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Brown Family Ancestry Family Tree

Genealogy Family Trees: Annable , Bachiler , Barr , Baynton , Batt , Bennett , Bickham , Blake , Bosworth , Boreman , Brayton , Bridges , Briggs , Brown , Browne , Butler , Chapman , Chase , Cobleigh , Cory , Devol , Dillingham , Doane , Garbrand , Gidley , Gifford , Greenslit , Harper , Hicks , Hooker , Liche , Maxson , McKnight , Mosher , Mott , Odding , Perry , Pratt , Richards , Richardson , Sabine , Savage , Sherman , Slocum , Spooner , Swift , Tallman , Throope , Torrey , Tucker , Vaughan , Wells , Wilson , Wing , Wise , Woodhall
Locations: Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island

  Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
James Harvey Brown James Harvey Brown
John Quincy Brown Delecty Chase
Christina Torrey Orange Torrey
Myrtle Mae Brown Nancy Betsey McKnight
Jacob Kramer  
Ella (Mary Ann) Kramer  
Analiese sp?  

All family name meanings come from Dictionary of American Family Names at

Annable Family Tree

Annable Name Meaning: English (chiefly Nottinghamshire): of uncertain derivation; perhaps from the Middle English female personal name Amabilia, from Latin amabilis ‘lovable’.

Source: Geneological Notes of Barnstable Families
The Great Migration 1620-1633
Gen 13 Anthony Annable Jane Moumford
Birth ca 1595 Kent Co. or Cambridgeshire ENG. ca 1600
Death 23 Apr - 4 Jun 1674 Barnstable MA 13 Dec 1643 (B) Barnstable MA
Burial Cows Pasture Hemp Bottom Cows Pasture Hemp Bottom
Marriage 26 April 1619 All Saints, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, ENG
m. Jane Moumford m. 1 March 1645 Barnstable Ann Elcock or Clark Resided Comments

Bachiler Family Tree

Batchelor Name Meaning: English: status name for a young knight or novice at arms, Middle English and Old French bacheler (medieval Latin baccalarius), a word of unknown ultimate origin.

Source: Batchelder, Batcheller Geneology by Frederich Pierce Clifton
The Great Migration 1620-1633
Gen 12/13 Stephen Bachiler ?Anne?
Birth ca 1561
Death 31 Oct 1656 (B) All Hallows Staining London ENG. 1610 - 1624
Misc. Minister 3 Feb 1585/6 Oxford related to Rev. John Bate
Marriage by about 1590
Resided Comments

Barr Family Tree

Barr Name Meaning: Scottish and northern Irish: habitational name from any of various places in southwestern Scotland, in particular Ayrshire and Renfrewshire, named with Gaelic barr ‘height’, ‘hill’ or a British cognate of this. English: topographic name for someone who lived by a gateway or barrier, from Middle English, Old French barre ‘bar’, ‘obstruction’. English (of Norman origin): habitational name from any of various places in northern France called Barre. See Barre. English: habitational name from any of various places in England called Barr, for example Great Barr in the West Midlands, named with the Celtic element barro ‘height’, ‘hill’. English: from the vocabulary word barr ‘bar’, ‘pole’, either a metonymic occupational name for a maker of bars, or perhaps a nickname for a tall, thin man. Irish: from Ó Bairr, Donegal form of Ó Báire (see Barry 2).

Gen 8 unknown unknown


Gen 8 John Barr ?
Birth by 1755      
Death after 1800  


Baynton Family Tree

Immigrant Anne Baynton of Mass (see below) descents from Edward ! King of England and and his ancestors. This means we also descend from Charlemagne, See the list of gateway ancestors for the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne.

This is from the book by Gary Boyd Roberts. "The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants : to the American Colonies or the United States Who Were Themselves Notable or Left Descendants Notable in American History. With a 2008 Addendum, Coda, and Final Addition." Gary Boyd Roberts was a premier genealogist for the New England Genealogical Society and this was published 2008 so it is very solid.

30 William the Conqueror King of England = Matilda of Flanders
29 Henry I King of England = Edith of Scotland[
28 Matilda Queen of England = Geoffrey V of Anjou
27 Henry II King of England = Eleanor of Aquitaine
26 King John King of England = Isabella of Angoulême
25. Henry III King of England, = Eleanor of Provence
24 Edward I, King of England = Eleanor of Castile
23. Joan Plantagenet = Gilbert de Clare, 3rd Earl of Gloucester, 7th Earl of Hertford
22. Elizabeth de Clare = Sir Theobald de Verdun
21. Isabel de Verdun = Henry Ferrers, 2nd Baron Ferrers of Groby
20. William Ferrers, 3rd Baron Ferrers of Groby = Margaret Ufford
19.  Henry Ferrers, 4th Baron Ferrers of Groby = Joan Poynings
18 William Ferrers, 5th Baron Ferrers of Groby = Philippa Clifford
17. Elizabeth Ferrers (sister of Sir Thomas) = Sir William Colepepper (Culpeper)
16. Richard Colepepper (Culpeper) = Isabel Worsley
15. Joyce Colepepper (Culpeper) = (1) Ralph Leigh; (2) Lord Edmund Howard   
14. Isabel Leigh (half-sister of Katherine Howard, 5th Queen of Henry VIII = Sir Edward Baynton
13 Henry Baynton/Bainton = Anne Cavendish, daughter (by Margaret Bostock, a first wife) of Sir William Cavendish, husband of Elizabeth Hardwick, the well-known “Bess of Hardwick,” later Countess of Shrewsbury, adventuress,
12.  Ferdinando Baynton = Joan Weare alias Browne
11 Anne Baynton of Mass. = Christopher Batt of Mass

Gen 12 Fernando Baynton Jane Weare (alias Brown)
Parents Henry Baynton/Bainton Anne Cavendish    

Batt Family Tree

Batt Name Meaning: English: like Bate, a derivative of the Middle English personal name Batte, a pet form of Bartholomew. English: possibly from a Middle English survival of an Old English personal name or byname Bata, of uncertain origin and meaning, but perhaps akin to batt ‘cudgel’ and so, as a byname, given to a thickset man or a belligerent one.

Source: Ancestry of Abel Lunt by Walter G. Davis
Gen 15 ? Batt
Death pre 1557
Burial St. Thomas
Gen 14 John Batt2 Margaret Thistlewaite
Birth ca 1515
Death 10 Oct 1557 (W) 17 Jan 1559 (W)
Burial St. Thomas St. Edmund's by 1st husband
Parents ? Batt Alexander Thistlewaite
Misc. tanner
Resided Comments
Gen 13 Christopher Batt1 Alice St. Barbe
Birth ca 1545 St. Edmund, Salisbury, Eng.
Death 31 Aug 1581
Burial 31 Aug 1581 St. Martin's
Parents John Batt Margaret Thistlewaite Thomas St. Barbe Joan
Misc. tanner
Marriage 8 Jul 1568 St. Martin's Salisbury Eng.
Resided Comments
Gen 12 Thomas Batt Joane Byley (Biley or Byle)
Birth 30 Dec 1571(B) St. Edmund, Salisbury, Eng. 24 Oct 1581 (B)? St. Edmund, Salisbury, Eng.
Death 20 Feb 1632 24 Dec 1623
Burial St. Martin's St. Edmund's
Parents Christopher Batt Alice St. Barbe Henry Byley (tanner) m. 19 Feb 1582 Alice Holmes d. 22 May 1633 (B) Salisbury Eng
Misc. gentleman
Marriage 29 Sep 1600 St. Edmunds Salisbury Eng.
Resided Comments
Gen 11 Christopher Batt Anne Baynton
Birth 6 Jul 1601(B) St. Edmund, Salisbury, Eng. 30 Dec 1602 (B)
Death 10 Aug 1661 Boston MA 14 Mar 1679 (W)
Parents Thomas Batt Joane Byley Fernando Baynton Jane Weare (alias Brown)
Misc. tanner
Marriage 12 Oct 1629 St. Edmunds Salisbury Eng.
Resided Comments
Gen 10 Paul Batt1 Sarah Wilson
Birth 18 Feb 1643 Salisbury MA 1650
Death 26 Jul 1678(W) Boston MA
Parents Christopher Batt Ann Baynton Rev. John Wilson Sarah Hooker
Misc. Merchant
Marriage 1672?
Resided Comments

Bennett Family Tree

Bennett Name Meaning: English: from the medieval personal name Benedict (Latin Benedictus meaning ‘blessed’). In the 12th century the Latin form of the name is found in England alongside versions derived from the Old French form Beneit, Benoit, which was common among the Normans.

Source: Yankee Clippers, Golden Slippers and More
A Bennett Family History & Geneology by Charles P.Bennett

Gen 12 Robert Bennett Rebecca
Birth ca 1618 ca 1622
Misc. Tailor
Resided Comments
Gen 11 Robert Bennett Anne Cory
Birth Mar 1650 Newport RI Portsmouth RI
Death 10 Mar 1721(W) - 13 Aug 1722(P)
Parents Robert Bennett Rebecca William Cory Mary Earle
Misc. Miller
Resided Comments

Bickham Family Tree

Bickham Name Meaning: English: habitational name from places so named in Devon and Somerset, most of which are most probably named with an Old English personal name Bicca + Old English cumb ‘valley’. The first element could alternatively be from bica ‘pointed ridge’.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 15 Alfred Bickham (Byccombe) Helen ?Cridland
Death 21 Jul 1610(W) - 2 Feb 1611(P) Old Cleeve Somershire ENG. 24 Jun 1642(W) - 20 Jun 1646(P) Old Cleeve Somershire ENG.
Misc. Clothier
Resided Comments

Blake Family Tree

Blake Name Meaning: English: variant of Black, meaning ‘swarthy’ or ‘dark-haired’, from a byform of the Old English adjective blæc, blac ‘black’, with change of vowel length. English: nickname from Old English blac ‘wan’, ‘pale’, ‘white’, ‘fair’. In Middle English the two words blac and blac, with opposite meanings, fell together as Middle English blake. In the absence of independent evidence as to whether the person referred to was dark or fair, it is now impossible to tell which sense was originally meant.

Gen 15 Humphrey Blake Anne/Agnes
Birth ca 1494    
Death 19 Nov 1588 Over Stowey Somerset 24 Jun 1585 Over Stowey Somerset
Parents William Blake Mary Cole
Gen 14 John Blake Joan
Birth 1521
Death 10 Dec 1576 (B) Over Stowey Somerset 27 Jun 1595 (B) Over Stowey Somerset
Buried chancel St Peter and St Paul   St Peter and St Paul
Parents Humphrey Blake Anne/Agnes Littleton


Boreman Family Tree

Boreman Name Meaning: English Borman or Boorman, variants of Bowerman which is occupational name for a house servant who attended his master in his private quarters

Bourman, Bowerman, Boardman
Source: Geneological Notes of Barnstable Families
The Great Migration 1630-1633

Gen 12 Thomas Borerman Hannah Annable
Birth ca 1611 ENG. ca 1625 Plymouth MA
Death 9 May - 4 Jun 1663 Barnstable MA
Parents Anthony Annable Jayne Momford
Misc. Surveyor Quaker Quaker
Marriage 10 Mar 1644/5
Resided Comments
Gen 11 Thomas Boreman Mary Harper
Birth Sep 1648 Barnstable Ma 25 Dec 1655
Death after 1705
Parents Thomas Bowerman Hannah Annable Robert Harper Deborah Perry
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Marriage 9 Apr 1678 Sandwich MA
Resided Comments

Bosworth Family Tree

Bosworth Name Meaning: English: habitational name from Market Bosworth in Leicestershire, so named with an Old English personal name Bosa + Old English worð ‘enclosure’. Husbands Bosworth in Leicestershire (Baresworde in Domesday Book) has a different origin: an Old English personal name, Bar (from bar ‘boar’) + worð.

Source: Bosworth Geneology by Mary Clarke
The Great Migration 1620-1633

Gen 13 Edward Bosworth Mary
Birth 1589 England England
Death 1634 Boston Harbor 18 May 1648 Hingman MA
Marriage by 1611      
Resided Comments
Gen 12 Jonathan Bosworth Elizabeth
Birth ca 1613 ca 1615
Death 3 Jan 1687/88 Rehoboth MA 15 Jun 1705 Swansea MA
Parents Edward Bosworth Mary
Misc. Tailor
Resided Comments

Brayton Family Tree

Brayton Name Meaning: English: habitational name from places in Cumbria and North Yorkshire named Brayton, from Old Scandinavian breithr ‘broad’ or the personal name Breithi + Old English tun ‘farmstead’.

Source: Brayton Family History
Gen 13 Francis Brayton/Bratton Mary
Birth ca 1612
Death 17 Oct 1690(W) - 5 Sep 1692(P) Portsmouth RI after 1692
Resided Comments

Bridges Family Tree

Bridges Name Meaning: English: variant of Bridge. The -s generally represents the genitive case, but may occasionally be a plural. In some cases this name denoted someone from the Flemish city of Bruges (Brugge), meaning ‘bridges’, which had extensive trading links with England in the Middle Ages.

Source: Birth, Marriage records Source:
The Great Migration 1634-1635
Gen 8 Edmund Bridges Elizabeth1
Birth ca 1612
Death 13 Jan 1684 Ipswitch, MA 31 Dec 1664 Ipswitch, MA
Misc. Blacksmith
m. Apr 1665 Mary Lancton Littlehale d. 24 Oct 1691 Resided

Rowley HouseRowley house was at Crosse St (Kiln Lane) and High St (Summer St). This currently is the NW corner of Summer St and Independent St. He sold it 1644 to Issac Cousins.


Gen 8 Josiah Bridges Ruth R. Greenslit
Birth ca 1654
Death 9 Feb 1715 Wenham by 16 Mar 1724 Andover/Reading
Parents Edmund Bridges ?Elizabeth Thomas Greenslit Ann
Marriage 19 Sep 1677 Ipswitch
Resided Comments

Briggs Family Tree

Briggs Name Meaning: Northern English form of Bridge, from Old Norse bryggja.

Source: John Briggs of Sandwich MA
The Great Migration 1620-1633
Gen 12 John Briggs Katherine Cotts
Death by 1 Jun 1641(P) Sandwich
Resided Comments

Brown Family Tree

Brown Name Meaning: English, Scottish, and Irish: generally a nickname referring to the color of the hair or complexion, Middle English br(o)un, from Old English brun or Old French brun. This word is occasionally found in Old English and Old Norse as a personal name or byname. Brun- was also a Germanic name-forming element. Some instances of Old English Brun as a personal name may therefore be short forms of compound names such as Brungar, Brunwine, etc. As a Scottish and Irish name, it sometimes represents a translation of Gaelic Donn. As an American family name, it has absorbed numerous surnames from other languages with the same meaning.

Source: Deeds, Birth records, Tombstones, and Census
Gen 6 James Harvey Brown1 Delecty Chase
Birth Jul 1795 NY 17 Apr 1798 Providence, NY
Death 4 Feb 1829 Providence NY 2 May 1872 MI
Burial Woodard Cem. Saratoga Co. NY Flushing Cem. Flushing, MI
Parents Wing Chase Abigail Mosher
Misc. Quaker
Children of James Harvey Brown1 and Delecty m. David W. Eames2
Brown Photos This is a PDF document with several pages of Brown Family Photos including Prudence Brown Patterson



Gen 5 James Harvey Brown Christina Torrey1
Birth 2 Sep 1817 NY 10 Oct 1820 NY
Death 10 Jun 1901 Grand Blanc Genesee Co. MI 8 Dec 1867 Grand Blanc Genesee Co. MI
Burial Evergreen Cem. Grand Blanc MI Evergreen Cem. Grand Blanc MI
Parents James Harvey Brown Delecty Chase Orange Torrey Betsey McKnight
Misc. Shoemaker/ Farmer Farmer's wife
Marriage 14 Apr 1840 New York?


Brown Photos This is a PDF document with several pages of Brown Family Photos including James Harvey Brown and Christina Torrey

James's 2nd wife was Christina's sister Lucinda Heather ( m. 13 May 1868). The witnesses were Eliza Jane Lewis of Flint and Almon Brown of Hazelton. She lived with him a short time and then moved back into town. When he sued on grounds of desertion it was refused because he had helped her move her things. Grandson Rufus McIntyre is listed in 1880 census (son of Lucy) Frances was the Township Treasurer A James Brown served in the Civil War from Shiawassee - James Jr?

Gen 4 John Quincy Brown Ella (Mary Ann) Kramer
Birth Apr 10 1849 Lenawee Co. MI 25 Dec 1856 Southern Germany
Death Oct. 21 1919 Vassar, Tuscola Co, MI 9 Mar 1927 Watertown Twp MI
Burial Cerebral Hemorrhage Riverside Cem Vassar MI Riverside Cem Vassar MI
Parents James Harvey Brown Christina Torrey Jacob (Jake) Kramer Analiese sp?
Misc. Farmer Quaker Farmer's wife
Marriage 11 Jul 1875 Grand Blanc MI William Woodhauser Thomas C. Pollack Marguitta E. Pollack
Brown Photos This is a PDF document with several pages of Brown Family Photos including John Quincy Brown and Ella Kramer and their children except Myrtle who is in the link below.
Hunt Family Photos This is a PDF document with Lorenzo Williams Family Photos of Lorenzo and Mrytle Brown Williams and their children
Hunt Family Photos This is a PDF document with Wiliams Family Farmhouse Photos The Vassar/Junaita house was orginally built by Hiram Williams and expanded by Lorenzo Williams. It then moved to the Brown side of the family.




Browne Family Tree

Browne Name Meaning: Irish and English variant of Brown which is English, Scottish, and Irish: generally a nickname referring to the color of the hair or complexion, Middle English br(o)un, from Old English brun or Old French brun. This word is occasionally found in Old English and Old Norse as a personal name or byname. Brun- was also a Germanic name-forming element. Some instances of Old English Brun as a personal name may therefore be short forms of compound names such as Brungar, Brunwine, etc. As a Scottish and Irish name, it sometimes represents a translation of Gaelic Donn.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 16 George Browne Elizabeth Lawe1
Death after 1613 6 Feb 1612/3
Marriage 2 Oct 158 Bishop's Stortford Hertforshire ENG
Resided Comments

Butler Family Tree

Butler Name Meaning: English and Irish: from a word that originally denoted a wine steward, usually the chief servant of a medieval household, from Norman French butuiller (Old French bouteillier, Latin buticularius, from buticula ‘bottle’). In the large households of royalty and the most powerful nobility, the title came to denote an officer of high rank and responsibility, only nominally concerned with the supply of wine, if at all. Anglicized form of French Boutilier.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 12 Thomas Butler Dorothy Howes
Birth ca 1617
Death 1689 8 Nov 1675
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Resided Comments
Gen 11 Daniel Butler Elizabeth Howe
Birth ca 1642
Death 10 Jan 1717(P) after Feb 1711
Parents Thomas Butler Dorthy ?Howes
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Marriage 8 Apr 1665 Sandwich
Resided Comments

Chapman Family Tree

Chapman Name Meaning: English: occupational name for a merchant or trader, Middle English chapman, Old English ceapmann, a compound of ceap ‘barter’, ‘bargain’, ‘price’, ‘property’ + mann ‘man’.

Source: The Great Migration 1634-1635

Gen 12 Ralph Chapman Lydia Wells
Birth 1615 Southwark England 1620 England
Death 28 Nov 1671(W) - 4 Jun 1672(P) Marshfield
Parents Issac Wells
Misc. Ship carpenter
Marriage 23 Nov 1642 Duxbury
Resided Comments

Chase Family Tree

Chase Name Meaning: English: metonymic occupational name for a huntsman, or rather a nickname for an exceptionally skilled huntsman, from Middle English chase ‘hunt’ (Old French chasse, from chasser ‘to hunt’, Latin captare).

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
The Great Migration 1620-1633
Gen 13 William Chase Mary
Birth ca 1600 Wivenhoe Essex Co. England?
Death 4-13 May 1659 class="male" Yarmouth MA 6 Oct 1659 Yarmouth MA
Misc. Carpenter
Resided Comments
Gen 12 William Chase
Birth 15 Jun 1621 Sussex Co. England
Death 27 Feb 1685 Yarmouth MA
Parents William Chase Mary
by 1st wife
by 2nd wife Comments
Gen 11 Abraham Chase Elizabeth
Birth 1650 Yarmouth MA
Death Oct 1738 Tiverton MA
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Parents William Chase
Gen 10 Phineas Chase Desire Wing
Birth 3 Feb 1693 Dartmouth MA 3 Feb 1699 Rochester MA
Death by May 1761 Poughkeepsie-on-Hudson NY after 1760
Parents Abraham Chase Elizabeth John Wing Martha Spooner
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Marriage 1(9) Jan 1719


Gen 9 Daniel Chase2 Hannah Tallman
Birth 9 Jan 1720
Death Providence NY
Parents Phineas Chase Desire Wing John Tallman Anne Bennett
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Marriage 7 Aug 1740
Resided Comments
Gen John Chase Deborah Wing1
Birth 3 Dec 1743 16 Sep 1748
Death 12 May 1816 Hoosick NY 1783-5
Parents Daniel Chase Hannah Tallman Jedediah Wing Elizabeth Gifford
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Marriage 1764
by Deborah1 by Shepard2 by Margaret3 Resided Comments
Gen 7 Wing Chase > Abigail Mosher
Birth 7 Jan 1768 RI 5 May 1768
Death 2 Oct 1844 Providence NY 10 Oct 1848 Providence NY
Burial Woodard Cem Providence NY Woodard Cem Providence NY
Parents John Chase Deborah Wing Samuel Mosher Alice Gidley
Misc. Farmer Quaker Quaker
Marriage 14 Oct 1787
Resided Comments

Cobleigh Family Tree

Cobleigh Name Meaning: English: habitational name from either of two places in Devon called Cobley, from the Old English personal name Cobba (see Cobb 1) + Old English leah ‘woodland clearing’.

Source: Geneology of the Cobleigh Family by Arthur Cobleigh
Gen 11 John Cobleigh > Mary Bosworth
Birth ?Devonshire, ENG 18 Apr 1647 (B) Hingman MA
Death 1679-1680 Swansea MA ?1694 Swansea MA
Parents ?John Cobleigh Jonathan Bosworth Elizabeth
Misc. Merchant
Resided Comments

Cory Family Tree

Cory Name Meaning: English: varient spelling of Corey which is from the Old Norse personal name Kori, which is of uncertain meaning. Northern Irish: variant of Curry.

Source: Cory Family Newsletter August 1993
Gen 15 John Corie Agnis (Ann) Wauker
Birth ca 1582 26 Apr 1582
Death 1 Sep 1621(B) ? St. James Parish Bristol Eng 22 Oct 1669 - 1670 Portsmouth RI
Parents Robert Cory Willliam Wauker Alice Payne
Misc. sailer
Marriage 13 Jun 1601 St. James Parish
Gen 14 John Cory
Birth 6 Apr 1611 (B) St. James Parish Bristol Eng
Death by 1669
Parents John Cory
Marriage ca 1659
Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 13 William Cory1 Mary Earle
Birth 21 May 1634 St. James Bristol ca 1640
Death 8 Feb 1681/2 Portsmouth RI 22 Mar 1718 Portsmouth RI
Parents John Cory Ralph Earle Joan Savage
Misc. Miller, house carpenter
Marriage ca 1657
Resided Comments

Devol Family Tree

Devol Name Meaning: Altered form of Norwegian Devold, a habitational name from a farmstead in western Norway named Devoll, from de (Old Norse digr ‘large’) + v{o,}llr ‘green field’. Possibly also an altered form of French Deval.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 14 Thomas Devol Alyce Eldred1
Birth 18 Sep 1565 Spalding Lincolnshire ENG
Death 4 Oct 1637 (W) - 7 Apr 1638(P) Newport RI
Marriage 14 Jun 1590 Spalding Lincolnshire ENG
Parents Richard Devol Margaret Iden m. 6 Oct 1530
by Alyce1 m. Ellen Watson2 Comments
Gen 13 William Devol Isabel Anderson
Birth 4 Jun 1615 Spalding Lincolnshire ENG ca 1621
Death after 1680 Newport RI 1722
Marriage 29 Aug 1639 Spalding Lincolnshire ENG
Parents Thomas Devol Alyce Eldred
Resided Comments
Gen 12 Joseph Devol Mary Brayton1
Birth ca 1645 ?Rehobeth MA ca 1649
Death 24 Feb 1716 Westerly RI by 1671
Parents William Devol Isabel Anderson Frances Brayton Mary
Misc. Innkeeper, surveyor, miller
Marriage 6 Jan 1671 Portsmouth RI
by Mary1 by Elizabeth Peabody2 Resided Comments

Dillingham Family Tree

Dillingham Name Meaning: English: habitational name, probably from Dullingham in Cambridgeshire, named in Old English as ‘homestead (Old English ham) of the people (-inga-) of Dull(a)’ (an unattested personal name).

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 15 William Dillingham
Misc. Farmer
Resided Comments
Gen 14 Rev Henry Dillingham Oseth
Birth 1570
Death 4 Dec 1625 Cotesbach ENG Jun 1609 Cotesbach ENG
Parents William Dillingham
Misc. Minister
Resided Comments
Gen 13 Edward Dillingham Ursala Carter
Birth 6 Dec 1595(B) Cotesbach Leicestershire
Death 1 May 1666(W) -5 Jun 1667(P) Sandwich MA
Parents Henry Dillingham Oseth ?Edward Carter
Marriage 14 Feb 1615 Cotesbach


Gen 12 Henry Dillingham Hannah Perry
Birth 13 Oct 1624 Cottesbach ENG
Death 26 Jul 1705 Sandwich MA
Parents Edward Dillingham Ursala Carter
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Marriage 24 Jun 1652
Resided Comments

Doane Family Tree

Doane Name Meaning: Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Dubháin ‘descendant of Dubhán’, meaning ‘the little black one’, a common name in the 16th century in southern Ireland, or Ó Damháin ‘descendant of Damhán’ meaning ‘fawn’, ‘little stag’, a rare Ulster name.

Source: The Doane Family by Doane Family Asociation
The Great Migration 1630-1633
The Great Migration 1630-1633
Gen 13 John Doane ?, Anne, and Lydia
Birth ca 1590
Death 21 Feb 1685 Eastham 1659
Misc. Yeoman, innkeeper
Resided Comments

Earle Family Tree

Earle Name Meaning: English: variant spelling of Earl. which is originally, like most of the English names derived from the ranks of nobility, either a nickname or an occupational name for a servant employed in a noble household. The vocabulary word is a native one, from Old English eorl ‘nobleman’, and in the Middle Ages was often used as an equivalent of Norman Count.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 15 Raulph Earle Margaret Browne
Birth Jun 1581(B) Bishop's Strotford
Death 20 Mar 1657(B) Bishop's Strotford 27 Nov 1647(B) Bishop's Strotford
Parents George Browne Elizabeth Lawe
Misc. Shopkeeper
Marriage 25 Aug 1605 Bishop's Strotford
Gen 14 Ralph Earle Joan Savage
Birth 9 Feb 1606(B) Bishop's Strotford ENG 18 Feb 1609 -10
Death 19 Nov 1673(W) - 14 Jun 1678(B) Portsmouth RI 15 Sep 1699
Parents Raulpe Earle Margaret Browne Richard Savage Mary Isake
Misc. Innkeeper Saw Mill
Marriage 29 Jun 1631 Bishop's Strotford ENG
Resided Comments

Garbrand /Harkes Family Tree

Source: Geneological Notes on the Founding of New England by Ernst Flagg
Gen 14 Garbrand Harkes Elizabeth
Birth 1510 Holland Holland
Death 1592-1598 Oxford England
Misc. Book dealer Stationer
Resided Comments
Gen 13 Richard Harkes alias Garbrand Anne Ferrar
Birth 1550 25 Feb 1551(B)
Death 23 Jan 1601/2(B) Oxford England 18 Oct 1609
Burial St. Mary Magdalen Church St. Mary Magdalen Church
Parents Garbrand Harkes Elizabeth
Misc. Book dealer
Marriage ca 1578
Resided Comments

Gidley Family Tree

Gidley Name Meaning: English: habitational name for someone from Gidleigh in Devon, so named from an Old English personal name Gydda + leah ‘woodland clearing’.

Source: History and Geneology of the Mosher Family by Lois Benningham
Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths, 1630-1699
Gen 10 Henry Gidley Joane 
Birth 21 Apr 1647 Spofforth, Yorkshire, England  
Death ?22 Oct 1678 Chelmsford, MA 1666-1670
by Joane by Mary


Gen 9 Hezekiah Gidley Annis
Birth 14 Feb 1664 Boston MA
Death by 1705
Parents Henry Gidley Joane


Gen 8 Henry Gidley Elizabeth Sherman
Birth 5 Apr 1692 Boston MA 1 Mar 1702
Death Jun 1773 29 Nov 1765 Dartmouth
Burial Apponagansett Friends Cemetery Dartmouth,, MA Apponagansett Friends Cemetery Dartmouth,, MA
Parents Hezekiah Gidley Annis Samuel Sherman Hannah
Marriage ca 1720 Dartmouth MA
Resided Comments

Gifford Family Tree

Gifford Name Meaning: habitational name for someone from Giffords Hall in Suffolk. It was originally named in Old English as Gyddingford ‘ford associated with Gydda’. Compare Giddens. possibly in some cases a variant spelling of Giffard, which may derive from an Old German personal name, Gifard, or from a Middle English nickname from Old French giffard ‘chubby-cheeked’, ‘bloated’ (a pejorative of giffel ‘jaw’, ‘cheek’, of Germanic origin).

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 12 William Gifford Elizabeth ?Grant
Birth ca 1615
Death 9 Apr 1687 - 9 Mar 1688
Misc. Tailor Quaker
by Elizabeth1 by Mary Mills2 Resided Comments
Gen 11 William Gifford Hannah1
Birth ca 1654 Sandwich
Death 1739 Falmouth Ma by 21 Jun 1711
Parents William Gifford
Misc. Waver, farmer Quaker Quaker
Marriage ca 1675
by Hannah1 by Lydia Hatch2 Resided Comments
Gen 10 Gershom Gifford Deborah Bowerman
Birth 10 Jun 1679 1681
Death after 1742 after 1740
Parents William Gifford Hannah Thomas Bowerman Mary Harper
Marriage 11 Sep 1704

Greenslit/Greenslade Family Tree

Greenslade Name Meaning: English: topographic name for someone who lived near a fertile valley, from Middle English grene ‘green’ + slade ‘valley’, ‘dell’.

Source: The Greenslit Family by Willa Hiltner & Kathryn Haley
Gen Thomas Greenslade/Greenslit1 Ann ?Poindexter?Poynter
Birth 1625 ?Salem, England ?3 Nov 1621 ?Devon, England 
Death Aug 1674 22 Sep 1692 Salem MA
Parents ?Edward Greenslade ?Thomas Poindexter ?Margaret Coke
Misc. Seaman Nurse
Resided Comments

Harper Family Tree

Harper Name Meaning: English, Scottish, and Irish: occupational name for a player on the harp, from an agent derivative of Middle English, Middle Dutch harp ‘harp’. The harper was one of the most important figures of a medieval baronial hall, especially in Scotland and northern England, and the office of harper was sometimes hereditary. The Scottish surname is probably an Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Chruiteir ‘son of the harper’ (from Gaelic cruit ‘harp’, ‘stringed instrument’). This surname has long been present in Ireland.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 12 Robert Harper Deborah Perry1
Birth ca 1630 ca 1632
Death after 1704 14 Dec 1665 Sandwich
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Marriage May 1654 Sandwich
by Deborah Perry by Prudence Butler Resided Comments

Hicks Family Tree

Hicks Name Meaning: English: patronymic from Hick from the medieval personal name Hicke, a pet form of Richard. The substitution of H- as the initial resulted from the inability of the English to cope with the velar Norman R-. Dutch: from a pet form of a Germanic personal name, such as Icco or Hikke (a Frisian derivative of a compound name with the first element hild ‘strife’, ‘battle’).. This is a widespread surname in England, and is common in the southwest and southern Wales. Dutch and German: patronymic from Hick. Compare Hix.

Source: The Doane Family by Doane Family Asociation
Hicks Family of Rehobeth & Swansea MA
The Great Migration 1620-1633
Gen 13 Robert Hicks Margaret
Birth ca 1578
Death by 24 May 1647 Plymouth 8 Jul 1655 - 6 Mar 1665-6
Occupation Fellmonger (in London)    
Gen 12 Samuel Hicks Lydia Doane
Birth 18 Aug 1611 (B)2wq St. Mary Magdalen Bermondsey parish London
Death 1672-82 after 1665
Parents Robert Hicks Margaret John Doane Lydia
Marriage 11 Sep 1645 Plymouth
Resided Comments

Hooker Family Tree

Hooker Name Meaning: English (mainly southeastern): variant of Hook which is from Middle English hoke, Old English hoc ‘hook’, in any of a variety of senses: as a metonymic occupational name for someone who made and sold hooks as agricultural implements or employed them in his work; as a topographic name for someone who lived by a ‘hook’ of land, i.e. the bend of a river or the spur of a hill; or as a nickname (in part a survival of an Old English byname) for someone with a hunched back or a hooked nose. A similar ambiguity of interpretation presents itself in the case of Crook. In some cases the surname may be habitational from any of various places named Hook(e), from this word, as for example in Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, and Worcestershire. Swedish (Hö(ö)k): nickname or a metonymic occupational name from hök ‘hawk’, a soldier’s name. , with the addition of the agent suffix -er.

Source: Geneological Notes on the Founding of New England by Ernst Flagg
The Great Migration 1620-1633
Gen 15 Thomas Hooker Cecilia
Death 2 Sep 1559(W) - 27 Jan 1571-2(P)
Gen 14 Kenholm Hooker
Parents Thomas Hooker Cecilia
Gen 13 Thomas Hooker1
Death 24 Jul 1635(B)  
Parents Kenholm Hooker
Resided Comments
Gen 12 Thomas Hooker1 Susannah Garbrand
Birth 5 Jul 1586 ca 1593
Death 7 Jul 1647 17 May 1676 Farmington CT
Parents Thomas Hooker Richard Garbrand ?Anne Ferrar
Misc. Minister Emmuel College Cambridge
Marriage 3 Apr 1621 Amersham Buck Co Rev. Robert Chaloner
Resided Comments

Lawrence Family Tree

Lawrence Name Meaning: English: from the Middle English and Old French personal name Lorens, Laurence (Latin Laurentius ‘man from Laurentum’, a place in Italy probably named from its laurels or bay trees).

Source: Ancestral Lines by Carl Boyer
Gen 16 Thomas Lawrence
Death 20 Dec 1551 Colchester Essex
Gen 15 John Lawrence
Parents Thomas Lawrence

Liche Family Tree

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 15 Peter de Liche Peternelle de Nevre
Birth ca 1531 Antwerp BEL ca 1535
Death 26 Jul 1602 Antwerp BEL by 17 May 1562
Parents Aert de Lichte Katline Wayers Anthonis Margareta van der Hagen
Marriage 21 Oct 1554

Mansfield Family Tree

Mansfield Name Meaning: English: habitational name from a place in Nottinghamshire. The early forms, from Domesday Book to the early 13th century, show the first element uniformly as Mam-, and it is therefore likely that this was a British hill-name meaning ‘breast’ (compare Manchester), with the later addition of Old English feld ‘pasture’, ‘open country’ (see Field) as the second element.

Gen 14 Lancelot Mansfield Anne Eure1
Birth ca 1533  ?Yorkshire ENG
Death 13 Jul - 31 Jul 1601 (w)
Parents Sir Ralph Eure Margery Rowles
Gen 13 Sir John Mansfield Elizabeth2
Birth ca 1551-1553  ?Yorkshire ENG
Death 13 Jul - 31 Jul 1601 (w) 10 Feb 1633/4 (buried)
Parents Lancelot Mansfield Anne Eure

Maxson Family Tree

Maxson Name Meaning: Patronymic from the personal name Maximilian (see Max).

Source: The Great Migration 1634-1635

Gen 12 Richard Maxson1 (Maggeson) Rebecca Marbury
Misc. Blacksmith Manchester Metropolitan Borough of Manchester
Greater Manchester, England
Death 20 Aug 1643 Throggs Neck Bronx County NY
Married 2 Jan 1627/28 London, England
Parents     ?Rev. Frances Marbury ?Bridget Dryden of London
Resided Comments

McKnight Family Tree

McKnight Name Meaning: (Ulster) Anglicized form of Scottish Mac Neachtain, which is usually Anglicized as McNaughton. part translation of Gaelic Mac an Ridire ‘son of the horseman (Gaelic ridire)’.

Gen 9 James McKnight ?Martha
Birth ca 1710      
Death 26 Nov 1779 killed by Indians killed by Indians

Story of the death of James McKnight from the ANNALS OF BUFFALO VALLEY

There are a lot of conflicting stories about which McKnight was killed by Indians. There were multiple occasions during the summer/fall when settlers were killed -hence some times confusing accoost detailed. The following seems the most accurate.

"Aaron K. Gift, Esquire, of Middleburg, furnished me with the following narrative of this occurrence, as related by his grandfather, Jeremiah Gift, who died at an advanced age, in 1843. Michael Lepley and Herrold served in the militia and   were stationed at Fort Freeland, near which lived a family named McKnight, father and son. They secured a guard consisting of fourteen persons, among whom were Jacob Gift, Michael Lepley, and Herrold, to go to milk their cows. The cows were driven into a pen, and while milking, they were surprised by a party of thirty Indians, who fired upon them. They were so completely surprised, they could make very little resistance. Lep- ley, with others, and old Mr. McKnight, were killed. Herrold ran for the fort. As he ran along a field which sloped towards the fort, the soldiers in the fort heard the report of a rifle, and saw him fall, ; and an Indian scalp him. Jacob Gift also tried to make his escape, but was overtaken. When the pursuing soldiers came up, they found evidence of a hard fight; the ground -was bloody, his rifle broken in pieces, and himself tomahawked and scalped. He had sold his life as dear as possible. Young McKnight was the only one who escaped. He jumped Warrior run, and a tomahawk struck the top rail of the fence just after he cleared it. He was the only one left to tell the tale. Upon Jacob Gift's father the stroke fell heavy. "

The "Old Mr. McKnight" is I assume the James McKnight who is probated Nov 1779. Some clain it is William but he is alive and well long after and dies 1800. The memorial erected 1916 at Chillisquague Cemetery Mexico, Montour County has William McKnight who died 1800 and his son James who died 1823 and says its a memorial to William's parents who were killed by Indians but gives no names. None of the accounts actually say the wife was killed.

James McKnight d. by 26 Nov 1779 Estate probated by Martha McKnight and John McKnight. Based on Martha's name first it is likely she is the wife and John the son.

In 1786 Stephen Foster sued James' estate. Margaret and John could not pay the expense and James' 300 Acres in Turbpt near James Wilson and William Bonham were sold in April to pay the debt. Where and when James obtained the 300 A is unknown. James, Margaret, and John were identified as having lived in Cumberand county. Cumberland County deeds V1 H pg 431 and also Orphan Court April 1787. In 1791 James born 1766 moved to Seneca NY perhaps due to the loss of the land. Many of his family and wife's family followed him.


Gen 8 John McKnight  
Death ? by 1788  
Parents James McKnight ?Martha    



Gen 7 James McKnight Hannah Barr
Birth 1763 probably Cumberland County PA Dec 1766  
Death 29 JUL 1808 Seneca County NY 28 Aug 1847 Washtenaw County, Mi
Buried     Free Church Cem Washtenaw County, Mi
Parents John McKnight   John Barr  




Millard Family Tree

Millard Name Meaning: English (chiefly Gloucestershire and Worcestershire): variant of Millward. French (northern): from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements mil ‘good’, ‘gracious’ + hard ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’. Southern French: from a variant spelling of Occitan milhar ‘millet field’ (from mil ‘millet’).

Gen 12 John Millard Sr
Birth England
Death 30 Jun 1684-7 Feb 1689 Rehobeth MA
Parents Robert Millard Elizabeth
Misc. Proprietor Surveyor, Constable
by 1st wife1 by Elizabeth Baugh2 Comments
Gen 11 Robert Millard Elizabeth Sabine
Birth 1632 ENG? 1642/3
Death 16 Mar 1698/9 Rehobeth MA 7 Feb 1717
Burial Kickimuit Cem Warren RI Newman Church Cem Rumford RI
Parents John Millard William Sabine ?Mary Wright
Misc. Tanner Served in militia
Marriage 24 Dec 1662 Rehobeth
Resided Comments

Mosher Family Tree

Mosher Name Meaning: English: unexplained. South German and Swiss German: unexplained.

Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxon by Mildred Chamberlain
Gen 13 John Mosher Edeth Crosse
Death 15 Jan 1611-2 (B) 22 Apr 1619 (B)
Marriage 16 Oct 1576
Gen 12 Nicolas Mosher Lydia
Birth 19 Dec 1596 (B) Cluckington
Parents John Mosher Edeth Crosse
Gen 11 Hugh Mosher Rebecca Maxson1
Birth ca 1633 6 Feb 1631
Death 7 Dec 1713(P) Newport RI Dec Feb 1707-8
Parents ?Nicolas Mosher ?Lydia Richard Maxson Rebecca
Misc. Farmer Blacksmith Minister
Resided Comments
Gen 10 Daniel Mosher Mary
Death 22 Jul -19 Sep 1751 Dartmouth MA after Daniel
Parents Hugh Mosher Rebecca Maxson


Gen 9 George Mosher Hannah Wing
Birth 9 May 1717 Dartmouth MA 13 Mar 1720 Dartmouth MA
Burial St. John's Cem Greenfield, NY St. John's Cem Greenfield
Parents Daniel Mosher Mary Edward Wing Sarah Tucker
Misc. Cordwainer
Marriage 9 Aug 1741
Resided Comments
Gen 8 Samuel Mosher Alice Gidley
Birth 9 Mar 1742 Dartmouth MA 9 Sep 1738 Dartmouth MA
Death 23 Apr 1815 Providence NY 28 May 1824 Providence NY
Burial farm at Hagedorn Mills farm at Hagedorn Mills
Parents George Mosher Hannah Wing Henry Gidley Elizabeth Sherman
Marriage 27 Oct 1763 Dartmouth MA
Resided Comments

Mott Family Tree

Mott Name Meaning: English: variant spelling of Motte which is topographic name for someone who lived by a fortified stronghold, Old French, Middle English motte., a medieval pet form of the personal name Matilda (see Mould). German: topographic name for someone who lived by or owned property in a marshy area, from Middle High German mot ‘mud’, ‘swamp’.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Source: The Great Migration 1634-1635
Gen 14 John Mott
Birth 1570 Saffron Walden ENG?
Death after 3 Jul 1656 ?Portsmouth RI
Resided Comments
Gen 13 Adam Mott Sr. Elizabeth Creed1 or Creek
Birth ca 1596 England
Death 2 Apr 1661(W) - 31 Aug 1661 (P) Portsmouth RI
Parents John Mott
Misc. Surveyor Tailor
Marriage 28 Oct 1616 Saffron Walden Essex
by Elizabeth Creed1 by Sarah2 (widow of ? Lott) b. 1604 d. after 31 Aug 1661 m. 11 Mar 1635 Horseheath Co. Cambridge Resided Comments

Line 1:

Gen 12 Adam Mott Jr. Mary Lott
Birth 1623 England ?22 Oct 1630 ?Clare, Suffolk, England
Death 1673+ 1712
Parents Adam Mott Sr Elizabeth Creel ?Jeremy Lott Sarah
Marriage Oct 1647 Portsmouth RI
Resided Comments

Line 2:

Gen 12 Jacob Mott Joanna Slocum
Birth ca 1636 Roxbury/ Hingman 16 May 1642 Portsmouth
Death 15 Nov 1711 Portsmouth 4 Jan 1728
Parents Adam Mott Sarah Lees Giles Slocum Joan
Misc. Constable Quaker Quaker
Marriage ca 1660
Resided Comments

Odding Family Tree

Gen 13 George Odding1 Margaret Lang
Birth Eng

Perry Family Tree

Perry Name Meaning: Welsh: Anglicized form of Welsh ap Herry ‘son of Herry’, a variant of Harry (see Harris). English: topographic name for someone who lived near a pear tree, Middle English per(r)ie (Old English pyrige, a derivative of pere ‘pear’). This surname and a number of variants have been established in Ireland since the 17th century.

Gen 13 ? Perry
Birth Eng
Resided Comments

Pratt Family Tree

Pratt Name Meaning: English: nickname for a clever trickster, from Old English prætt ‘trick’, ‘tricky’, ‘cunning’ (which is found in use as a byname in the 11th century). This surname is quite common in southeastern Ireland.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Source: The Great Migration 1634-1635
Gen 13 Joshua Pratt Bathsheba
Birth by 1600
Death by 5 Oct 1655
Parents ?Henry Pratt
Misc. Sealer
Marriage ca 1630

Richards Family Tree

Richards Name Meaning: English and German: patronymic from the personal name Richard. Richards is a frequent name in Wales.

Source: Passengers of the Mary & John
Gen 14 William Richards Joanne Thorne
Death 13 May 1601 (B) Pitminster
Marriage 15 Jan 1573 Pitminster
Gen 13 James Richards Alice Blake
Birth 1558 not Pitminster ca 1548
Death 19 Jan 1607-8 (B) Pitminster 17 Aug 1585 (B) Pitminster
Parents William Richards Joanne Thorne John Blake the Elder Joan
Marriage 2 Oct 1569 Over Stowey Somerset
Resided Comments

Richardson Family Tree

Richardson Name Meaning: English: patronymic from the personal name Richard. This has undoubtedly also assimilated like-sounding cognates from other languages, such as Swedish Richardsson.

Source: Birth, Marriage Records
Gen 8 Joseph Richardson Elizabeth Wise1
Birth 6 Aug 1723 Gloucester MA
Death after 1783 1763-68
Parents Joseph Wise Sr. Hepzibah Bridges
Misc. Congregationalist Congregationalist
Marriage 23 Nov 1749 Lebanon CN
Resided Comments

Other Richardsons in the Area

Sabine Family Tree

Sabine Name Meaning: English and French: variant of Sabin which is from the medieval French form of the Latin personal name Sabinus or its feminine form Sabina, originally an ethnic name for a member of an ancient Italic people of central Italy, whose name is of uncertain origin. According to legend, in the 8th century bc the Romans slaughtered the Sabine menfolk and carried off the women.

Gen 12 William Sabine  
Birth Oct 1609 (B) Titchfield Hampshire England ca 1620 Kirk Deighton, North Deighton, Yorkshire
Death 4 Jun 1687(W) - 17 Jul 1687(P) Rehobeth MA after 1660
Parents Martha Richard Wright
by ?Mary Wright1
by Martha Allen2 Resided Comments

Savage Family Tree

Savage Name Meaning: English and Scottish: nickname for a wild or uncouth person, from Middle English, Old French salvage, sauvage ‘untamed’ (Late Latin salvaticus literally ‘man of the woods’, a derivative of Latin silva ‘wood’, influenced by Latin salvus ‘whole’, i.e. natural). Irish: generally of English origin (it was taken to County Down in the 12th century), this name has also sometimes been adopted as equivalent of Gaelic Ó Sabháin, the name of a small south Munster sept, which was earlier Anglicized as O’Savin (see Savin).

Source: Earl/Earle Family by Polly Earle & Ralph Earle Sr.
Gen 15 Richard Savage1 Mary ?Isacke 
Birth 1559 1563
Death 17 Dec 1637 5 Dec 1636
Marriage 14 Jan 1599-1600 Bishop's Stortford Hertforshire ENG
Parents Thomas Isacke

Sherman Family Tree

Sherman Name Meaning: English: occupational name for a sheepshearer or someone who used shears to trim the surface of finished cloth and remove excess nap, from Middle English shereman ‘shearer’.

The name has been spelled Shereman, Shurman, Shearman Source: The Sherman Family by Bertha Stratton
Source: The Great Migration 1634-1635
Gen 18 Thomas Sherman Agnes or Margaret
Death 4 Nov 1492(W) - 4 Apr 1493(P)
Burial Churchyard at Diss
Parents ?John Sherman & Mary Lance d. of John Lance & Isabella Davis Thomas Isacke
Gen 17 John Sherman Agnes Fuller
Birth 10 Aug-12 Dec 1504
Death 1504 Yaxley Co. Suffolk ENG
Parents Thomas Sherman Thomas Fuller
Resided Comments
Gen 16 Thomas Sherman Jane Waller
Death after 5 May 1551 Yaxley ca 1572/3
Parents John Sherman Agnes Fuller John Waller of Wortham ?s. of Thomas Waller & Margaret Hotofte Margaret Thorolde
Married ca 1512
Resided Comments
Gen 15 Henry Sherman Agnes Butter
Birth ca 1520 Yaxle Colchester
Death 25 Jul 1590(P) Denham 14 Oct 1580(B) Denham
Parents Thomas Sherman Jane Waller
Misc. Clothier
Resided Comments
Gen 14 Henry Sherman Susan Lawrence
Birth ca 1545 Dedham Co. Essex Dedham Co. Essex
Death 28 Aug 1610(B) 13 Sep 1610(B) Dedham Co. Essex
Parents Henry Sherman Agnes Butter
Misc. Clothier
Marriage 14 Jun 1568 Moze Co. Essex
Resided Comments
Gen 13 Samuel Sherman Phillipa Ward
Birth 11 Jan 1573/4(B) Denham Essex ENG
Death 1615 Ardleigh Essex
Parents Henry Sherman Susan Lawrence ?Lancelot Ward
Misc. Clothier
Marriage ca 1659
Gen 12 Philip Sherman Sarah Odding
Birth 5 Feb 1610(B) Dedham ENG
Death 1687 Portsmouth RI 1681 Portsmouth RI
Parents Samuel Sherman Phillipa Ward George Odding Margaret Lang
Marriage ca 1633 Roxbury MA
Resided Comments
Gen 11 Edmund Sherman Dorcus Hicks
Birth 1641 Portsmouth RI 14 Feb 1652 Eastham MA
Death 6 Jul 1719(B) Dartmouth MA
Parents Philip Sherman Sarah Odding Samuel Hicks Lydia Doane
Gen 10 Samuel Sherman Hannah
Birth 27 Jyl 1676 Dartmouth
Death 1733 Dartmouth
Parents Edmund Sherman Dorcus Hicks

Slocum Family Tree

Slocum Name Meaning: English (West Country): habitational name from a place named with the Old English elements slah ‘sloe’ + cumb ‘valley’, in particular Slocum on the Isle of Wight and in Devon.

Gen 15 Philip Slocum Ellen Cridland
Birth 1575 Old Cleeve, Somerset, Eng 1560 Spaxton, Somerset, Eng
Death 1620 Eng 20 Jun 1646 Old, Cleeve, Somerset, Eng
Parents John Slocum b. 1550 d. 1595 Old Cleeve, Somerset, Eng   Phillip Cridland b. 1535  
Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 14 Philip Slocum Charity Bickham
Birth 1597 Old, Cleeve, Somerset, Eng 1601 Old, Cleeve, Somerset, Eng
Death 1 Nov 1642 Old, Cleeve, Somerset, Eng 21 Nov 1642(W) - 26 Jan 1643(P) Old, Cleeve, Somerset, Eng
Parents Philip Slocum Ellen Cridland Aldred Bickham Hellen
Marriage 20 Nov 1621 Old Cleeve Sommerset ENG
Gen 13 Giles Slocum Joan ?Cook
Birth 28 Sep 1623(B) Old Cleeve Somerset ENG
Death 12 Mar 1683(P) Portsmouth RI 31 Aug 1679 Portsmouth RI
Parents Philip Slocum Charity Bickman ?Thomas Cook Jr. b. 13 Apr 1600 Netherbury, Dorset, Eng. d. Portsmouth, R.I. 6 Feb 1677 ? Mary Sherman
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Resided Comments

Spooner Family Tree

Spooner Name Meaning: English: occupational name for someone who covered roofs with wooden shingles, from an agent derivative of Middle English spoon ‘chip’, ‘splinter’. However, from the 14th century, under Scandinavian influence, the word had also begun to acquire its modern sense denoting the eating utensil, and in some cases the surname may have been acquired by someone who made spoons, typically from wood or horn.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 12 William Spooner Hannah Pratt2
Birth ca 1622 ca 1631
Death 8-14 Mar 1684 Dartmouth MA by 1684
Parents Joshua Pratt Bathsheba
Misc. Farmer
by Elizabeth Partridge1
by Hannah2 Resided Comments

Swift Family Tree

Swift Name Meaning: English: nickname for a rapid runner, from Middle English swift ‘fleet’. Irish: Anglicization (part translation) of Gaelic Ó Fuada (see Foody).

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 11 William Swift Joanne ?Sisson
Birth ca 1575 ?Hocking Essex Co. ENG
Death 1642 Sandwich MA 26 Nov 1663 Sandwich
Resided Comments

Tallman Family Tree

Tallman Name Meaning: Possibly an altered form of German Dallmann.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond
Gen 15 Michiel Tallman
Birth ca 1520 ca 1521
Gen 14 Jacques Tallman Tannekin (Anna) de Litche
Birth ca 1554 Ghent East Flanders ca 1558 Hamburg GER
Death Hamburg GER
Parents Michiel Tallman Peter de Litche Paternelle de Neve
Marriage 15 Jun 1578 Antwerp Belgium
Gen 13 Peter Tallman Maria van Peen2
Birth 17 May 1579 Antwerp Belgium ca 1601 Haarlem Holland
Parents Jacques Tallman Anna de Lichte Johann Peene
Marriage 22 May 1622 Hamburg GER
by Adriana Jacott1 m. 12 May 1605

by Maria von Peene2

Gen 12 Peter Tallman Joan Briggs 2
Birth 20 Feb 1623(B) Hamburg Germany Church of St. Nicholas
Death 20 Feb 1708 Portsmouth, Newport County, RI 1685
Parents Peter Tallman Maria von Peene
Misc. Apothecary Trader
Marriage after 24 Jul 1665 Portsmouth RI
by Ann Hill1 by Ester3 d. 1709 Resided Comments
Gen 11 James Tallman Mary Devol1
Birth ca 1668 Portsmouth ca 1670
Death 11 Jan - 12 Feb 1723/4 Portsmouth RI
Parents Peter Tallman Joan Briggs Joseph Devol Mary Brayton
Misc. Physician
Marriage 18 Mar 1689
by Mary Devol1
by Hannah Swain2 Resided Comments
Gen 10 John Tallman Anne Bennett
Birth 19 Sep 1692 Portsmouth RI
Death 11 Aug 1741(P)
Parents James Tallman Mary Devol Robert Bennett Anne Cory
Resided Comments

Throope Family Tree

Throop Name Meaning: English: habitational name from Throop in Hampshire, Throope in Wiltshire, Thrup in Oxfordshire, or places called Thrupp in Berkshire, Gloucestershire, and Northamptonshire, probably named from Old English þrop ‘hamlet’, ‘village’, or the Old Norse cognate þorp.

Gen 14 William Throop Jenett Fynningley
Born 1540 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire , ENG 1544 Walkeringham Lincolnshire, Eng
Died 1594  
Married 1575 Nottingham
Gen 13 Thomas Throop Elizabeth Smyth
Born 1588 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire , ENG 1592 Nottingham
Death 1643 Nottinghamshire , ENG    
Marriage 9 June 1636 Sutton-cum-Lound
Gen 12 William Throop Isabel Redshaw
Born 1613 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire , ENG 1617 Nottingham
Death 2 December 1669 (will pro) Nottinghamshire , ENG 22 June 1658 (bur) Sutton-cum-Lound
Marriage 9 June 1636 Sutton-cum-Lound
Gen 11 William Throope Mary Chapman
Birth 19 Mar 1637/8 (ch) Sutton-cum-Lound , Nottinghamshire, Eng 31 Oct 1643 Marshfield MA
Death 4-12 Dec 1704 Bristol RI 6 Jun 1732 Bristol RI
Burial East Burial Bristol Town Cem East Burial Bristol Town Cem
Parents William Throop Isabel Redshaw Ralph Chapman Lydia Welles
Marriage 14 May 1666 Barnstable MA
Resided Comments
Gen 10 Cap. William Throope Martha Cobleigh
Birth 1678/9 Barbstable MA 1674/5
Death 3 Feb 1737/8 Lebanon CN 13 Feb 1736/7 Lebanon CN
Burial Trumbell Cem Lebanon CN Trumbell Cem Lebanon CN
Parents William Throope Mary Chapman John Cobleigh Mary Bosworth
Misc. Cap of militia Representative
Marriage 20-21 Mar 1698/9 Bristol RI
Resided Comments
Glory of 
William Throope Esq. 
The pattern of patience 
& example of virtue who 
after many years of strong 
pain & sweet experience 
departed this life on 
Feb ye 3 AD 1737 
en ye 59th year of his age
Here lies interred
the remains of 
Martha wife
to William Throope 
Esq. who died 
Feb 13th 1736 
in ye 63rd year 
of her life

Torrey Family Tree

Torrey Name Meaning: English: probably a variant of Terry which is from the common Norman personal name, T(h)erry (Old French Thierri), composed of the unattested Germanic element þeudo- ‘people’, ‘race’ + ric ‘power’. Theodoric was the name of the Ostrogothic leader (c. 454–526) who invaded Italy in 488 and established his capital at Ravenna in 493. His name was often taken as a derivative of Greek Theodoros (see Theodore). There was an Anglo-Norman family of this name in County Cork. Irish: Anglicized (‘translated’) form of Gaelic Mac Toirdhealbhaigh (see Turley).

Source: Torrey Genealogy by Frederick Torrey
Gen 14 William Torrey Thomasyne
Death 7 Oct 1556(W) - 18 Jun 1557(P)
Gen 13 William Torrey  
Death 13 Apr 1593(W) - 23 Jan 1601(P)
Parents William Torrey Thomasyne
Gen 12 Philip Torrey Alice Richards
Birth 21 Jan 1581 (B) Pitminster, Somerset
Death 16 Apr 1621(W) - 27 Jun 1621(P) 24 Apr 1634 (W) - 16 Oct 1634 (B) Bettam Combe St. Nicholas Somerset
Parents William Torrey James Richards
Misc. Husbandman
Marriage 27 Nov 1604 St. Andrew & Mary Pitminster Sommershire ENG
Resided Comments
Gen 11 William Torrey Elizabeth Fry3
Birth 12 Dec 1608 (B) Nicoles St. Comb England Nicoles St. Comb England
Death 10 Jun 1690 Weymouth MA
Burial next to son Samuel?
Parents Philip Torrey Alice Richards George Fry b. 1590 d. by 1629 Phillipa d. 1652
by Jane Haviland2 d. 27 Apr 1639 by ?Elizabeth Fry3 Resided Comments
Gen 10 Micajah Torrey Susanna
Birth 12 Oct 1643 Weymouth MA
Death 20 Jan 1710/11 Weymouth MA 12 Jun 1720
Burial Old North Cem Old North Cem
Parents William Torrey Elizabeth Fry
Misc. Husbandman Deacon
Gen 9 Micajah Torrey Jr.2 Sarah Batt
Birth 27 Jul 1673 Weymouth MA 21 Jun 1678 Medfield MA
Death 29 Sep 1722 Weymouth MA 10 May 1763 Weymouth MA
Burial Old North Cem Old North Cem
Parents Micajah Torrey Susanna Paul Batt Sarah Wilson
Misc. Husbandman/ Yeoman Deacon
Marriage 1702/3
Resided Comments
Gen 8 William Torrey Mary Vaughan
Birth 2 Mar 1719 Weymouth MA 3 Sep 1726
Death 27 Aug 1780 ? Lebanon CT 3 Mar 1795 Lebanon CT
Parents Micajah Torrey Sarah Batt Daniel Vaughan Martha Throope
Misc. Congregationalist Congregationalist
Marriage 20 Aug 1744
Resided Comments
Gen 7 John Torrey Abigail Richardson
Birth 5 Sep 1754 Lebanon CN 24 Jul 1755 Lebanon CN
Death 9 Mar 1821 Bethany NY 8 Aug 1845 Bethany NY
Burial Segar Torrey farm near Stafford
Parents William Torrey Mary Vaughan Joseph Richardson Elizabeth Wise
Misc. Farmer
Marriage 2 Oct 1777


Gen 6 Orange Torrey Nancy Betsey McKnight1
Birth 10 Dec 1795 NY 1790-1795 NY ?CT
Death 19 Dec 1840? 1831
Parents John Torrey Abigail Richardson James McKnight Hannah Barr
Marriage 1813
m. 2nd Eliot Gannet b. 1800 d. 9 Jan 1863 Spencer, Medina, OH She m. Albee Hill (C: Hannah C 1821, Luther Martin Hill 1828 – 1909 who lived by hs half-sisiter Emeline in WI), m. Orange Torrey2, m. Larry Knickerbocker3 b. 1803 Resided Comments

Tucker Family Tree

Tucker Name Meaning: English (chiefly southwestern England and South Wales): occupational name for a fuller, from an agent derivative of Middle English tuck(en) ‘to full cloth’ (Old English tucian ‘to torment’). This was the term used for the process in the Middle Ages in southwestern England, and the surname is more common there than elsewhere. Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Tuachair ‘descendant of Tuachar’, a personal name composed of the elements tuath ‘people’ + car ‘dear’, ‘beloved’. Possibly also an Americanized form of German Tucher, from an occupational name for a cloth maker or merchant, from an agent derivative of Middle High German tuoch ‘cloth’.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 12 Henry Tucker Martha
Birth ca 1628 ca 1625
Death 21 Apr 1694 Newport RI 28 Nov 1675 Newport RI
Parents ?Robert Tucker
Marriage 1651/2 Dartmouth
Resided Comments
Gen 11 Abraham Tucker Hannah Mott2
Birth 30 Oct 1653 Oct 1663 Portsmouth
Death 26 Sep 1725 1730
Parents Henry Tucker Martha Jacob Mott Joanna Slocum
Marriage 26 Nov 1690
by Mary Slocum1 by Hannah Mott2 Resided

Vaughan Family Tree

Vaughan Name Meaning: Welsh: from fychan, a lenited form of bychan, a diminutive of bach ‘little’. This was often used to distinguish the younger of two bearers of the same personal name, typically the son of a father with the same name.

Source: John Vaughan of Newport RI
Gen 12 John Vaughan Gillian Touzar?
Birth 1612 Wales?
Death 1687+ Newport RI
Marriage ?1642
Gen 11 John Vaughan Jr Mary Mott
Birth 19 Apr 1644 Newport RI 1654 Portsmouth RI?
Death 5 Feb 1710/1 Newport RI 20 Apr 1676 Newport RI
Burial Comon Burial Ground Newport RI Common Burial Ground Newport RI
Parents John Vaughan Gillian Adam Mott Mary Lott
Resided Comments
Gen 10 John Vaughan Jr. Mary Millard
Birth 1675 Newport RI 14 Jan 1680 Rehobeth MA
Death 31 Aug 1756 Lebanon CT
Burial Trumbell Cem Lebanon CT
Parents John Vaughan Mary Mott Robert Millard Elizabeth Sabine
Misc. Congregationalist
Marriage 20 Jan 1701/2
Resided Comments
Here Lies Interred the 
Body of Mr 
John Vaughan the Loving & Beloved 
Consort of Mrs Mary Vaughan 
He Departed this life Aug 31 1756 in 
82nd year of his age 
Reader stand still & view 
Whats writ for men 
Then ponder well how 
Soon your journey may be
Gen 9 Daniel Vaughan Martha Throope
Birth 1705 Newport RI 30 Jun 1705
Death 10 Aug 1787 Lebanon CT 1 Feb 1797 Lebanon CT
Parents John Vaughan Mary Millard William Throope Martha Cobleigh
Misc. Congregationalist Congregationalist
Marriage 22 Nov 1725 Bristol RI Rev. Nathaniel Cotton

Wells Family Tree

Wells Name Meaning: English: habitational name from any of several places named with the plural of Old English well(a) ‘spring’, ‘stream’, or a topopgraphical name from this word (in its plural form), for example Wells in Somerset or Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk. Translation of French Dupuis or any of its variants.

Gen 13 Issac Wells
Birth England
Death 5 Mar 1673 Barnstable
Resided Comments

Wilson Family Tree

Wilson Name Meaning: English, Scottish, and northern Irish: patronymic from the personal name Will, a very common medieval short form of William.

Source: Ancestry and Descendants of Rev. John Wilson by Joseph Gardner Bartlett
Source: The Great Migration 1620-1633
Gen 15 William Wilson
Birth ? 1490 Penrith Co. Cumberland
Gen 14  William Wilson
Birth 1515 Penrith Co. Cumberland
Death 27 Aug 1587
Burial St. George Winsor Castle Berkshire
Parents William Wilson
Gen 13 William Wilson Isobel Woodhall1
Birth 1542 1546 Saffron Walden, Uttlesford District, Essex, England
Death 15 May 1615 15 Feb 1655
Burial St. George Chapel Windsor Castle Rochester Cathedral Kent
Parents William Wilson John Woodall Elizabeth Grindall
Misc. Minister D. d.
Marriage 1569 Lancashire: Penwortham -Parish Registers, 1608-1755
Gen 12 John Wilson Elizabeth Mansfield
Birth Dec 1588 Windsor Co. Berks Eng
Death 7 Aug 1667 1658 Boston
Burial Kings Chapel Buriel Ground
Parents William Wilson Isobel Woodhall John Mansfield Esq. ?Elizabeth
Misc. Minister Cambridge
Marriage 1617 .



Gen 11 John Wilson Sarah Hooker
Birth Sep 1621 Winsor Berks ENG
Death 3 Aug 1691 Medfield 20 Aug 1725
Parents John Wilson Elizabeth Mansfield Thomas Hooker Susan Garbrand
Misc. 1ST Class Harvard 1642 Minister
Marriage 1648
Resided Comments

Wing Family Tree

Wing Name Meaning: English: habitational name from places named Wing in Buckinghamshire and Rutland. The former was probably named in Old English as the settlement of the Wiwingas ‘the family or followers of a man named Wiwa’, or alternatively perhaps ‘the people of the temple’ (from a derivative of Old English wig, weoh ‘(pre-Christian) temple’). The latter is from Old Norse vengi, a derivative of vangr ‘field’. Compare Wang. Dutch (van Wing): variant of Winge.

Source: Ancestry of Elihu Gifford and Catherine Barrows by Raymond Olson
Gen 14 Matthew Wing (Wynge) Mary
Birth ca 1548 ca 1552
Death 19 Oct 1614(B) Banbury Oxford ENG 24 Jul 1613(B) Banbury Oxford ENG
Burial Mt. Mary churchyard Banbury ENG Mt. Mary churchyard Banbury ENG
Parents Godfreidus Wynge?
Misc. Tailer
Resided Comments
Gen 13 Rev. John Wing Deborah Bachiler
Birth 12 Jun 1584(C) Banbury (Oxford) England 1592 England
Death 2 Nov 1629(W) - 4 Aug 1629(P) St. Mary (Aldermary) London ENG ?31 Jan 1692 Yarmouth
Parents Matthew Wing Marie Rev Steven Bachiler ?Ann Bate
Misc. Minister Queens Collage Oxford
Marriage ca 1610
Resided Comments

Line 1: Daniel

Gen 12 Daniel Wing Hannah Swift1
Birth ca 1617 Holland England
Death 10 Mar 1698 Sandwich 1 Dec 1664 Sandwich
Parents John Wing Deborah Bachiler William Swift Joane
Misc. Quaker Quaker
Marriage 5 Dec 1641 Sandwich MA
by Hannah Swift1 by Anna Learned Ewer2 Resided Comments

Line 1a: Daniel/John

Gen 11 John Wing Martha Spooner
Birth 14 Nov 1656 ca 1658
Death 1 Aug 1717 Rochester MA
Parents Daniel Wing Hannah Swift William Spooner Hannah Pratt
Misc. Cooper Quaker Quaker
Marriage ca 1683
Resided Comments

Line 1b: Daniel/Daniel

Gen 11 Daniel Wing Deborah Dillingham
Birth 21 Jan 1664 Sandwich MA 21 Feb 1859
Death Mar 1740 Sandwich after 1731
Parents Daniel Wing Hannah Swift Henry Dillingham Hannah Perry
Misc. Cooper Quaker
Marriage 1686 Friend's Way
Resided Comments
Gen 10 Edward Wing Sarah Tucker
Birth 10 Sep 1687 Sandwich MA 23 Feb 1693 Dartmouth MA
Death 1734 Dartmouth Jul 1727
Parents Daniel Wing Deborah Dillingham Abraham Tucker Hannah Mott
Misc. Weaver Innkeeper Quaker Quaker
Marriage 1 Aug 1717 Dartmouth
by Sarah Tucker by Patience Ellis Oct 1728 Resided Comments

Line 2: Stephen

Gen 11 Stephen Wing Sarah Briggs2
Birth 1621 Flushing Holland? ca 1638
Death 24 Apr 1710 Sandwich MA 26 May 1689 Sandwich MA
Parents John Wing Deborah Bachiler John Briggs Catherine
Marriage 7 Feb 1654 Sandwich MA
by Oshea Dillingham1 by Sarah Briggs2 Resided Comments
Gen 10 Elisha Wing Mehitable Butler
Birth 2 Feb 1668 Sandwich MA ca 1670
Death 19 May 1757(P) 9 Nov 1731
Parents Stephen Wing Sarah Briggs Daniel Butler Elizabeth Howes
Misc. Planter Quaker Quaker
Marriage 12 Mar 1689
Resided Comments
Gen 9 Jedediah Wing Elizabeth Gifford
Birth 29 Jan 1697 Rochester MA ca 1707
Death 1761-1764 after 1787
Parents Elisha Wing Mehitable Butler Gershom Gifford Deborah Bowerman
Marriage 18 Dec 1734 Rochester MA
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Wise Family Tree

Wise Name Meaning: English: nickname for a wise or learned person, or in some cases a nickname for someone suspected of being acquainted with the occult arts, from Middle English wise ‘wise’ (Old English wis). This name has also absorbed Dutch Wijs, a nickname meaning ‘wise’, and possibly cognates in other languages. Americanized form of German and Jewish Weiss ‘white’.

Source: Birth, Marriage records
Gen 8 Joseph Wise Sr. Hepzibah Bridges
Birth by Jun 1703
Death after 1764
Parents Josiah Bridges Ruth Greenship
Marriage 7 Nov 1718 Gloucester MA Rev John White 



Gloucester, MA - Much of this submitted to LDS by Frank Wise 964646-0802100011008 & is unverified

Roxbury, MA

Woodhall Family Tree

Woodhall Name Meaning: English (mainly West Midlands): variant of Woodall which is habitational name from any of various places called Woodhall, for example in Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, and Lothian, so named from Old English wudu ‘wood’ + heall ‘hall’.

Source: Whitfield Arms: Woohall: Argent, a cross moline gules, in the first quarter an ermine spot sable Grindall: Quarterly, or & azure, a cross counterchanged
Gen 14 John Woodhall Elizabeth Grindall
Death by Apr 1583
Parents John s. John of Ulleck Jennett Crakeplace William b. St. Bees s. of Nicholas de Grendale
Marriage 20 Oct 1542 Saint Bees, Cumberland
Resided Comments