Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
Thomas Osborne McMinn John McMinn
John Bascom McMinn Elizabeth Black
Starting Point: Georgeanne Blankenship William Harvey Blankenship
Leora McMinn Williams Elizabeth Susan Hudgens
Jonathon Marion Rice Jeremiah Abel Rice
Mary Rice Massah Bandy
Sirrilda Escalana Etherton Samuel Tasker Etherton
Rebecca Hull



Gen 7 Nathan Byars Drucilla Harrelson
Birth 1749 Granville, NC 1753 Orange NC
Death 15 Aug 1846 Spartanburg, SC    
Parents   Burgess Harrelson Elizabeth Gaines



Gen 10 Peter Harrelson Rebekka Mary Chambers
Birth 1633 Holland 1637 New Kent County, VA
Death 1715 Hanover County, VA 1664 New Kent County, VA
Parents     Edward Chambers Elizabeth Harrison
Buried St. Peters Parish cem Putney's Mill, New Kent County, VA    
Misc Danish Army Captain      
Gen 9 Peter Paul Harrelson Rebecca Burgess
Birth ca 1669 Denmark 1667 Hanover County, VA
Death 18 Aug 1718 (W) - 5 Apr 1734 (P) St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County, VA 1 Apr 1734 New Kent County, VA
Parents Peter Harrelson Rebekka Mary Chambers Joseph Burgess Patience Freeman
Misc Sea Captain      
Marriage ca 1690 Hanover County, VA  

Gen 8 Burgess Harrelson Elizabeth Gaines
Birth ca 1718 Hanover County, VA 1720 Hanover, VA
Death 9 Oct 1772  Orange County, NC 1758 NC
Parents Peter Paul Harrelson Rebecca Burgess Fnu Gaines Sarah Green
Marriage 1715  St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County, VA  


Gen 11 Jacob Luursen Van Kuykendall

Styntie Douwes

Birth   Wageningen, Gelderland, Holland Jan 1616/17 Netherlands
Death 25 Oct 1653 Fort Orange, New Netherlands    
Parents Luur Van Kijkin-tdal   Souwe Wiggersz Agniete Coensen
Marriage 28 Aug 1638 Amsterdam  
Gen 10 Luur Jacobsen Van Kuykendall Grietje Artze Tack
Birth 29 May 1650 NY, NY 29 May 1663 16 Aug 1663 (C) Kingston, Ulster, NY
Death 1720   1720  
Parents Jacob Luursen Van Kuykendall Styntie Douwes Aert Pietersen Tack (son of Pieter) was born Abt. 1620 in Etten, (Barony of Breda, North Brabant, Netherlands) Annetje Arien
Marriage 1680 NY, NY  

Gen 9

Cornelius Van Kuykendall

Marretjen Wesvaal
Birth 30 May 1686 Kingston, NY Aug 1685 Orange, NY
Death     1753 PA
Parents Luur Jacobsen Van Kuykendall Grietje Artze Tack Johannes Jurianse Westvaal Marretjen Jacobsen Kool
Marriage 1704 - 1705 Orange, NY  
Gen 8 Abraham Kukendall Elizabeth Fidler
Birth 18 Oct 1719 Kingston Church, Deerpark, NY    
Parents Cornelius Van Kuykendall Marretjen Wesvaal  



Gen 7 Robert McMinn Jane Kuykendall
Birth 1750 Northern Ireland ca 1745 - 1750 Tryon, NC
Death 1797 Rutherford, NC ca 1840 - 1850 Union, GA
Parents     Abraham Kuykendall Elizabeth Fidler
Marriage ca 1771 Tryon, NC    


Gen 6 William Abraham McMinn Mary Margaret Byars
Birth 1772 Tryon NC    
Death 1839   1862 Marion County AL
Parents Robert McMinn Jane Kuykendall Nathan Byars Drucilla Harrelson
Gen 5 John McMinn Elizabeth Black
Birth 1813 ?AL or TN 1823 NC
Death 10 May 1859 Jackson Co IL 3 Feb 1873 Jackson Co IL
Burial South Co Line Cem Row 27 Jackson Co IL South Co Line Cem Row 27 Jackson Co. IL
Misc. Farmer Farmer
Marriage 21 Feb 1848 Anna/Jonesboro Union Co IL Martin Collins, Justice of the peace

Children of John and Elizabeth




Tennessee Illinois

Robert b. 1748 d. 1799 m. Sarah Harlan Philadelphia, Chester Co., PA Mary b. 7 Aug 1769 Sarah b. 24 Apr 1772 - no DNA matches to their descndants and they have a son John b. 1766 which makes our John no a realistic son

Gen 4 Thomas Osborne McMinn Georgeanne Blankenship1
Birth 21 Dec 1852 IL Nov 1848 TN
Death 13 Feb 1936 Carbondale IL 19 Jan 1879 Carterville IL
Stroke Typhoid Pneumonia
Burial Tamaroa Cem Tamaroa IL Gentry Cem Williamson Co IL
Parents John McMinn Elizabeth Black William H. Blankenship Elizabeth Susan Hudgens
Misc. Baptist minister 10 Nov 1875 Homemaker
Marriage 1 Jul 1872 Williamson Co IL Rev W P Throgmorton

m. 1 Jul 1872 Georgeanne1 Blankenship

m. 29 Jun 1879 Sarah2 Ellen Hampton b. 1860 d. 1897 m. 8 Jun 1898 Wayne Co IL Ida3 Hawk Elsey b. 1869 d. 1953 (her first spouse was Mr. Elsey))

Photos of the Thomas Osborne McMinn Family

Photos of the John Bascom McMinn Family



Rev. Thomas Osborne McMinn's career

Much of the detail on Thomas' early career comes from a book " The Life and Labors of Henry S Gordon The founder of the Free Will Baptist Church of Southern Illinois" by his son G. A. Gordon published 1901.Thomas named a son after Rev Gordon and spoke at his funeral. The book has a photograph of the group of Free Will Baptists in the area which includes Thomas and the men closest to him who ordained Thomas's son John. It also has a section written by Thomas describing his beliefs.

A little background on the Free Will Baptists. One group located in NC is the group that survives today with that name. This is not the group Thomas, his father-in-law William H Blankenship,and son John were a part of. The were followers of the Northern group who followed Randall. In 1911, most of the Free Will Baptists joined the Northern Baptists which then became the American Baptist. The Free Will Baptists under Randall were abolitionists. In fact William W Blankenship was living in TN during the civil war. After being warned by a neighbor that some men were coming to kill him that night, William fled with his family to Southern Illinois.

The book linked to above explains much of their beliefs as well as many web sites which explain the name changes.

Lets gather family stories we've heard of him as a minister.

Gen 3 John Bascom McMinn Mary Rice
Birth 7 Aug 1873 Marion Williamson Co IL 10 Sep 1868 Tamaroa Perry Co IL
11 Oct 1949 Mayville, Tuscola Co, MI 9 May 1957 Herrin, Williamson Co, IL
Cause Auto Accident
Burial Rich Cemetery Mayville MI Rich Cemetery Mayville MI
Parents Thomas McMinn Georgeanne Blankenship Jonathan Marion Rice Sirrilda Etherton
Misc. Minister Baptist Teacher Baptist
Marriage 27 Apr 1897 Tamaroa IL

Photos of the John Bascom McMinn Family



Dedication to my mother Leora McMinn Williams

It has links to recordings by my Mother in her last months. She told some of her stories about her parents, siblings, teaching and WW1. A few stories I located later and I recorded those myself.


Rev. John Bascom McMinn's career

Rev John McMinn cartoon


Gen 11

Juriaen Westvaal

Maretje Hansen van Noordstrand

Birth 12 Mar 1628 Westphalia, Prussia, or Leiderdorp, Netherlands ca 1636 Westphalia, Prussia
Death ca 1667 Kingston, NY after 1666 Kingston, NY
Burial ?Old Dutch Churchyard Kingston, NY    
Parents Juriaen Westvaal Marritje Hansen Hans Jansen Van Noordstrand Reymerig Volkert
Marriage 28 Jan ???    


Gen 10

Johannes Jurianse Westvaal

Marretjen Jacobsen Kool

Birth ca 1657 Kingston, NY 7 Mar 1665/66 (C) Wiltwyck, Ulster, NY Kingston Dutch Church
Death 1725 Kingston, NY 1728 Port Jervis, Orange Park, NY
Burial Machackemech Burying Ground Orange County NY Machackemech Burying Ground Orange County
Parents Juriaen Westvaal Maretje Hansen Jacob Barentsen Kool Marretje Symons Floriszen
Marriage 28 Jan 1683 Kingston.NY