carmine martino

Carmine Martino from Monacilioni Italy


Includes Families: Cefaratti, Martino, Pietracatella, Varanese, Zeuli

Ancestry of Carmine Martino

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compobasso mapHe came from Monacilioni which is a town NW of the town of Campobasso in the region of Molise. His wife Clementina Baranello came from a nearby town of Ferrazzano. This is south east of Rome and north east of Naples. Although their towns are some what in the same area of Italy, both had been in the US a number of years before they married. Clementina's brothers lived near Carmen in Philadelphus and were all stone masons.


Monacilioni The town like many in the region sits on a hill.
Monacilioni The old part of the town was destroyed in a mud slide in 1967. Although you can't enter for safety reasons it is very dramatic.
Monacilioni The current area where people live.
Monacilioni "To the sons of Monacilioni scattered the world". The monument was near the town square where the men gathered each day to talk , play cards and socialize.


Monacilioni Taken in the town hall. Note the symbol of Monacilioni which is a monk meeting a lion (based on the name of the town).

burgunida Carmine came to the US in 1888 at age 17 and became a citizen by 1900. He arrived in New York Apr. 9, 1888 on the SS Burgundia from Naples (Manifest id number: 81172) under captain Dulac. He is listed as Carm. Ant. Martino as there was another Carmine Martino traveling on the same ship. 

The SS Burgundia was built in 1882 for the Fabre Line by S. & H. Morton & Co., Leith

He would have come through immigration at Castle Garden at the Battery in lower Manhattan. It was the site used before Ellis Island opened in 1892.

The family names are groped in alphabetical not chronological order. You start with the most recent person - in this case he is in the middle of the page: Carmine Martino.  His father's line will appear above him physically by generation and his mother's line will branch elsewhere based on her maiden name. Use the chart below to help you see the organization.

Parents Grandparents
Modesto Martino Domenicoangelo Martino
Carmine Antonio Martino Damitilda Maria Luisa Pietracatella
Filomena Varanese Giovanni Varanese
Maria Luisa Zeuli


Cefaratti Name Meaning: Southern Italian: possibly altered from a diminutive of the personal name Lucifero.
Gen 7 Eustachio Cefaratti Feliciana DiMauro


Campobasso, Italy


Death 27 sep 1803  

28 sep 1789

Parents Francesco Cefaratti b. 1689

Anna Zarrelli



Martino Name Meaning: Italian: from the personal name Martino which is Latin Martinus, a derivative of Mars, genitive Martis, the Roman god of fertility and war, whose name may derive ultimately from a root mar ‘gleam’).
Gen 5 Saverio Martino Serafina Tartaglia
Birth 1733 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy ca 1736 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy
Death 17 JAN 1809 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy 22 Mar 1812 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy
Parents Eustachio Cefaratti Feliciana DiMauro    
Occupation Mason   Landlady  
Marriage after 1762      


Gen 5 Donato Martino Marianna Cocozzella
Birth Jun - Oct  1772   1779 Monacilioni
Death 20 Oct 1824 Monacilioni 26 Sep 1824 Monacilioni
Parents Saverio Martino Serafina Tartaglia Gennaro Cocozella d. 28 Feb 1812 son of Avangelifta & Onorata Zeuli Serafina Cormelo
Occupation Mason   Landlady  
Marriage 28 Feb 1794 Monacilioni


Gen 5 Domenicangelo Martino Damitilda Maria Luisa Pietracatella
Birth 1805 1806 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy
Death 16 Sep 1841 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy 13 Jun 1872 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy
Parents Danato Martino Marianna Cocozzella Vito Antonio Pietracatella Rosalba Cefaratti 
Occupation Mason
Marriage 22 Dec 1823


Gen 4 Modestino Martino Filomena Varanese
Birth  26 Feb 1841   25 Jan 1846 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy
Death 22 Apr 1923 10:20 A.M. Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy
Parents Domenicangelo Martino Matilda Pietracatella Giovanni Varanese Maria Luisa Zeuli
Occupation Stone Mason      
Marriage 7 Jul 1864 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy


Giovanni and Carmine


Marianna Martino di Marzio

This Martino's family immigration. Carmine was the first to come to the US in 1888 at age 17 and became a citizen by 1900. He was followed by his brother Giovanni (John) in 1906. John stayed in the US and is burried with Carmine but his son Antonio returned to Itlay and raised hs family there. The brother Dominico Angelo's son Modestino (Morris) came in 1914 followed by Dominico himself in 1920. Loretta's son John's family immigrated in 1958. Marianna stayed in Italy and is buried there.


Gen 7 Pasquale Pietracatella Olimpia Barbieri


Gen 6 Vito Antonio Pietracatella Rosalba Cefaratti
Birth 1782
Death 25 Jan 1848 17 Apr 1844
Parents Pasquale Pietracatella Olimpia Barbieri Eustachio Cefaratti ?Feliciana Majo
Occupation Property Owner



Gen 7 Giuseppe Varanese Carmina Pasquale
Occupation Property Owner
Gen 6 Libero Varanese Pasquala Di Cera
Birth 1773 1774
Death 1 Aug 1837 by 1820
Parents Giuseppe Varanese Carmina Pasquale
Occupation sculuijo (school)
Marriage 12 Mar 1832
Gen 5 Giovanni Varanese Maria Luisa Zeuli
Birth 1803 1808
Parents Libero Varanese Pasquala Di Cera Nicola Zeuli Maria Domenica Placenta
Occupation Shoemaker, Cobbler
Marriage 12 Mar 1832 Monacilioni, Campobasso


Gen 6 Nicola Zeuli Maria Domenica Placenta
Death 11 Oct 1865
Parents Nicola Placenta Emeranziana Cinno
Occupation Property Owner