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Clementina Baranello from Ferrazzano Italy


Includes Families: Baranello: Line 1, Baranello: Line 2, Cerio, Perrello, Roccia, di Stefano, Valerio

Ancestry of Clementina Baranello

All family name meanings come from Dictionary of American Family Names at

compobassoso mapShe came from Ferrazzano which is a town south of the town of Campobasso in the region of Molise. Her husband Carmine Martino came from a nearby town of Monacilioni. This is south east of Rome and north east of Naples. Although their towns are some what in the same area of Italy, both had been in the US a number of years before they married. Clementina's brothers lived near Carmen in Philadelphus and were all stone masons.


Ferrazzano is dominated by a 15th century castle.


The main old church is beautiful inside.

ferrazzano ferrazano

The family names are in alphabetical not chronological order. You start with the most recent person - in this case Clementina Baranello.  Her father's line will appear above her physically and her mother's line will branch elsewhere based on her maiden name. Use the chart below to help you see the organization.

Parents Grandparents

Carlo Baranello Giovanni Baranello
Clementina Baranello
Maria Vincenza Valerio

Francesca di Stefano Giocomo di Stefano

Maria Saveria Baranello

Baranello: Line 1

Baranello Name Meaning: Italian (Molise): habitational name from Baranello, a mountain community in Campobasso province.

Line 1 & 2 are unrelated at this point.

Line 1:
Gen 12 Francesco Baranello* Cornelia D'Albino
Birth ca 1580

* name is spelled Varnello in Church Registry

Gen 11  Marc'Aurelio Baranello*  Laura Antonia Saluppo
Birth 3 Apr 1617 (Bap.) Ferrazzano

Parents Francesco Baranello  Cornelia D'Albino Giulio Saluppo
Married 16 Jul 1649 Ferrazzano    

m. 2nd Domenica Salducci on 5 Nov 1656

m. 3rd Domenica Di Pietro

* name is spelled Varnello in Church Registry

Gen 10  Francesco Baranello*  Domenica Verde
Birth 16 Apr 1651 (Bap.) Ferrazzano 27 Mar 1685 Ferrazzano
  8 Aug 1720 Ferrazzano
Buried     Santa Croce Cemetary.  
Parents Marc'Aurelio  Baranello Laura Antonia Saluppo Alessandro Verde Agata Canestrano d. 21 Jun 1703 Ferrazzano
Married 23 Sep 1678 Ferrazzano    

* name is spelled Varniello in Church Registry

Gen 9   Giacinto Antonio Baranello  Agata di Fazio
Birth 27 Jan 1689 (Bap.) Ferrazzano 1700 Ferrazzano
Death 29 Apr 1769 Ferrazzano 2 Aug 1762 Ferrazzano
Parents Francesco Baranello Domenica Verde Scipione di Fazio Ursala Valerio
Married 26 Jan 1717 Ferrazzano    

* name is spelled Iacinto Antonio Varniello in Church Registry

Gen 8  Albino Baranello  Elisabetta D'Albino
Birth 21 Feb 1740 (Bap.) Ferrazzano 1742 Ferrazzano
  1 Dec 1820 Ferrazzano
Parents Giacinto Antonio Baranello Domenica Verde Giambattista  D'Albino Domenica Perrella ?? b. ca 1721 d. 13 Aug 1811 parents: Nicola Perrella & Antonia Vecina of Campobasso
Married 23 Jan 1764 Ferrazzano

dominica This is the death certificate for Dominica Perrella d.13 Aug 1811 age 90 and represents the person with the earliest birth date from the civil registration records that I found. 

The way the record reads is that the first part has the date the certificate was filed and the names and detail about the persons filing the record. The middle section has the name of the deceased, age, and residance, date of death followed by at the end the section who she was a daughter 'figlia' of. The final section has some standard boilerplate with the signitures.

In later records you find occupation added in and sometimes the spouse name. Note the document lists her maiden name and not her married name.

Gen 7 Mariano Baranello  Nicolina Roccia
Birth 15 Sep 1770 Ferrazzano 12 Nov 1770 Ferrazzano
Death 8 Mar 1849  Ferrazzano 3 Dec 1836 Ferrazzano
Parents Albino Baranello Elisabetta D'Albino Marcantonio Roccia Costanza Maselli 
Married 15 Feb 1790 Ferrazzano    
Gen 6 Giacomo Baranello Cecilia Cerio
Birth ca 1792 Ferrazzano ca 1793 Ferrazzano
Death 8 Nov 1868 Ferrazzano 2 Dec 1881 Ferrazzano
Parents Mariano Baranello Nicolina Roccia Nicola Cerio Teresa Angela Zuccarelli
Occupation Shoemaker

Married 20 Jul 1811 Ferrazzano

Gen 5 Giovanni Antonio Baranello  Maria Vincenza Valerio1
Birth 10 Feb 1819
21 May 1820 Ferrazzano
Death 3 Apr 1889   21 Feb 1860  Ferrazzano
Parents Giacoma Baranello Cecilia Cerio Carlo Valerio Agata Cerio
Occupation Shoemaker

Married 26 May 1839 Ferrazzano

by Maria Vincenza Valerio by Savaria Baranello


Gen 4 Carlo Baranello  Francesca di Stefano
Birth 12 Aug 1840 Ferrazzano 3 Dec 1846 Ferrazzano
Death 10 Jul 1884 Ferrazzano 15 Feb 1929 Phil. PA

Fernwood Cemetery 6501 Baltimore Ave. Phil
Parents Giovanni Baranello Vincenza Valerio Giacomo di Stefano Maria Savaria Baranello
Occupation Shoemaker

Married 23 May 1760

1. Giacomo (James) b. 5 Sep 1862  Ferrazzano m.  31 Dec 1884  Ferrazzano Filomena Limbo b. ca 1860 (C: Millie b.1887 m. Ralph Leone, Charles b. 1892,  John b. 1895)

2. Maria Giovina b. 2 Sep 1865  Ferrazzano m. 23 Jul 1891 Dominata Franceso Baranello (son of Angelantonio) (C: Carmine, Angelina, Conchetina)

3. Maria Amalia b. 1 Jun 1868  Ferrazzano m. Giovanni Baranello (C: Stanley, Frederick, b. 4 Jun 1892 d. Oct 1975 Syracuse NY, Eva b. 5 Jan 1894 d.Jul 1978 Syracuse NY, James 1 Aug 1895 d. Apr 1978 Syracuse NY, Maria ?b.14 Feb 1893 d. Nov 1981 Syracuse NY )

4. Maria  Vincenza b. 15 Feb 1871-3 Ferrazzano d. by 24 May 1940 Fernwood Cem m. 17 Jun 1899  Ferrazzano Giuseppe (Joseph)  Fortunato b. ca 1873 d. by 29 Oct 1934 Fernwood Cem (C: Angelina b. 31 Mar 1900 d. 14 Feb 1989 m. 24  Oct 1920 Philadelphia Modestino (Morris) Martino, Francis, Antonio b. 1906 d. by 10 Jan 2001 Fernwood Cem,  Edith, Rocco, Helena m. ? Steino, Frederick b. 21 Aug 1914 d. 20 Nov 1993) (She had a previous marriage)

5. Clementina b. 9 Oct 1874 Ferrazzano, Campobasso, Italy d. 3 Oct 1921 Phil. PA m. 20 Jan 1896 Phil. PA Carmine Antonio Martino

6. Giovanni (John) b. 21 Dec 1876  Ferrazzano d. 30 Dec 1965 Phila m. 1899 Phila, PA  (license 115505) Rosaria Vignola (C: Rigoletti b.15 Mar 1901 d. Sep 1982 Camden, Dessema b. 1903, Bohema b. 1906, Giaconda b. 1908, Traviato b. 1910, Norma b. 1911, Faust b. 9 Nov 1912 d. Oct 1978 Phili PA )

7. Elvira b. 6 Feb 1880  Ferrazzano m. 1897  Phila, PA (license 91994) Nuziato Tumini (C: Elizabeth, Angelo b. 12 Jun 1900 d. Jul 1972 Phila, Charles b. 1905, Albert b. 1908, Romeo b. 11 Nov 1909 d. Oct 1974 Phila,  Vittorio b. 30 Sep 1911 d. 17 Oct 1993 Phila, Juliette b. 1916, Frances b. 1920)

Francesca Baranello, As I did the work though another person emerged who also became interesting just through the dates and photos. It was Francesca Baranello. She was the only great-grandparent of Carmen's to come to this country. Her father died when she was four. Her mother married her husband Carlo's father the same day she married Carlo at age 13. 13 was very young and I found no such other early marriages in the family. Did they marry because their parents didn't want 2 unmarried, unrelated young people in the house? The only sibling I could find was a half-sister born from this second marriage a little before her first son was born when she was 15. At 37 she became a widow with several small children. A few years later both her mother and step-father died within months of each other. A few years after that she came to the US where she already had some sons living.  Two of her daughters were considered wonderful seamstresses. This photo shows her making a quilt. Did she support herself through sewing? She did have one vanity - she fibbed about her age after she left Italy. According to her tombstone she would have been 6 when her first son was born! I have the actual records so the birth date I have here is correct. In each census of 1900, 1910, and 1920 she lived with a different child. All in all she must have been one strong lady. 

Francesca, sewing

Francesca,  Clementina, on the right and  francesca baranello
probably Vincenza and Elvera probably on the left. 
Picture taken in Campobasso, Italy 

Maria Amalia
Maria Amalia


Francesca, Clementina, and Elvira came to the US together arriving December 27, 1893 on the Neustria. 

Built by Claparede & Compan, Rouen, France, for Fabre Line, French flag, in 1883  and named Neustria. Spanish-American War troopship service. Lost without trace in the North Atlantic in 1909.


Francesca made a return trip to Italy and came back 10 Apr 1908 on the Ancona with her son-in-law Carmine Martino. She went to visit her daughter Giovina.

Built for Italia Line, in 1907 and named Ancona. Italy-New York service service. Torpedoed and sunk by an Austrian submarine off Sardinia in 1915.



Baranello: Line 2

I have not connected this to above line.
Gen 7  Francesco Baranello Vittoria Perrella
Birth ca 1726 Ferrazzano ca 1733 Ferrazzano
Death 8 Aug 1802 Ferrazzano 6 Mar 1805 Ferrazzano
Gen 6 Onofrio Baranello Maria Antonia Perrella2
Birth ca 1778 Ferrazzano ca 1791 Ferrazzano
Death 10 Oct 1858 Ferrazzano 1872 Ferrazzano
Parents Francesco Baranello Vittoria Perrella Ignazio Perrella Rosa De Nanno
Occupation Property Owner

Married 23 Jun 1814 Ferrazzano
rue Trombetta
by Maria Grafio1 (sp.) by Maria Antonia Perrella2



Cerio Name Meaning: Southern Italian: from a variant of the personal name Ceri which is probably from a diminutive of the personal name Ceri, which has various origins: it can be a topographic name (see Cerro); a nickname for someone with curly hair, from Latin cirrus ‘lock’, ‘curl’; alternatively, it can be from a diminutive of Ricciere, Riccieri (more commonly found as Rizziero), with loss of the first syllable; or from a short form of the Latin occupational name cereterius ‘wax seller’.

Line 1 , 2, & 3 are unrelated at this point.

Line 1:

Gen 6   Basila Cerio Lucia Cerio
Birth ca 1735   ca 1730
Death 17 Dec 1810
3 Jan 1810

Nicola Cerio Isabella Valerio
Occupation property owner

Gen 5   Nicola Cerio Teresa  Filippone
Birth ca 1752   ca 1759
Death 28 Nov 1810
30 Apr 1819
Parents Basila Cerio Lucia Cerio Giacoma Antonio Filippone Rosalia Perrella
Occupation property owner

Line 2:

Gen 5   Nicola Cerio Teresa  Angela Zuccarelli
Birth ca 1770   ca 1768
Death 11 Aug 1840
22 Apr 1818
Parents Domenico Cerio Agnese Pistello Gabrielle Zuccarelli Emannala Ciccona
Occupation property owner

Line 3:

Gen 7   Giovanni Cerio Catarina Farinocci
Birth ca 1762   ca 1754 Gildone
Death 14 Apr 1802 Ferrazzano 25 Feb 1834
Parents Angelo Antonio Cerio of Ricola Agata Verde Filippo Nicola Farinocci from Gildone Emanuela Syarania (sp.)


Gen 7    Ignazio Perrella Rosa di Nanno
Birth ca 1742-4
ca 1750
Death 24 Jan 1830 Ferrazzano 16 Apr 1830
Parents Savario Perrella Anna Della Chiasse Nicola di Nanno Tomasina Fercazzo
Occupation landlord


Gen 8   ?Marco Roccia Costanza Maselli

ca 1742

2 Apr 1812
Parents Dominico Roccia
Francesco Maselli Antonia di Fazio

di Stefano

Di stefano Name Meaning: Italian: patronymic from the personal name Stefano, from Greek Stephanos (see Steven).

Gen 7   Fancesco di Stefano Benedetta di Puzo
Birth ca 1757
ca 1760
Death 8 Apr 1837 Ferrazzano 19 Sep 1811
Parents Dominico di Stefano Luigia Pravaure Natale di Puzo Brigida d'Atri
Occupation Mason

Gen 6 Dominico Nicola di Stefano1 Francesca Serafina Cerio
Birth ca 1792
ca 1781
Death 15 Jun 1814 Ferrazzano 25 Nov 1831
Parents Fancesco di Stefano Benedetta di Passo Nicola Cerio Teresa Filippone
Occupation Mason

Married  16 Jan 1810 strata Trombetta
strada del Caftello


Gen 5 Giocomo di Stefano1 Maria Saveria Baranello2
Birth 3 Mar 1811 Ferrazzano 4 May 1819 Ferrazzano
Death 12 Apr 1851  Ferrazzano 25 Feb 1889 Ferrazzano
Parents Dominico di Stefano Francesca Cerio Onofrio Baranello Maria Antonia Perrella 
Occupation Mason

Married 23 Dec 1845



Valerio Name Meaning: Spanish and Italian: from the personal name Valerio (Latin Valerius, a Roman family name ultimately derived from Latin valere ‘to flourish’, ‘to be strong and healthy’). The name was borne by several minor Christian saints, among them 4th-century bishops of Trier and Zaragoza and 5th-century bishops of Sorrento and of Antibes.

Gen 8 Vincenzo Valerio Teresa Valerio
Birth ca 1757
ca 1758
Death 24 Dec 1817   20 Feb 1828
Parents Libero Valerio Givolania Cerio Dominico Valerio Givolania Roccia
Gen 7   Matteo Valerio Rosalia Barila
Birth ca 1776
1779 Campodipieta 
Death 29 Jul 1826   4 Sep 1837
Parents Vincenzo Valerio Teresa Valerio Dominico Barila from Campodipieta  Bernadetta Fannaccio
Occupation Lavtore

Gen 6 Carlo Mario Valerio Agata Cerio
Birth 26 Dec 1799
3 Dec 1798
Death 9 Apr 1827   15 Dec 1866
Parents Matteo Valerio Rosalia Barila Giovanni Cerio Catarina Farinocci
Occupation Landlord    
Married 14 May 1819    


  Genealogy is my hobby and I actually did the work for my husband Carmen and his family. As I completed this work Carmen asked me who my favorite person was. At the start it was Carmine Martino because I heard many stories about him. He is remembered by many of his grandchildren plus I loved the image of him in his white dapper suit surrounded by his 7 sons. He still fascinates me.

The reading of the Italian records was interesting as I had no experience and do not read or speak Italian much less the formal Italian of 100-200 years ago. One of the most interesting things I learned is that Italian women did not change their name when they married. In the very early morte (death) records the spouse was not even listed. This made it much easier to trace them as remarriages if their husband died did not effect the name on their death record.

Linda Martino