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Genealogy Family Trees: Hunt , Kinney
Locations: Michigan, Bayham Elgin Canada, Little Tracadie Antigonish Nova Scotia Canada

  Parents Grandparents
Matterson/Madison Hunt
Hezekiah Hunt
Mary Ellen Hunt
Samuel Kinney
Hannah Kinney
Margaret Davis

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Hunt Family Tree

Hunt Name Meaning: English: occupational name for a hunter, Old English hunta (a primary derivative of huntian ‘to hunt’). The term was used not only of the hunting on horseback of game such as stags and wild boars, which in the Middle Ages was a pursuit restricted to the ranks of the nobility, but also to much humbler forms of pursuit such as bird catching and poaching for food.

Gen 6 Matterson/Madison Hunt Ann
Death 1824-1827 Gut of Canso, Guysborough, Nova Scotia  
Misc. Church of England Church of England



Charleston, SC ca Jun 1780 to July 1782

Charleston fell to the British on 12 May 1780 and loyalists from other areas came there. The following are all the records I have found for Mattherson Hunt as a loyalist and they appear to be all the same person with the possible exception of the Camden Militia. Mathewson's first militia unit also lists Jonas Bedford. After that Jonas is listed as a refugee. The Camden Militia unit could be a different person as the dates overlap with the North Carolina Militia but there are several people in both lists who served first in Camden Nov-Dec then North Carolina. Matterson's entry does not say Camden is just Nov-Dec but if so all the dates make sense for one person. Otherwise there are two with one appearing no where else but the Camden Militia. They appeared to physically reside on James Island. I am unsure how many thousands of refugees but there were a lot.

They paid the militia units through the end of Dec even if they were evacuated before. During these last few months, refugees could go a number of places such as Nova Scotia, Jamaica, England, and St. Augustine. It is unknown if the Hunt family had a choice but Matterson's militia commander organized a group to go to Nova Scotia. But the Hunts went to St. Augustine and eventually from there to Nova Scotia.

St. Augustine, FL July 1782 to July 1784

I am unsure how many thousands of refugees there were but there were a lot. I do not know if they had militias in FL but perhaps that source of income in SC was not an option in FL. Reading about the situation seems it was very difficult,

On September 3, 1783, by Treaty of Paris, gave control of East Florida back to Spain then they left St. Augustine there were 3 children.

Many refugees appeared to still hope it would remain in British hands but in Feb 1784 those hopes were dashed and evacuations really sped up. Their conditions had deteriorated as much had little assets. June 1784, Governor Zespedes and 500 Spanish soldiers arrived from Cuba to take over the colony although an extension of the evacuation had been negotiated. The refugees could go to a number of places such as Nova Scotia, Jamaica, and England. It is unknown what options the Hunt family had and if they did have a choice why they chose Nova Scotia.

The family traveled from St. Augustine to Nova Scotia on the Argo where he received 350 acres in Gut of Canso Guysborough based on the size of the family.

Guysborough, Nova Scotia July 1784

They arrived on between 13 and 29 Jul 1784 in Halifax before going to Chedabucto (Guysborough). Governor John Parr wrote on 29 Jul 1784 from Halifax (an apparent reference to the Argo) " a Transport arriiv'd a few dys ago from St. Augustine, with 260 miserable Wretches, without a shilling, naked, destitute of almost every necessary of life."

Gen 5 Hezekiah Hunt Hannah Kinney
Birth 24 Mar 1790, 4 Oct 1790 (B) Christ Church Guysborough. Nova Scotia, Canada 1801 Little Tracadie, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death 1849 Little Tracadie after 1871
Parents Matterson/Madison Hunt Ann Samuel Kinney Margaret Davis
Misc. Church of England Church of England


Hunt Family Photos This is a PDF document with Hunt Family Photos including James Madison Hunt, sons George and Alva and some wives and children.

Kinney Family Tree

Kinney Name Meaning: Scottish: reduced form of McKinney which is Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cionaodha or Mac Cionaoith ‘son of Cionaodh’, a personal name which is probably composed of the elements cion ‘respect’, ‘affection’ + Aodh, a Gaelic personal name, originally the name of the Celtic god of fire. The personal name thus probably means ‘beloved of Aodh’. Northern Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Coinnigh ‘son of Coinneach’, an Old Irish personal name equivalent to Scottish Kenneth. Compare Kenny.

Gen 6 Samuel Kinney Margaret Davis>
Birth US. (NH or England?) by 1772 US.
Death 9 Apr 1835 (B) Little Tracadie Antigonish Nova Scotia 1851 Little River, Nova Scotia
Burial famiy farm Little Tracadie
Misc. Farmer Church of England Church of England
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