Photos of the Jeremiah Rice Family

  Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
Jeremiah Abel Rice Hiram Rice
Jonathon Marion Rice Anne Hutchings
Starting Point: Massah Bandy Perrin Bandy
Mary Rice Polly Rice
Samuel Tasker Etherton Samuel Etherton Jr
Sirrilda Escalana Etherton Charlotte Conner
Rebecca Hull Richard Hull
Nancy Ann Stockstill
Zelah Rice Farmer The Rice Family Tree is dedicated to three incredible genealogists. In the 1930's, two genealogists Zelah Rice Farmer (left) and William E. Andrews (right) researched the Rice family and is the foundation of the work we see here today. They wrote letters and distributed their results to family members so their work has been passed down. Its difficult to imagine the hard work involved before the days of copiers etc.
May Jeffers

The third person the tree is dedicated to May Jeffers. May combined the type of work the early researchers had done by contacting descendants throughout the tree with the modern computer methods. This combination of methods has led to a broad success of her work. May and I are are third cousins. She contacted me and along with her husband Gene, welcomed me into their home. May chaffered me around to met other cousins and visit graves. We lost May to a horrible traffic accident in 2006 and she is sorely missed.


? I find many family trees do not clearly state what is speculative information. I have seen my work copied with the question marks removed and the data presented as fact. Please preserve speculative information as it is, unless you have verified something. If you have verified something let me know.


Gen 8 Richard Bandy Elizabeth Cardwell
Birth ?8 Jul 1722 ?Cardington, Bedford, Eng
Death 21 Jul 1795 Botecourt Co. VA  
Parents Thomas Cardwell Martha Perrin
Misc. Farmer

Children of Richard and Elizabeth

Children Richard and Lucy (m. by 23 May 1794 Lucy Justice)


Supporting Info


Richard Bandy Land Records, Will, Estate

Gen 7 Richard C. Bandy Jane 
Birth ca 1750 Cumberland Co. VA
Death 1815 Wilson Co. TN
Parents Richard Bandy Elizabeth Cardwell
Misc. Farmer

Children of Richard and Jane

Resided Comments

Richard C. Band Will & Inventory

Gen 6 Perrin Bandy Polly Rice1
Birth VA
Death 11 Oct 1838 Williamson Co. IL by 1809 Wilson Co. TN
Parents Richard Bandy Jane John Rice5 ? Rice

Children of Perrin and Polly1

Children of Perrin and Letitia2 (m. 25 Dec 1809 Letitia Rice (sister to Polly)

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Gen 10 Thomas Cardwell Anne
Birth 1660
Death after 1717 Henrico Co. VA
Parents ?Thomas Cardwell ?Mary

Children of Thomas and Anne

Gen 9 Thomas Cardwell Martha Perrin
Birth ca 1686
Death after 2 Dec 1772 Henrico Co. VA 1751 Henrico Co. VA
Parents Thomas Cardwell Anne Thomas Perrin Anne Porter

Children of Thomas and Martha


Thomas Cardwell Will


Gen 8 John Hix son of John Hixe
Misc. Farmer

Children of John and ?



Gen 7 ? Hutchings
Misc. Farmer


Gen 10 Thomas Perrin Anne Porter
Birth 1639
Death 1688-9 Henrico Co. VA by 3 Mar 1711 (W) Henrico Co. VA
Parents Robert Porter

Children of Thomas and Anne


Ann Porter Perrin Will


Gen 11 Robert Porter ?
Death by 1 Oct 1651(W) Henrico Co. VA by 1688

Children of Robert and ?



Line 1:

Gen 10 Thomas Rice Ann Marcy Hews
Birth 1650-60 Shirementon Bristol England
Death by 1711 lost at sea 1722
Marriage 1679 New Kent Co. Va

Children of Thomas and Ann


Gen 9 John Rice2 ?
Birth 18 Sep 1698
Death Caswell Co. TN
Parents Thomas Marcy    

Children of John and ?

Gen 8 John Rice 3 Lettisha
Birth by 1726
Death 14 Nov 1796(W) Caswell Co. TN
Misc. Farmer

Children of John and Lettisha

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Line 2:

Gen 7 John Rice5 ?Mary Rice
Death Jul 1822(W) Wilson Co. TN
Parents John Rice Sr.3 Letitia
Misc. Farmer

Children of John and ?Mary

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Line 3:

Gen 7 James Rice Sr. Alice Hix Hicks
Birth 6 Jul 1736 8 Apr 1742
Death 8 Dec 1809 Logan Co. KY after James
Misc. Farmer

Children of James and Alice

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Gen 6 Hiram Rice Sr. Anne/Anna Hutchings1
Birth 30 Jun 1778 Caswell Co. NC 16 Nov 1776
Death 9 Oct 1844 Robertson Co. TN 16 Nov 1839 Robertson Co. TN
Parents James Rice Sr. Alice Hix
Misc. Farmer
Marriage 3 Nov 1800 KY or TN

Children of Hiram and Anne



Gen 5 Jeremiah Abel Rice Massey Bandy1
Birth 26 Mar 1803 KY 24 Mar 1804 Wilson C. TN
Death 14 May 1878 Nashville IL 19 Nov 1845 Nashville IL
Burial Rice/Larken Cem. private farm Rice/Larken Cem. private farm
Parents Hiram Rice Sr. Anne Hutchings Perrin Bandy Polly Rice
Misc. Farmer Homemaker
Marriage 22 Jul 1824 Sumner Co. TN William Peter, John Spiller

Children of Jeremiah and Massah Bandy1

Children of Jeremiah and Mary2 (m. 31 May 1848 Mary Holcomb Stanley-Neighbors2 b. Sep 1814 d. 14 Apr 1901 Golden City Barton MO)


Photos of the Jeremiah Rice Family



Jeremiah and Family Land Records
Jeremiah and Massah Graves

Gen 4 Jonathan Marion Rice Sirrilda Escalana Etherton
Birth 11 Jul 1827 TN 4 Jun 1830 Jackson Co. IL
Death 28 Oct 1892 Tamaroa IL 17 Sep 1927 Centralia IL
Cause Endocarditus chronic
Burial Tamaroa Cem Tamaroa IL Tamaroa Cem Tamaroa IL
Parents Jeremiah Rice Massah Bandy Samuel Tasker Etherton 3rd Rebecca Hull
Misc. Teacher farmer Farmer's wife Baptist
Marriage 30 Jan 1851 Perry Co. IL

Children of Jonathon and Sirrilda

Photos of the Jonathon Rice and Sirrilda Etherton Rice Family



Jonathon Rice's teaching certificate 1 April 1848
Marriage license for Sirrilda and Jonathon