Williams Family Ancestry

Genealogy Family Trees: Claus, Goetz, Helmsdorfer, Wildermuht, Williams
Locations: Vassar Michigan, Bayham Elgin Canada

I have been doing a major review, correcting and updating of my genealogy pages some of which I started over 30 years ago. I have focused on the direct ancestors and have not checked all the data on siblings and their descendants. I have removed many speculative ancestors which has no sources to support them. I use Wikitree to check current research. It is the most up to date research in terms of accuracy as you must put in sources. Its goal is to have one profile per person and resolve conflicting trees. Find A Grave but especially ancestry.com trees are riddled with errors. Errors found in ancestry.com are impossible to correct as trees get copied and there is no mechanism to correct an error. I am now adding to Wikitree including sources in an effort to combat the errors in ancestry.com. Wikitree also can have errors or speculation but it it us significantly more accurate.

DNA matches. I have used a DNA symbol 🧬 to indicate where I have a match to someone who descends from that specific part of my tree.

Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of Isaac & Mary Claus Williams

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All family name meanings come from Dictionary of American Family Names at Ancestry.com

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Claus Family Tree

Claus Name Meaning: Variant spelling of German Klaus, which is from a popular personal name, a reduced form of Nikolaus (see Nicholas). This spelling is also found in Dutch. Occitan: topographic name for someone who lived by an enclosure of some sort, such as a courtyard or farmyard, from Late Latin clausum ‘enclosure’, ‘closed’, originally the past participle of claudere ‘to close’.

Source: Thomas Claus on ancestry.com

Gen 6 Johann Steven Claus Claß Maria Agnes Helmsdörffer
Birth 1695   bp. 7 Oct 1707 Backnang, Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg)
Death 1780   12 Jan 1780 Backnang, Wurttemberg, Germany
Parents Elias Claussen   Hanß Martin Helmsdörffer Ursula Dorothea Goetz
Misc. Shoemaker      
Married 14 Nov 1736 Evangelische Kirche Backnang, Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg)    

Backnang, Württemberg, Gemany

m. 20 Aug 1715 Elizabetha Barbara Kerner b. ca 1683 d. 20 Apr 1736 Backnang

m. 14 Nov 1736 Maria Agnes Helmsdörffer

Evangelische Kirche Church Backnang


Gen 5 Johan Georg Claus Margaret ?
Birth b.10 Apr 1750 baptised 22 Apr Evangelische Kirche Backnang, Wurttemberg, Germany    
Death 18 Jun 1824 Vineland, Ontario, Canada    
Burial Menonite Church Cemetary land he donated    
Parents Stephan Claus Maria Agnes Helmsdorfer    

Johan Georg Claus
m. Anna Christina Kuhn b. 1755 d, 1775 m. Mary Buck  b. 11 Mar 1759 Susquanna, PA d. 5 May 1803 Vineland, Ontario, Canada m. Margaret ?? Casselman Claus

Margaret ?? m. Joannis John Casselman b. 15 1747Schoharie, Schoharie, NY d. 1797-1716




Casselam Data

Johannis John Casselman b. CT 15 1747Schoharie, Schoharie, NY d. 1797-1716 m. Margaret s

Time line

Goetz Family Tree

Gen 7 Johannes Götz Anna Catharina Wildermuht
Birth     bp 25 Nov 1645 Evangelisch, Eßlingen am Nectar, Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg)
Marriage 13 Feb 1671 Evangelisch, Esslingen am Nectar, Wuerttemberg    
Parents Hans Götzen   Michael Wildermuht Agatha

Eßlingen am Nectar, Württemberg


Helmsdorfer Family Tree

Gen 7 Hanß/Johann Martin Helmsdörffer Ursula Dorothea Goetz
Birth 29 Jul 1672 Backnang, Wurttemberg, Deutschland bp 5 Apr 1672 Evangelisch, Esslingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg
Death 19 Oct 1719 buried 22 Backnang, Württemberg, Deutschland    
Marriage 21 Jan 1696 Evangelisch, Esslingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg    
Parents Johann Martin Helmsdoerffer Christina Johannes Götz Anna Catharina Wildermuht

Wildermuht Family Tree

Gen 7 Michael Wildermuht Agatha

Williams Family Tree

Williams Name Meaning: English (also very common in Wales): patronymic from William.
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of Isaac & Mary Claus Williams

Source: Birth, Death, Marriage, Deed, and Census Record

Migration path for Issac Williams Haplogroup I-FT363481 Mutation Tracker Path

Description of Haplogroup Mutation Tracker


Gen 4 Isaac Williams Mary Claus
Birth MAY 1802 NY 1805-6 Vineland, Ontario, Canada
Death 19 Mar 1868 Bayham Elgin Co Ontario CAN 19 May 1879 Bayham Elgin Co Ontario CAN
Burial Claus family Cemetery 4th Concession Bayham CAN Claus family Cemetery 4th Concession Bayham CAN
Parents     Johan Georg Claus Margaret ?
Misc. Farmer Baptist Farmer's wife

Mary Claus Williams

Isaac Williams Sr.
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of Isaac & Mary Claus Williams

Albert & John William, Mrs Hunt, J&J & Est E.Claus 1877 Atlas



Gen 3 Hiram Dean Williams Mary Ellen Hunt
Birth 17 Aug 1837 Middleton CAN 5 Dec 1840 Nova Scotia
Death 17 Jun 1919 Juniata, Tuscola Co, MI 28 Apr 1917 Juniata, Tuscola Co, MI
Burial Thyroid gland Fremont Cemetery, Mayville MI Chronic bronchitis Fremont Cemetery, Mayville MI
Parents Isaac Williams Mary Claus Hezakiah Hunt Hannah Kinney
Misc. Farmer Methodist Farmer's wife
Marriage 31 Mar 1860 Baptist church Norfolk Co Ontario CAN Rev. Lewis H Smith Hannah Williams, Tryphena Hix
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of Isaac & Mary Claus Williams

Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of Hezikiah & Hannah Kinney Hunt

Hiram Williams Famil

Hiram and Mary Willimas Family;

Mary, Lorrenzo, Ernest, Hiram, Alice
This is the only photo I have found which includes Ernest who die at age 17 of a gun accident.

Hiram Williams Famil

Hiram and Mary Willimas Family;

Back Row: Abbie, Lorenzo, Hannah
Front Row: Alice, Hiram. Mary, Francis





" HIRAM d. WILLIAMS. The farmer located on section 24, Vassar Township, Tuscola County, is he whose name appears above. He is a son of Isaac Williams, a native of New York, who went to Canada when fourteen years of age, and there spent the remainder of his life. He married Mary Claus, a native of the Dominion, and to them were born twelve children, eight sons and four daughters. He was always a farmer and socially an agitator. He died March 29, 1868, and his wife May 19, 1879.

Hiram d. Williams was born August 17, 1837, in Canada. He was reared in his native place and in his young manhood was married to Miss Mary Hunt, a daughter of Hezekiah Hunt, a native of Maine, who emigrated to Canada, and there married Hannah Kinney, a native of Nova Scotia. Mrs. Williams was one of nine children born to her parents, there being six daughters and three sons. Her father was a farmer by calling. In their church affiliations they were members of the Church of England.

To our subject and his wife seven children have been born. They are: Mary F., Margaret H. (deceased), Hannah E., Abigail J., Lorenzo H., Alice M., and Ernest L. Mr. Williams has always been interested in farming. He came to Michigan in 1875, and settled in Vassar Township on a farm of one hundred and ten acres. He now owns fifty-two acres. He has cleared his land and put upon it excellent improvements, having set out a fine orchard as well as built a good class of buildings upon his place. He was one of the first settlers in this part of the township. "

Gen 2 Lorenzo (Ren) Hiram Williams Myrtle Mae Brown
Birth 27 Mar 1871 Ontario CAN 9 Apr 1878 Grand Blanc T, Genesee Co, MI
Death 9 Aug 1947 Juniata Tuscola Co, MI 23 Oct 1958 Juniata Tuscola Co, MI
Burial Fremont Cemetery, Mayville MI Stroke Fremont Cemetery, Mayville MI
Parents Hiram Williams Mary Hunt John Brown Ella Kramer
Misc. Lumberjack Farmer Farmer's wife
Marriage 24 Nov 1897 Vassar
Thomas McMinn

Photos of the descendants of Isaac & Mary Claus Williams

Thomas McMinn

Photos of the Descendats of James Harvey Delecty Chase Brown



Lorenzo Williams Family

Lorenzo and Mrytle Williams Family ca

Back Row: ?Hazel?, Alice, Lorenzo, Myrtle, Tony Highstreet, ?Austin?
Front Row: Mary, Hiram, Alvie, Clare, Robert Highstreet, Mary, Maurice, Llyod

Lorenzo Williams Family

Lorenzo and Mrytle Family ca 1935

Maurice, Alvie, Don, Claire, Mack, Mary. Jim, Mrytle, Lloyd, Lorenzo

  <h3>Lorenzo and Mrytle Family ca</h3>

Lorenzo and Mrytle Williams Family ca 1945

Back: Maurice, Elizabeth, Vin, Leora, Mary, Mack, Beulah, Lloyd, Mrytle, Lorenzo, Abbie
Front: Dorothy, John Bruce, David, Jim, Lee, Bob

Williams Family Videos

There were films taken at the same time as the 2 photos above. Clare WIlliams took many films of the families in the 40s to 60s. I have taken the 5 DVDs & compiled them into 3 smaller videos: The new videos are enhanced compared to the orginals. The YouTube videos are very compressed and therefore lower quality. If you email me with your mailing address I will send you a flash drive of the higher quality files.

The family includes Lorenzo's sister Abbie, his sister Francis' son Earl Adams and family, and his cousin Cora as well as all his children and some of their families.
Williams Family https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sIKpnCyh9I
Fishing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nMb2hO9dgA
Hunting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=outIMEEUx4s (lot of dead deer - so if you think of meat as coming in neat plastic packages you might not like this one)

The original DVS. There is some mixing by topic in each DVD. So a Hunting clip might appear in a Fishing DVD
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os6W3wdnVEs (Williams and Enos families)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTAkCUAR_gE (Hunting)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbXyEzLz1C4 (Fishing One)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b94uWIsmwI (Fishing Two)



Gen 1 Maurice Ward Williams Leora Alice McMinn
Birth 11 Jul 1907 Juniata MI 11 Sep 1908 Honeycreek WI
Death 5 Jun 1975 Flint MI 10 Oct 2003 Thousand Palms CA
Burial Anorism Rich Cemetery, Mayville MI Rich Cemetery, Mayville MI
Parents Lorenzo Williams Myrtle Mae Brown John McMinn Mary Rice
Misc. Auto Worker Grade school Teacher B.A.
Marriage 14 Mar 1942 Parsonage, Mayville MI John McMinn

Maurice Williams family

Maurice and Leora Family ca 1948

Leora, John Bruce,Maurice, Linda

Maurice Williams family
Maurice and Leora Family ca 1959

Maurice, Linda, Leora, John Bruce



Isaac Williams ancestors/relatives based on DNA

Using y-dna testing, the following have a shared common ancestor to Isaac Williams. y-dna testing is only used to say 2 men have a common male ancestor through the male descent - that is father to son to grandson etc. Typically both the tester and the ancestor have the same last name unless there has been a name change between a father and son at some point in the line of descent. So any direct male descendant of our Isaac Williams ancestor with have identical or nearly identical y-dna tests. The y-dna markers chosen to test are a mix of markers that mutate at different rates to try and separate how close the association is.

The good news is there are 3 likely men who are related to our Isaac. Two arel likely brothers, 1st cousins, 2nd cousins and the 3rd a little more distant. The bad news is unfortunately none have parents etc that are confirmed for them. So its not advancing us to a breakthrough in our tree immediatley, but it gives us a place to focus our research instead of the entire state of NY. The 2 closest (Adonijah and Ira Vincent) came from the same town in NY Catatonk (Candor) Tioga County NY. The third (Ambroise) is a little further genetically. He was born in NY and moved to NJ and then PA. Exactly where he came from in NY is unknown. Catatonk (Candor) Tioga County NY actually has a lot of Williams around the early 1800's A Hiram Williams has a lot of identified ancestors but so far is not connected to Adonijah, Ira Vincent or our Isaac. But Hiram is interesting as the names Hiram and Isaac go up his tree. Still they are common names. Others have speculated a Thomas Williams is the father of Adonijah and Ira Vincent.

We have a second Isaac Willimas direct male descnednat who has taken a y-dna test. He has one mutation diffent from my brother. nces between . Next step is to try and find if there ane any direct male descnedants of other William sfrom Catatonk (Candor) Tioga County NY to see if any of the Williams in that town such as Hiram b. 1757 CT who lived in Catatonk (Candor) are connected via y-dna testing. What y-dna testing does is rule in or rule our a relationship based on direct male descent even if it does not answere the specific details of the connection.

I have checked and I do have an autosomal match to a descendant of Ira Vincent Williams. I would like all my Williams cousins who have done autosomal tests to look for any matches to these men. I also have an autosomal match to someone who has an ancestor Simeon Williams qho lived in Candor NY during that same period of time. With autosomal you do not know how you are related but that bears further investigation.

But this is a significant improvement over just knowing Isaac was born in NY to unknown parents. If any one wants to look at the details of the DNA markers for Isaac and these men below let me know and I will give you access.

Tioga County Williams


Gen Adonijah Williams second wife ? Phebe A
Birth 1805 Candor, Tioga Co. NY 1811 VT
Death 1884 Tioga Co. NY 1877 Candor, Tioga Co. NY
Parents b. NY b. NY    
Gen Ira Vicent Williams Olive Cook
Birth 1814 Catatonk, Tioga County, NY 10 Jul 1817 Spencer, Tioga County, NY
Death 27 Jun 1847 Canton, Bradford County PA 2 Dec 1899 Marshlands, Tioga County PA
Gen Amos Williams Eliza Stickels
Birth 1810-1812 NY 1814 NJ
Death after 1880 not the civil war veteran    
Parents b. NY b. NY    
Marriage 18 Aug 1834 Andover, Sussex, NJ