Brown Family Ancestry Family Tree

Genealogy Family Trees: Ashby, Avery, Badcock, Barrett, Brown, Chandler,Chesebrough, Denison, Freeman, Frink,
Goole, Hatch, Hatherly, Kramer, Leland, Loker, Minor, Newhall, Nichols, Page, Palmer, Prentice, Richardson, Robbins,
Smith, Tilden, Tompson, Utley
Locations: Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island

I have been doing a major review, correcting and updating of my genealogy pages some of which I started over 30 years ago. I have focused on the direct ancestors and have not checked all the data on siblings and their descendants. I have removed many speculative ancestors which has no sources to support them. I use Wikitree to check current research. It is the most up to date research in terms of accuracy as you must put in sources. Its goal is to have one profile per person and resolve conflicting trees. Find A Grave but especially trees are riddled with errors. Errors found in are impossible to correct as trees get copied and there is no mechanism to correct an error. I am now adding to Wikitree including sources in an effort to combat the errors in Wikitree also can have errors or speculation but it it us significantly more accurate.

The Brown family is from well documented New England and is very extensive. Due to the size of the Brown Tree, I have split it into 3 trees/pages.

This page is the male line of John Quincy Brown family and he is the root of this part of the tree.

Brown Tree

Click on the tree above for an interactive tree with more details. The controls on the left side of it allow you to increase the # of generations up to 10 and adjust the scale. The upper left tabs control the display. There are 3 types: tree (which is the default), fan, or text.

This gives a closer look at James Harvey Brown Sr part of the tree

Brown Tree

Click on rectangle in upper right corner of map for bigger map with legend and ability to zoom in and out for closer looks.

DNA matches.
I have used a DNA symbol 🧬 to indicate where I have a match to someone who descends from that specific part of my tree. Unfortunately does not tell you where you match on your chromosomes like other DNA testing companies like Family Tree DNA or MyHeritage so I can not verify that the match is through that part of the tree. I do have other parts of the Brown tree in New England and the actual match could be through a different part of my tree. Still the number of matches to so many people in the tree supports its accuracy. And I have a lot more matches than I documented. Its time consuming to try and track the trees of my matches so if I found a lot in an area of the tree, I stopped looking for more.

This Brown Tree includes a lot of New Englanders which are well documented people so its in much bigger than most of our trees. Due to the size of the Brown Tree, I have split it into 3 web pages. This page contains all the Brown Tree excluding the ancestry of the wives boxed in red - Christina Torrey and Delecty Chase. The ancestry of Christina Torrey and Delecty Chase are shown under the navigation tab Torrey. The following pedigree shows the Brown Tree starting with the parents of James Harvey Brown Sr. which is covered on this web page in addition to the recent Brown generations of John Quincy Brown. Again if you click on it you can see a pedigree with more generations and in different formats such as a fan display.

James Harvey Veown

Photos of the Descendants of James Harvey Jr and Delecty Chase Brown

Ashby Family Tree

Ashby Name Meaning: English: habitational name from any of the numerous places in northern and eastern England called Ashby, from Old Norse askr ‘ash’ or the Old Norse personal name Aski + býr ‘farm’.
Gen 10 Anthony Ashby 🧬 Abigail Hutchinson 🧬
Birth by 25 Dec 1636 Salem, Essex County, MA bp. 25 Dec 1636 Salem, Essex County, MA
Death 13 Jul 1708 New London CT 9 Feb 1722 Stonington CT
Parents ?Thomas Ashcy speculation ?Mary Rogers speculation Richard Hutchinson Alice Bosworth
by unknown first wife by Abigail Hutchinson
Abigail's children by 1st husband John Lambert m. 14 May 1662 Rowley, Essex, MA


Avery Family Tree

Avery Name Meaning: English: from the Anglo-Norman French personal name Auvery, a Norman form of Alfred. It could also be from a variant of the Anglo-Norman French personal name Aubri (see Aubrey). At least in the case of the original Puritan settlers in New England, there has been some confusion with Averill.
Gen 12 Christopher Avery Margaret Abraham
Birth ca 1590 St. Andrew's Church, Ipplepen Devon, England 9 Feb 1592 Abbotskerswell, Teignbridge District, Devon, England
Death 12 Mar 1679 New London, New London County, CT 21 Aug 1626 Abbotskerswell, Devon, England
Parents Christopher Avery d. 10 Jul 1613 Joan Robert Abraham (1564-24 Feb 1612 Abbotskerswell) a Mariner Dorothy (1565-6 Jul 1617)
Burial     St Mary the Virgin Churchyard Abbotskerswell
Marriage 28 Aug 1616 Abbotskerswell  

St. Mary's Churchyard


Gen 11 Capt James Avery Joanna Greenslade
Birth 22 Apr 1621 Wolborough, Newtown Abbot, Devonshire, Devon, England by 4 Feb 1621 Exeter, City of Exeter, Devon, England
Death 18 Apr 1700 Groton, New London County, CT 16 Apr 1693 Groton, New London County, CT
Parents Christopher Avery Margaret Abraham Thomas Greenslade Johan Baker
Burial Avery-Morgan Burial Ground   Avery-Morgan Burial Ground  
Marriage 10 Nov 1643 Gloucester,MA  

James Avery Representative Bust