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The Martino Family: A Legacy of Art

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The Martinos in the United States

Philadelphia founded the commercial art studio Martinos Studio. Several of the brothers were renowned for their fine art paintings as well as the commercial studio. The family genealogy tree Includes their father Carmine Martino a stone mason from Monacilioni Italy and Clementina Baranello Martino a buttonhole maker from Ferrazzano Italy.

The Martino Family: A Legacy of Art is a new book by James McClelland. It can be ordered from PA Bookstore

The story starts with their hard-working parents who emigrated to America in the late 1800s, settling in Philadelphia to raise nine children. The seven Martino Brothers all became artists. They were Francesco, Antonio, Giovanni, Alberto, Ernesto, William and Edmund.

Author James McClelland saw this family of dedicated artists as a story that needed to be told. He embarked on a journey of research and interviews, delving into the family's history and ctreative accomplishments. McClelland's research revealed that this amazing family of artists is very much underrated and relatively unknown. Yet, there are numerous galleries todaythat champion their art with works held in many prominent museums around the country.

This book is comprised of 192 pages, contains more than 150 illustrations and is printed in full color. Each edition is plastic wrapped for shipping.

Carmine and Clementina Martino and their children in the US are below
The ancestry of Carmine Martino of Monacilioni Italy The ancestry of Clementina Baranello Martino of Ferrazzano Italy The siblings: Frank, Filomena, Antonio, Albert, Ernest, Giovanni, William, Edmund
Gen 3 Carmine Antonio Martino Clementina Baranello
Birth 8 Apr 1871 Monacilioni, Campobasso, Italy 19 Oct 1874 Ferrazzano, Campobasso, Italy
Death 5 Mar 1955 Marple Twp Delaware Co PA 3 Oct 1921 Philadelphia, PA
Buried Holy Cross Cemetery Darby PA Holy Cross Cemetery Darby PA
Parents Modestino Martino Filomena Varonese Carlo Baranello Francesca Di Stefano
Occupation Stone Mason   Buttonhole Maker  
Marriage 20 Jan 1896 Philadelphia PA (license 81960) St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi Church
714 Monrose St.
Rev. A. Isoleri
  1. Modestino Francesco b. 4 Dec 1896 Phila d. 9 Sep 1941
  2. Filomena b. 3 Aug 1898 Phila d. 29 Apr 1923
  3. Antoniotta b. Apr 1900 d. 1902
  4. Antonio Pietro b. 13 Apr 1902 d. 3 Sep 1988 m. Mary J. Hoffsterrer  
  5. Alberto Benedict Francis b. 14 May 1904 d. Nov 1980 NJ m. 1935 Catherine Marie Viti 
  6. Ernesto b. 13 May 1906 d. 6 Jan 1981 m. 14 Jul 1934 Phil. PA Giovannina Maria (Jean) Rasso (Ross) b. 5 Jun 1912 d. 3 Apr 1986
  7. Giovanni b. 1 May 1908 d. 1 Feb 1998 m. 12 May ? Eva Marinelli b. 15 Oct 1916
  8. Guglielmo William Clement b. 21 Jul 1910 d. 23 Apr 1980 m. 31 Jan 1936 Rose DeLaney b. 27 Jun 1917 d. 13 Jul 1970 
  9. Edmundo b. 21 Jun 1915 d. 2 Jan 2000 m. 14 Jan 1939 Victoria Theresa Mustaro (Francis) b.  27 Nov 1918 d.  26 Feb 1985


The Campobasso Italy Italian roots of Carmine and Clementina

The Martinos lived in the commune of Monacilioni which is a village NE of the town of Campobasso in the province of Molise and the Baranello's came from Ferrazzano which is SE of town of Campobasso also in the province of Molise.

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