas we only have a reference in John's will in 97 and when the estate settled 1804. It is clear he is still living but where abouts unknown and if he was the Thomas in Gloucester District.


Line 2 and Line 3:

Gen 7 David Rice Sr Susannah Searcy
Birth ca 1704      
Parents Thomas Rice Marcy Robert Searcy Sarah Bell (1680-1735)
  1. Jesse Rice Sr b. ca 1730 Hanover VA d. ca 1810-1811 m. Judith (Juda) Hix (Hicks) (sister of Alice Hix who married James below)
    1. David Rice Sr b. ca 1751-1756 d. ca 1836 Hanover VA m. Elizabeth listed 1837-38 taxes (in 1837 land listed as estate) He is probably the eldest so is born by 1756 or earlier.
    2. Sarah Rice b. 21 Feb 1760 Hanover Co VA d. after 17 Apr 1830 Albemarle, VA m. Thompson Walton b. 4 Jan 1758 Hanover VA d. 3 Sep 1827 Albemarle Co VA
    3. Zephaniah Rice b. 1765-1766 d. ca 1845 Hanover VA (1846 land in son's name) He was in the Militia 18 Jul 1807 The 1820 census age differs from 1830 and 1840 m. Juriah
    4. Massy/Marcy Rice b. 1770-1775 Hanover VA. d. after 1830 Hanover VA m. ?Robert Alvis d. by 1830 Robert, Massy and Jeremiah all appear in personal property and census 1820-1840
    5. Jelly Rice They are both single 8 Oct 1827 and probably in 1830 one lives with David and one Massey
    6. Becky Rice

    1. Jesse is one of a few of Thomas and Marcy Rice grandsons to stay and farm in Hanover. His farm passed to 2 of his sons. He was the only one of David's son to sign with a mark.
  2. Martha Rice b. ca 1732 m. Zachariah Haggard d. Nov 1760
    1. Jacob Haggard b. ca 1753 Albemarle Co VA. d. 12 Dec 1823 Cincinatti OH
    2. William Riley Haggard b. ca 1753 Albemarle Co VA. d. 12 Dec 1823 Bedford TN m. Mary Ellen Gentry
    3. David Haggard b. ca 1755 Albemarle Co VA. 1810 liv Madison, KY
    4. Rebecca Haggard b. ca 1755 Albemarle Co VA. m. Lazarus Jesse
    5. Nancy Haggard b. ca 1757, Albemarle Co VA d. Cincinatti, Hamilton, OH, m. ca. 1776, Mr. Hazelwood.
    6. John A. Haggard b. ca ca. 1759, Albemarle Co VA.

    1. Zachariah Haggard d. SW Territory NC (now TN) killed by indians while on a scouting party with Daniel Boone. He left his wife with a lot of small childen.
  3. Mary Rice b. ca 1732 Stafford VA d. 1782 Caswell NC m. Edmund Haggard d. 1 Apr 1811 Otter Creek, Madison, KY The lived in Caswell Co NC in the 1770s to 1780s
    1. William B Haggard b. 7 Aug 1753 Charlottesville Albemarle, VA d. 23 Jun 1852 Lancaster, Gerrard, KY m. ca 1774 Orange NC Mary Ann Aiken
    2. Rev David Haggard b. 1755, Albemarle County, VA d. 1850, Burkesville, Cumberland, KY a minister
    3. James Haggard b. 1757 Albemarle County, VA d. 1852, Burkesville, Cumberland, KY
    4. Benjamin Haggard b. ca 1758 Albemarle VA d. 30 Jan 1838 in Burkesville, Cumberland, KY m. 21 Jul 1785 Stanford, Lincoln County, KY Mary Noakes
    5. Levi Forget Haggard b. 1761, Albemarle County, VA d. 7 August 1839- 22 May 1840, Burkesville, Cumberland, KY. a lawyer
    6. Richard Haggard b. 1763 Albemarle County, VA.
    7. Ann Haggard b. 1765 Albemarle County, VA.
    8. Rev Rice Haggard b. 1769 Norfolk VA d. 1819 OH on business trip m. Nancy Grimes He was a Methodist minister moved to Cumberland County, KY Haggard's Branch
    9. Richard Haggard b. 1763 Albemarle County, VA.
    10. Lydia Haggard b. ca1770 Caswell Co, NC d. 1839/40, Burkesville, Cumberland, KY, married 1792, John Swift
    11. Elizabeth Haggard b. 1772 Caswell Co, NC, will dated 1 August 1839, probated 22 January 1840, Burkesville, Cumberland, KY.

    1. Rev Rice Haggard was a well known minister.

  4. This book contains Rev David Rice's Diary
  5. Rev David Rice Jr b. 20 Dec 1733 Hanover d. 18 Jun 1816 Green County, KY m.  June 1753 Bedford VA Mary Blair
    1. Ann Rice 1760
    2. Samuel Blair Rice 1764–1764
    3. Frances Blair Rice 1765–1861
    4. Nancy Rice 1769–1830
    5. James Harvey Rice 1769–1832
    6. Dr David Rice M.D.1770–1814
    7. Elizabeth Blair Rice 1774–1833
    8. Benjamin Hyde Rice 1777–1824
    9. Chalia Rice 1778–1843
    10. Jonathan Alexis Rice 1778–1854
    11. Dr William Rice M.D. 1779–1847
    12. Sara Rice

    1. He was educated at the College of New Jersey at Princeton. Although most people were in his area were Episcopalian he became a Presbyterian. He served as minister in Hanover 1762-66. He then served in Bedford Co VA. During the Revolutionary War, Rev Rice served as a chaplain and orator to the Hanover militia. He one of the founders of Hampton-Sydney College for men - the second oldest collage in the south. He was a trustee along with Patric Henry, James Madison, and others. In his 50s he moved to Kentucky. He was a strong Abolitionist. He was was a participant in the State Convention to write the state's constitution. He is known as "Father Rice" and Patriarch of Presbyterianism in Kentucky" He wrote many papers and a memoir and founded a Collage and Seminary..
  6. James Rice Esq (Line 1) b. 6 Jul 1736 VA d. 8 Dec 1809 m. Alice Hix (Hicks) b. 8 Apr 1742 d. after James (sister of Judith Hix who married Jesse Rice) Haplogroup R-FGC17119
    1. Nancy / Anna Rice b. 1757 VA d. 1836 Macoupin Co. IL m. 7 Oct 1783 Caswell Co. NC Jacob Miles Sr.
    2. Jonathan Rice b. 8 Apr 1760 in Halifax, VA d. 24 Dec 1824 Logan Co. KY m. Rebecca Hix
    3. Abner Rice b. by 1773 d. probably before death of father Listed in Caswell road work 1794 and in tax list in Logan 1800
    4. James Rice Jr. b. 1765-1773 VA/NC d. 6 Jun 1825 Logan Co. KY m. 20 Dec 1802 Lucretia Mason
    5. Francis Rice b. 1771-6 VA/NC d. Aug 1837 Macoupin Co. IL m. Mary Gooch
    6. Hiram Rice Sr. b. 30 Dec 1778 Caswell Co. NC d. Nov 1844 Robertson Co. TN m. 3 Nov 1800 Anne Hutchings
      1. Jeremiah Rice m. Massy Bandy (daughter of Polly Rice Bandy, daughter of John Rice his grandfather James Rice's brother)
    7. Sabra Rice b. 1780 Caswell Co. NC d. 6 Feb 1830 Logan Co. KY m. 21 Dec 1802 Gabriel Bailey
    8. Martha Patsy Rice b. 1784 Logan Co. KY m. 1800 George Bailey
    9. Joshua Morris Rice b. 1787 Logan Co. KY d. 1854 Rice Perry Co. Chapman Cem IL m. 1 Oct 1806 Caswell Co. NC Susanna B Gunn
    1. James Rice Esq was a Justice in Caswell and the Treasurer of Gloucester District. At 61 he sold his land in Caswell where he have lived over 20 years and moved to Logan County KY.
  7. Elizabeth Rice b. ca 1740 Hanover County, VA d. 1790 Bedford County, VA m. Thomas Saunders b, JUNE 1739 Hanover VA d. 1808 Brunswick, VA
    1. David Saunders b. Feb 1761 Hanover VA d, 29 Sep 1842 Bedford
    2. Lucille Saunders b. 15 Mar 1765 Hanover d. 25 Dec 1847 Elberton, Elbert, GA
    3. Francis Miles Saunders b. 1766 Hanover d. Nov 1822 Bedford
    4. James R Saunders b. 1768 Bedford d. 1811 Bedford
    5. Thomas M Saunders b. 1778 Bedford
    6. Elizabeth Saunders b. 1778 Bedford
    7. Julius S Saunders b. 1778 Bedford d. 1825 Bedford
    8. Susannah Saunders b. Louisa d. 1804 Bedford
  8. William B Rice b.24 Apr 1744 Hanover VA d.1 Mar 1838 Montgomery County, MO m.  31 Aug 1781 Rebecca Arlington (Allington) b. 1 Mar 1758 d. 28 Jun 1846 Montgomery County, MO
    1. David m. Elizabeth Henderson
      1. Louisa m. Judge William G. Shackelford
    2. William G m. Mary Vandiver (3 children) m. Sally Vandiver (9 children)
      1. Anna m. Judge William G. Shackelford
    3. Benjamin
    4. Samuel
    5. Callier
    6. Sophia

    1. Revolutionary War soldier. Prior to Rev War he accompanied Daniel Boone on one of his expeditions to KY. He mobed to MO. He was elected Assessor in Montgomery Co MO. He also also kept tavern on the Booneslick road
  10. Rev John Rice5 (Line 2) b. ca 1746 d. JUL 1822(W) m. Mary Rice daughter of John Rice Sr of Caswell Co NC
    1. Susanna Rice b. ca 1774 d. after 1822
    2. David Rice b. ca 1780 d. 17 Dec 1839 - 11 Apr 1840 Wilson Co TN Will m. 22 Jun 1800 Ann Hayes b. 1776 d. 1850 Weakley County, TN Will he moved to Wilson Co TN 1808 after his brother-in-law John Rice had moved there.
    3. John6 Rice b. 12 Apr 1780 d. Jan 1853 m. 8 Oct 1807 Nancy Williams Ramsey (a widow) Will District 22
    4. Simeon Rice b. 1785 NC d. after 1860
    5. Polly Rice d. by Dec 1809 when her sister maries her husband m. Perrin Bandy
      1. Massy Bandy m. Jeremiah Rice (son of Hiram Rice son of James Rice her grandfather John Rice's brother)
    6. Lettisha (Lydia) Rice b. 1788 NC d. 1855 m. 25 Dec 1809 Perrin Bandy
    7. Benjamin Rice b. 1793 NC m. 15 May 1819 Elizabeth Climes b. ca 1800 NC d. by 1860
    8. Ann Rice b. 1790-1800 m. 9 Apr 1814 Jesse Sullivan d. 9 Dec 1846 inventory

    1. Resided in Caswell Co NC then Davison Co TN and finanaly Wilson Co TN. In 1808 his brother-in-law and cousin William Rice moves to Wilson Co too. The cabin he built
  11. Benjamin Rice b. ca 1748 Hanover VA d. 27 Nov 1827 Bedford VA m. 1768 Catherine Holt
    1. David Rice b. 1 Sep 1773 d. 7 Dec 1864 Greeneville, Greene Co TN
    2. Rev John Holt Rice b. 28 Nov 1777 Bedford VA d. 3 Sep 1831 Hampden Sydney, Prince Edward, VA A professor at Hampden-Sydney College over 40 yrs.
    3. Edith White Rice Rev Benjamin Holt Rice b. 29 Nov 1782 Bedford VA d. 17 Jan 1856 Hampden Sydney, Prince Edward County, VA
    4. Sarah Rice
    5. Elizabeth Rice b. 1785 d. Five Forks Bedford VA m. 1816 Bedford VA William James Walker

    1. He was a lawyer. It is son David who tells us the name of his uncles and some details about 3 aunts as well as naming some of his great uncles.
  12. ????Many trees have Mary Rice b. 13 Oct 1732 Hanover m. 1745 James Garland Sr. d. 1812 Albemarle VA as a daughter of David. Although she is clearly a Rice it is unlikly she is a daughter of David. It is unlikely David had 2 daughters named Mary. Mary Rice who married Edmund Haggard is a daughter indicated by her nephew David Rice son of Benjamin. David says David Sr had 4 daughere but gives no clues for the 4th. She May have not married or May even have died young. Mary Rice Garland has no sons called David. Her location in Albemarle with other Edward children and having a son named Edward make it more likely she is a daughter of Edward. But she is listed as a question mark.since it is not known for sure.


Line 2:

This Caswell Co John Rice who it the son-in-law of John Rice Sr and he is brother to James Rice. This John and James lived next door to each other and after over 20 years and Caswell Co sold their land within a month of each other with John going to Wilson Co TN and James to Logan Co KY -which although not in adjoining counties still relatively near each other. Two generations later, John's grandaughter Massy Bancy wed James's grandson Jeremiah Rice and the couple moved to Southern IL along with many extended family members.

Gen 6 Rev John Rice5 Mary Rice
Birth     ca 1761
Death 25 Oct 1821 (will written) presented March 1822 to the Court - 11 Jun 1782 (Recorded) Wilson Co. TN Prior to John Rice's will
Parents David Rice Susannah Searcy John Rice Sr.3 Letita Estes

See John Rice Family for detaols on his bhildren, grandcholdren etc.



The Rice Cabin was built by John & Mary Rice. It was moved twice - once within the Rice property and then moved to the county fairgrounds called Fiddler's Grove when an Interstate would have destroyed it. Fiddler's Grove has a number of local old buildings. The logs are all original.

The maple used to make the bed came from the Rice Farm



The Rice Cemetery founded in one part of the original property still exists. but few gravestones are left. The terrain's unevenness clearly indicates many graves are there. It is likely John Rice is buried there and a Memorial has been placed there


Line 3:

Gen 6 James Rice Sr. Alice Hix Hicks
Birth 6 Jul 1736 8 Apr 1742
Death 8 Dec 1809 Logan Co. KY after James
Parents David Rice Susannah Searcy    
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of James & Alice Hix Rice



Gen 5 Hiram Rice Sr. Anne/Anna Hutchings1
Birth 30 Jun 1778 Caswell Co. NC 16 Nov 1776
Death 9 Oct 1844 Robertson Co. TN 16 Nov 1839 Robertson Co. TN
Parents James Rice Sr. Alice Hix
Misc. Farmer
Marriage 3 Nov 1800 KY or TN

Plat Map - Jeremiah, Hiram, Joshua Morris move to Perry County IL

Plat Map - Plat Map - Jeremiah, Hiram, Joshua Morris move to Perry County IL



Gen 4 Jeremiah Abel Rice Massey Bandy1
Birth 26 Mar 1803 KY 24 Mar 1804 Wilson C. TN
Death 14 May 1878 Nashville IL 19 Nov 1845 Nashville IL
Burial Rice/Larken Cem. private farm Rice/Larken Cem. private farm
Parents Hiram Rice Sr. Anne Hutchings Perrin Bandy Polly Rice
Misc. Farmer Homemaker
Marriage 22 Jul 1824 Sumner Co. TN William Peter, John Spiller

Children of Jeremiah and Massah Bandy1

Jeremiah m. 31 May 1848 Mary Holcomb Stanley-Neighbors2 b. Sep 1814 d. 14 Apr 1901 Golden City Barton MO

Jerimiah Rice Grave
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of James & Alice Hix Rice




Massah Rice Grave

Jeremiah Rice Land Records

Gen 3 Jonathan Marion Rice Sirrilda Escalana Etherton
Birth 11 Jul 1827 TN 4 Jun 1830 Jackson Co. IL
Death 28 Oct 1892 Tamaroa IL

17 Sep 1927

Centralia IL
Cause Endocarditus chronic
Burial Tamaroa Cem Tamaroa IL Tamaroa Cem Tamaroa IL
Parents Jeremiah Rice Massah Bandy Samuel Tasker Etherton 3rd Rebecca Hull
Misc. Teacher farmer Farmer's wife Baptist
Marriage 30 Jan 1851 Perry Co. IL
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of James & Alice Hix Rice

Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of Samuel Tasker & Rebecca Hull Etherton

Jonathon Rice family



Jonathan and Sirrilda Rice Family

Front row L to R: Jonathan Marion Rice 52, Sirrilda Escalana Etherton Rice 50, Jonathan 22, Charles 24
Back Row L to R: Edward 21, Hattie 15, Mary 12, Rella Crank 8, Samuel 18, Eldo Crank 6.
Jonathan and Sirrilda's daughter Julia was born in 1853. She married Oscar Crank in 1871 and died after having 2 children. Her children Rella and Eldo were living with their grandparents in this photo. Shortly after this phto Rella and Eldo moved out of state to live with their father and his new wife.

1898 Sirrilda and daughters Mary and Hattie

Rev John McMinn holding son Wendal, Mary Rice McMinn, Hattie Rice, Sirrilda Etherton Rice

Sirrilda's Birthday Party

Rice family

Sirrilda's Birthday Party June 1913

Middle Row: Nancy Short Etherton, Maximillian Etherton; Jonathan Oswyn Rice, Sirrilda Etherton Rice, Edward Young Rice, ?1st cousin Hampleman
Bottom Row: ?, Lois Melvin, Maxine Rice, Genevieve Melvin, Chester Melvin, ?



another version

Sirrilda's Birthday Party June 1914

Fifth Row: Jessie Rice left end....... last 2 on right end Reube Guy, Walter Rice
Forth Row: behind Jonathan Oswyn Rice are Justin Ernest Rice and Leonna Moore Rice
Third Row: left send Belva Lois Rice Melvin, Ivy Rice Miller or Gladys Rice, Zelma Gray
Middle Row: Minnie Guy Rice holding Miriam Helen Rice, Mary McMinn, Sirrilda Rice, Charles Rollin Rice, Jonathan Oswyn Rice, ?1st cousin George or Zeb Hampleman
Bottom Row: Chester Melvin, Genevieve Melvin , Maxine Mildred Rice, Leora Alice McMinn, Carlista McMinn, Ceil McMinn holding (?holding Carl Rice Miller) , Elza Rice, Clarence Rice

Rice family

Sirrilda's Birthday Party June 1916

Row 4: 5th from right Justin Ernest Eice
Row 3 behind Max and Sirrilda are Belva Lois Rice Melvin, Viola Ophelia Rice Willliams holding Donna, ?,?, ?1st cousin George or Zeb Hampleman, ? ?
2nd Row: Minnie Guy Rice holding Miriam Helen Rice, Belva Lois Rice Melvin holding Ruth Marie Melvin, Nancy Short Etherton, Maximillian Etherton;, Sirrilda Etherton Rice, Charles Rollin Rice, ?,Rev Blythe, ?
3rd Row: Genevieve Melvin, Maxine Rice, Chester Melvin

1916 Listed present in newspaper: Rollin Rice (only child who attended), Lois Malvin and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Ernest Rice and daughter, Mr and Mrs George Hampleman, Mr & Mrs Zeb Hampleman, Mr & Mrs Blyte & 3 children, Mr & Mrs Mark Blanchard, Mr & Mrs Chase, George Murphy & daughter, Mrs Rachel Chalfant, Mrs Warnerm, Mrs Schupp, Mrs Rogers & son, Mrs Brown, Ms Junia Melvin, Addie Jones, Mary Schupp - (Rev James Henry Blythe names a son Rollin Rice Blythe)

1918 Birthday: Rev James H Blythe giving a blessing: Maximillian (brother) and Nancy Etherton and daughter Melissa E Etherton and stepson John Purcell, Melissa Etherton McCollum (sister) , Mr & Mrs C R Rice (son) , Mr & Mrs George Miller (granddaughter) and 2 children, Mr Ernest Rice (grandson) & daughter, Mrs Wm Miller, Mr & Mrs Jeb Hampleman (cousin) , Rev & Mrs Blyte, Mr & Mrs Mason Gaddis, Mr & Mrs Mark Blanchard, Mesdaes T Bllanchard, Clay, Warner, Guy and Chase, George Davis, George Murphy, Miss Rena MacLaughlin

1920 Birthday Party: Mr & Mrs Rollin Rice & 2 daughters, Mrs Viola Williams and 2 daughters, Mrs Iva Miller husband & 2 children, Ernest Rice and daughter Miriam, Mr and Mrs T Rice, Mrs Wm Rice and daughter Edna (all locals), Mr & Mrs J H Blythe and son Leonard, Mr & Mrs William Blythe and 2 sons, Mrs Nehrkorn of Bethany, Dr and Mrs Stevens, George Murphy, Mesdames Ward Blandand & Clay Chase, Misses Rena MacLaughlin, Genevieve & Ruth Melvin
Wm Rice referenced in the list was the grandson of Jonathan's 1st cousin - William's line - Hiram Sr - Hiram Jr - Gilbert Lafayette Rice - William Corneius Rice - William Henry Rice

Family Members related to Jonathan or Sirrilda who lived in Tamaroa at that time


Their farm in the NE corner of Perry County/ Notable features of the entire map include: roads, Cairo Short Line R. R., Chester and Tamaroa R. R., Illinois Central R. R., Canada West houses, post offices, Swanwick Creek, Beaueoup Creek, Galum Creek, Little Muddy River and Little Wabash River.

Sirrilda moved into town on Elm St agyer Jonathan died. Her sons C. R. Rice.d J. O. Rice and her 1st cousin Zeb Hampleman are shown on the map as well.



234 N Cherry St Centralia IL 1922 where she died
Teaching Certificate Teaching Certificate for Mary Rice Marriage license

Jonathon Rice's Teaching Certificate 1848

Teaching Certificate for Mary Rice 1897

This part shows her grades for the areas required for a first grade teacher.

Marriage license for Sirrilda and Jonathon Rice 1851

?? Yancy

Gen 9 ?Charles Yancy ?Mary Bartlett
Birth 1678 New Kent, VA 1678 King William, VA
Death after 1745 Hanover, VA about 1748 Hanover, VA
Parents ?Charles Yancy ?Mary Leighton    
  1. John Yancey
  2. James Yancey
  3. Mary (Yancy) Estes
  4. Robert Yancey
  5. Richard Yancey
  6. Archelaus Yancey
  7. Charles Yancey
  8. Jechonias Yancey
  9. Agatha (Yancy) Thornton